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Lieutenant Commander Trevor Andrews

Name Trevor Shayne Andrews

Position Assistant Chief Engineering Officer

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Agendered/Non-Binary
Species Android
Age 87
Homeworld Mars
Languages Primarily English

Physical Appearance

Height 2 Meteres
Weight 108.86208 Kg
Hair Color None
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Human in appearance "Skin" Polish Silver coloured


Spouse None
Children None
Father Dr. Trevor Xavier Andrews (Human)
Mother Dr. T'sai Maut Klon (Vulcan)
Brother(s) Not/Applicable
Sister(s) Not/Applicable
Other Family Not/Applicable

Personality & Traits

General Overview Totally Automous Android (TAA); Model: "Trevor X Andrews"; Series No# 1A-4zC;
Identity Activation Desegnation: "Trevor Shayne Andrews"; Rank at Activation: ENS;
Present Rank: CDR
Can Function At Present as: First Officer; Assit. : CSO; CEO; CMO; Cheif Petty Officer; Master Helms Man/NAV/Ops
Strengths & Weaknesses Strength: Known by close aquaintances as "The Galaxy's Best Mixologist/ Bar Tender"; could run any starship by himself
(Although He conciders it a weakness, because Star Fleet actually might design something around him, and send Him off alone,
for "more" than "five years". In short, He'd rather be around "Peoples"( It's what He 'Calls' any satientbeing Encountered or Not.)
He is Happy with what he is, i.e., being a "Droid". He always makes a point, of trying to keep his "Memory-Backup-Box" (MBB)
with-in transmission range. Some might call these "Two-Data" points "Weaknesses", but He calls them "Strength".
Ambitions In Short, to stay in Star Fleet as long as there is One. Then ....Whatever...
Hobbies & Interests "Peoples" Getting to know all about them, ......; Alone, time H&Is. cont. accesing sources of Data/Information/etc. so he can do whatever job given Him better.


Personal History Activated in the, 2290s, at Star Fleets Cybernetic Research, on Mars. Dr. Trevor Xavier Andrews (Human) and Dr. T'sai Maut Klon (Vulcan) were the Project leaders.
He was assigned to the USS Montana, NCC 1889 to be Field Tested, Along with Enginering Officer, Lt.jg Niles James McCulloch assess The Totally Autonomous Android
"Trevor Andrews" Series, No# 1A-4.., aka, 'Ensign, Trevor A. Andrews' as possible use as a Hazardous Duty Droid.
Enginering Officer, Lt.jg Niles James McCulloch, became the ship's Assistant CEO, and Ens. Andrews operated as his assistant/adjutant. Occasionally Ens. Andrews
Functioned as Assistant to the USS Montana's CSO, Lieutenant JG Travis Ryson.
( Check Star Fleet Service Personnel Files, for Details, from "Then" to "Present". ) Presently filing for possible duty on the USS Eminence-90008.
Service Record ( See ) Personal History

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Player Details

Nickname Crazy Uncle Steve
Discord Nick CaptKwix
RP Experience I've RPGed under two other RPG Sites before coming to the "Independence Fleet". Presently have Two Characters on the USS Montana.
Plus, I'm putting together an RPG, TOS era Star Trek on