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Master Chief Petty Officer Alake Van Der Luan

Name Alake Henrico Van Der Luan

Position Master-at-Arms

Second Position Hazard Team Tactical Specialist

Rank Master Chief Petty Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 39
Homeworld New Transvaal
Languages Federation standard, Afrikaans

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 265
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Van Der Luan is tall, broad and barrel chested. He appears big, heavy and intimidating, something like a cross between a Stardust City night club bouncer crossed with an organized crime enforcer. A first impression that is totally incorrect, since he is generally friendly, relaxed and pleasant with a ready smile. Fair hair, blue eyes, a soft accent and deep tan hint at his South African Boer heritage.


Spouse Unmarried
Father Erik
Mother Lisle
Brother(s) Adern
Other Family Various uncles, aunts, cousins etc

Personality & Traits

General Overview Van Der Luan is a hardworking professional, enjoying his work, career and being in Starfleet. On duty he is steady, reliable and a complete professional. Able to think quickly and logically he is calm and decisive under stress.

Off duty he is relaxed and easy going with a liking for strong cigars and rough whisky.

Strengths & Weaknesses Extensive training and many years of hands-on experience means he is calm, collected and decisive in times of crisis.
He works well under pressure and has a reputation for getting the job done, as efficiently as possible.

Assertive and a natural leader, he leads his security teams from the front. Although not averse to taking calculated risks when needed he is neither reckless nor careless.

He is resourceful, innovative and adaptable. He has excellent tactical operation skills honed by Star Fleet Enlisted Academy, extensive training and eighteen years of security experience.

Inwardly he still deals with some residual medical trauma from a Runabout crash three years ago that cost him his left hand and the life of his fiancé.

Bio-synthetic replacement left forearm and hand. Stronger than a normal Human appendage with greater grip strength and punching power. But liable to damage if over used.
Hobbies & Interests Cigars – the stronger and smokier the better
Outdoor/back-woods pursuits


Personal History Born at New Transvaal Colony in 2060 Van Der Luan grew up in a rural farming community. The youngest of three sons, his family homesteaded a ranch and farm. His father was keen to expand the family holding and both his brothers were happy to become farmers. Van Der Luan was not so inclined.

Luckily for him, his uncle ran a crop-spraying business. He taught young Alake to fly and maintain the ancient battered crop-duster aero-shuttle that was the firm’s backup craft and by the time he was fifteen Van Der Luan was working for his uncle every weekend and during school vacations. This early introduction to flying and back-woods engineering swiftly dampened the little enthusiasm Alake had to become a rancher or farmer, much to his father’s disapproval.

On leaving school, at 18, Van Der Luan left the family farm, moved to Kruger City and, through a friend of his uncle, he landed a job working for an inter-orbital shuttle company. Although the capital of the colony, Kruger City, was still a rural settlement on a frontier world and it operated a Volunteer Emergency and Rescue Team. Van Der Luan signed up and after training as a para-medic and firefighter he was soon piloting the service’s emergency response craft on call-outs. This led him into contact with the local law enforcement agencies and Starfleet and he began to think of a career beyond New Transvaal.

A chance stop-over at the colony by a Starfleet Cadet training ship led Van Der Luan into a conversation with a Recruiter and at 21 he decided to enlist and was sent to the Starfleet Technical Services Academy on Mars for training. Already a skilled small craft pilot, he resisted the instructors plans to stream him into a flight control career and instead opted for Security.

It was during his two years at the Academy that Alake was able to visit Earth for the first time in his life. Even finding time for a short trip to South Africa and the land his family had once farmed, several generations earlier.

He enjoyed the training, earning high marks in most classes and practical exercises. His size, strength and fitness served him well in combat and security drills. His natural leadership abilities developed and he was frequently selected as a team leader for training evolutions. He eventually graduated fifth in his Security Class of eighty five cadets.

Post-graduation saw him assigned to the Security division of the Saber Class USS Spatha. His initial cruise was border defense and interdiction patrols along the Federation boundary with the Gorn Hegemony. Van Der Luan had his first taste of action just a couple of months later, when the Spatha crew tangled with a Gorn raider ground party at a remote mining facility. They caught the Gorn red-handed attempting to steal containers of valuable ore, but instead of giving in, the Gorn attacked and a vicious firefight erupted, leaving several dead on both sides before the Gorn escaped back to their ship.

The battle continued as the Spatha chased the Gorn raider from orbit, but although ultimately victorious, the Spatha was badly battered and had to return to a Starbase for repairs.

With the Spatha in space-dock Alake was temporarily transferred to the base’s security detachment. Here he was assigned as a member of the Dock Security Patrol, dealing with customs inspections, interacting with all manner of civilian merchant ships and crews.

