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Commander Yadira Tristan House Kilrah

Name Yadira Reisen Tristan House Kilrah

Position Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Klingon/Betazoid
Age 48
Homeworld Qu'onoS
Languages Federation Standard, Klingon

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 8"
Weight 155 lb
Hair Color Brown Long
Eye Color Hazel Brown
Physical Description For a middle aged woman she has a great figure. Two scars on her back from fighting the Nausicans in two skirmishes during a riot. Rugged look, but all female.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Commodore Ko'loth House Kilrah
Mother Captain Riva Divina Tristan
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Starfleet Admiralty

Personality & Traits

General Overview Yadira is well known in the Engineering community as a veteran miracle worker. With 20 years on 4 different ships, two of which were Flagships, she has a huge arsenal of tricks that defy the engineering manuals. With a temper to match her wit, she can overcome many obstacles quickly. Funny, and compassionate, she looks after her crew and ship like it was her own child. Takes nothing for granted and is always defending her ship, the crew, and federation.
Strengths & Weaknesses Respectful

Has a temper.
Has a tendency to over work herself.
Can shut down and not be reached if her mind folds in on itself.
Will argue orders if they conflict with engineering protocols and safety to an extreme point of becoming belligerent.
Ambitions Her main ambition is to be the Chief Engineering boss of Starfleet Engineering. It is something that has been her life's dream. She also would like to marry and raise a family.
Hobbies & Interests She has many hobbies such as hiking, horseback riding, reading, soft flute music, tinkering with engine designs.

Her interests include improving the warp engine output, and theories on spore drive propulsion.


Personal History Yadira comes from a family of all Starfleet personnel and because of that she has access to the best schools before the academy. Her early years were spent learning what any normal kid would have. Her father, being the head of House Klirah, was not only an engineering professor but he was also the Klingon Ambassador to the Federation from Qu'noS, he was the traditional type who adhered to the honoured traditions of the Klingon culture. He made damn sure his daughter Yadira knew of her heritage and from where she was born. Being Betazoid, she had a very powerful abilities and was very high on the telepathy and empathy. It made things difficult for her, and being a half breed did not help. She felt at times that she didn't really belong as her classmates teased her about being the teacher's pet. She was constantly needled about being a freak and it hurt making her become reclusive. Eventually she came out of her shell and took her schooling very seriously and graduated from both primary and secondary schooling with honors. She has an engineering aptitude that rivals most other cadets. Yadira can retain images in her head almost like a photographic memory but not exactly. It helped her through her engineering classes and allowed her to finally graduate with top honors.

Once Back on Earth, she was entered into the Academy where she took up all the courses she could in engineering. She did have some problems with her empathy at first but with the help of a counselor and a Vulcan teacher she prevailed and continued on with her studies. After four years of learning and many hours of practice in the engineering labs on working models, she graduated with top honors and found herself given the rank of Lt. Jg. upon graduating the Academy.

Her first assignment was the USS Denver as Lieutenant and the position of ACEO. In the five years there she learned how to think fast and on her feet. Summarily, she was promoted to full Lieutenant and given the position of CEO. With being able to think on her feet and acting fast,in addition to her empathic nature, was able to save the crew and ship from many a fate but as with all things it was not to be on this mission. The Denver ran into problems not only with her engines but ran into a rogue Breen warship that was bent on destroying the Denver. The battle was fast and the final outcome was escape pods being launched. Yadira managed to keep the ship from exploding while the pods were ejecting and remaining till all hands were gone save herself and the command staff. Herding them into an escape pod she launched it seconds before the core breached and destroyed the ship taking the Breen ship with it. For this she was promoted to Lt. Cmdr. and reassigned to the USS Argonaut as her CEO.

The Argonaut was a brand new Sovereign right out of the shipyard. She was so new you could smell the newness of her as you got onboard. The engine room was a piece of work. It was beautiful, sleek and had everything an engineer could dream of. Yadira was in heaven. Many missions were test runs of the space frame and her systems but for the next five years it was a godsend for her. In those years she was promoted to Commander for actions above and beyond the call of duty. Starfleet needed her expertise on another ship so she was transferred to the USS Charger.

The Charger had issues with their warp engines and the intermix ratios. For one reason or another the ratio would not stay at the normal 1:1. It kept going out of balance. Starfleet decided to put her there so she could fix the problem. Yadira worked tirelessly for five days and finally fixed the issue. Captain Harrington was pleased and rewarded her with the Captain's citation for excellence in Engineering. The Charger was sent on a mission into Nausican space to recover a Federation prisoner who had escaped from a penal colony 3 light years from the Chargers last position. Upon entering Nausican space the Charger was attacked by a rogue ship that was carrying the prisoner. In the recovery of the prisoner, Yadira was seriously wounded when he tried to take over engineering. He was captured with Yadira's help and she was awarded the Purple Heart. Transferred to SB 375 to heal and rest before being transferred to the USS Eminence as Lt. Cmdr., Senior CEO.

The USS Franklin, an aging Excelsior class which had transwarp drive was sent on her final mission to retrieve a missing sensor prototype that R&D was working on. It was classified and Yadira's knowledge was needed to keep the ship flying till the mission was over. The Franklin went deep into the Gamma Quadrant and this mission took nearly 5 years to complete. With the device safely on the Franklin, she began her final trip home. Yadira was transferred to SB 321 to wait for the transfer orders to the USS Eli as her CEO.

Service Record 5 years USS Denver Ensign position ACEO
Promoted to Lt. And given the CEO spot.
Promoted to the rank of Lt. Cmdr.

5 years USS Argonaut Lt. Cmdr. As CEO
Promoted to Cmdr.

5 years USS Charger Cmdr. CEO of ship.
Received Purple Heart for injuries sustained with Nausicans.

5 years USS Franklin as Commander CEO on her final voyage.

Now awaits her transfer orders for the USS Eminence as her CEO.

Player Details

Nickname Dira
Discord Nick J'Loni Mo'Bri
RP Experience 20+ years simming Trek