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Lieutenant JG L'ason Vurdug

Name L'ason Vurdug

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Klingon
Age 33
Homeworld Q'onos
Languages klingon/Human

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8
Weight 120
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color green
Physical Description L'asom is 100% Klingon from head to toe she knows her way around between Klingon and Starfleet. She learned Starfleet etiquette, over her Klingon roughness...


Spouse n/a
Children n/a
Father EKr'erf Vurdug
Mother K'tugull Vurdug
Brother(s) Ek'ati Vurdug , Seb'ehl Vurdug
Sister(s) D'ojess Vurdug
Other Family Deceased

Personality & Traits

General Overview L'asom is well known for her Klingon tactics,and abilitys with different Klingon weapons with her skill and well known abilities she knew how to defend herself in many ways. She's also well known for getting in trouble with other klingons when goofing off.
When She transferred to Starfleet it was all eyes on the Instructors, her hair was up in a pony tail, and her uniform straightened hair up in a pony tail and her Klingon sash on her as well.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: L'asom is a good fighter when it comes to her Klingon Weaponery,she knows every step when it comes to Klingon fight to death battles, shes avery good at what she does. She also knows the difference between a klingon phaser,and a Starfleet Phaser types 1&2

Weaknesses - L'asom can have a soft side at times which is not good for a normal klingon she goes to an open area to Meditate she learned from a Yoga Master,who was klingon-Human. Even though Klingons don't like halflings, shes the only Klingon that will talk to him...
Ambitions L'asom's Ambition is to be the best Security officer ,or military pending on what what shes serving on a Klingon fleet ot Starfleet ship...
Hobbies & Interests-- Her hobby is fighting with her Bat'leth with other klingons or starfleet officer if they know how to use one.
Interests- Her Interests are to be the best officer either on a klingon ship or a starfleet ship whatever the situation is.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies- likes to go to the Holodeck, and practices her klingon weaponery with either live or fake subjects to get her ease off when she gets into it with an Starfleet Officer.

Interests- To hold her temper, and try the best she can to be a good Starfleet officer with all her training,Between in Q'onos and on Earth.


Personal History Personal History- L'asom as a great fighter at many things she does, she was aboard many Klingon ships before serving on a starfleet ship on a exchange program a Starfleet officer on a Klingon ship,and L'asom on a starfleet ship.

She wanted to know how it feels to serve aboard a Starfleet ship. Then after that speal was over, L'asom was taking back to Q'onos on a Klingon ship.
When She got back to Q'onos , she heard 2 Klingons talking from the high council and as she walked in on their conversation she was told that Starfleet liked her, and so she was told to pack her bags and head for Earth. She climbed aboard a klingon shuttle and met up with a Starfleet ship the USS-Warrior and they took her back to Earth where she was to go to Starfleet Accademy to be Trained as a starfleet officer,and learn the ways of being a starfleet officer on a Starfleet ship.
Service Record Service Record: 3 yrs on IKS Vor'nak, till transfering to Starfleet Academy
3 yrs USS-Warrior
2yrs USS-Thunderchild
Then Transferred to USS-Eminence

Player Details

Nickname Angel
Discord Nick Melonna
RP Experience 10 yrs---UCIP, 22nd fleet, im on another sim on IDF. I also own my own fleet
,Serenity Fleet, with 3 sims in it so far...