Two months later, with the Spatha repaired and fully operational, Van Der Luan was back aboard as the ship set off for convoy escort duties. A year later came a promotion to Petty Officer Third Class and more action as the ship had several encounters with Breen slaving ships.

Transferred to the Nebula Class USS Los Alamos in 2386, with a promotion to Petty Officer Second Class. Here he continued to gain skill and experience during a series of missions the ship undertook into Romulan space to assist with disaster relief, following the Hobus Supernova.

When the ship was rotated out of operational service for scheduled overhaul Van Der Luan was assigned to Security Dock Patrol at Starbase 19 a large Federation trading and supply station. His earlier experience stood him in good stead, and he was quickly assigned as a Team leader.

In 2390 he returned to Earth for a twelve month Advanced Tactical Course at the Security Division Training Facility.

Returning to active duty and a promotion to Chief Petty Officer Van Der Luan was assigned to a junior Tactical officer position on the Sovereign Class USS Elizabeth V. and spent two years as a member of the ship’s Tactical division, becoming fully conversant with starship offensive and defensive systems, including a stint as a team leader on the torpedo magazine crew. The ship was assigned to patrol the border with the Tholians and there were a number of skirmishes dealing with cross-border incursions.

Promoted to Senior Chief Petty Officer he moved on to become Master At Arms on the Intrepid Class USS Antilles. Transiting the Bajoran Wormhole for a two year mission in the Gamma Quadrant.

The new position led Van Der Luan into a management role, with a number of subordinate security personnel. He worked hard and the ship’s Chief of Security arranged additional training for the promising young supervisor, providing him with both technical and managerial skills.

It was also aboard the Antilles that Van Der Luan began his first long term relationship, with one of the ship’s shuttle pilots, a female Bajoran, Petty Officer Jandar Leval. The couple were well suited, and their romance flourished.

On return from the Gamma Quadrant, during shore-leave she took him to visit her family on Bajor. The trip was a success, he got on exceptionally well with Leval’s family and the couple began to talk of marriage. But tragedy struck on the return journey to Deep Space Nine, when their transport shuttle suffered a major malfunction shortly after take off.

The shuttle crashed in the Janitza Mountains, killing twelve of the fifteen aboard, including Leval. Van Der Luan was badly injured, and his condition deteriorated further in the winter blizzard that raged through the mountains. The storm hampered rescue teams and it was over thirty hours before they could reach the wreck site. The combination of broken bones, tissue damage, blood loss and frost bite took his left arm below the elbow. He spent the next four months in hospital, undergoing numerous surgeries to be fitted with a bio-synthetic replacement forearm and hand.

The physical damage was repaired, and the scars slowly faded but he still suffered emotionally with survivor’s guilt and the deeply felt loss of his first real love. Leval’s family visited him often, a strong bond was formed between her parents and the man their daughter had loved and they insisted he stayed with them while waiting to be cleared for operational duty. It was a tough time for Van Der Luan, to be surrounded by Leval’s family and friends just made him miss her more.

The return to life aboard the Antilles was bitter-sweet. Alake was happy to be out of hospital and back at work but being on the ship brought back more memories of Leval and he struggled to find his focus again.

It was the Antilles’ Security Chief who prompted Van Der Luan to apply for the Hazard Team Squad Leader position at Starbase 724, hoping a new assignment and greater responsibility would provide Alake with fresh motivation and get him back of his career path.

Located near the Romulan Border the Starbase’s Garrison Vessels and the Hazard Team were frequently involved in combating an increasing number of raids and incursions between rogue Klingon fractions, disaffected Romulan groups; and other criminal elements.

Now he has been assigned to the Security division aboard the USS Eminence
Service Record Service History:
2381 – 2383
Crewman Recruit: Starfleet Enlisted Academy
2383 – 2384 Crewman Apprentice: Security, USS Spatha
2384 – 2386 Crewman & Petty Officer 3: Security, USS USS Spatha
2386 – 2388 Petty Officer 2: Security USS Los Alamos
2388 – 2390 Petty Officer 1: Security Dock Patrol, Starbase 19
2390 – 2391 Petty Officer 1: Advanced Tactical Training, Starfleet Security Division
2391 – 2393 Chief Petty Officer: Junior Tactical Officer, USS Elizabeth V
2393 – 2396 Senior Chief Petty Officer, Master at Arms, USS Antilles
2396 – 2398 Master Chief Petty Officer: Hazard Team Squad Leader Starbase 724
2399 – Master Chief Petty Officer: Master at Arms; USS Eminence

Service Number: DZ-777-242

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