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Lieutenant Commander Timber Wolf

Name Timber Wolf

Position Executive Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human American Cheyenne Indian
Age 38
Homeworld Earth Montana
Languages Cheyenne, Federation Standard

Physical Appearance

Height 5' 9"
Weight 156 lb
Hair Color Black Long
Eye Color Hazel Grey
Physical Description Tall, strong, black long hair but tied behind his back, regulation style, he also has a large scar on his back covered by a tattoo of his father.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Chief Strong Horse
Mother Lightning Storm
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family 4 members on different reservations.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Wise and crafty. Looks at things in a way not many can see. Can be counted on to get the job done. Has an unusual knack for finding the target and taking charge of it quickly. Thinks on his feet and acts fast. Has the ability to skillfully find and resolve many problems.
Strengths & Weaknesses Responsible, dependable, respectful, loyal, honorable

All of his strengths do have their drawbacks as in all humans. Sometimes the responsibilities include things that one would not consider being responsible for. There are times when he can be over dependable in his role. Respectful to a point where it becomes a problem. Loyalty and honor can both be a problem for him when it comes to Starfleet and his people. Most of the time it works out to the greater good but there are exceptions.
Ambitions Wants to be the best XO he can be and eventually when the time is right, advance to the Captaincy of his own ship. Along with that, get married as well.
Hobbies & Interests Loves the outdoors and hikes with his hybrid dog Alaska. Enjoys fishing, hunting, horseback riding, and archery.

Is very much interested in learning the old ways of his ancestors and tries to keep the traditions alive in his life.


Personal History Timber Wolf grew up on the Reservation in Montana with his parents. Reservation life was rather boring in that it lacked the old ways he had heard stories about. He got into trouble as a youngster. He led a pack of boys and banded them together into a group known as the "Old Ones". He became so set in his thinking that it got him into even more trouble when in school. All they did was teach them new things, futuristic things that didn't appeal to him. So his parents sent him to a special school for boys that had leadership qualities but were so arrogant, that they just didn't cut it with regular schools. In this school, he was taught discipline and organization skills that honed him into officer material before he was sent to Starfleet Academy .

In the Academy he was given certain classes that gave him a more involved look at command and taught him the basics in security and operations, and some science. It was here in the Academy where he began to learn and enjoy his education. Soon he flew through his courses and as graduation approached, his parents were invited to the commencement exercise. Here he got his ensign pip and his first assignment as a security officer.

As he moved from one ship to the second one, he achieved the ranks of Lt. Jg. up to Lt. Cmdr. at the time of his second posting on his second ship, He served loyally for the remainder of his career on this ship where he was promoted to Commander and the position of Executive Officer. He served on this ship until he was summarily transferred to the USS Timmis as her Executive Officer.

The USS Timmis was decomissioned about 6 months later and again, he had to look for another home which he found in the USS Eminence.
Service Record Graduated the Academy as Ensign in Security USS Thomas Jones
Transferred to the USS Andromeda as Lt.
Transferred to USS Timmis as her XO rank Commander
Transferred to USS Eminence as XO

Player Details

Nickname Timber Wolf
Discord Nick Shrilak
RP Experience 20+ yrs