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Lieutenant Brakon Ryal

Name Brakon Ryal

Position Executive Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bajoran
Age 28
Homeworld Bajor
Languages Bajoran, Federation Standard

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 200
Hair Color Dark brown
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Brakon Ryal is tall and athletic, closely cropped dark hair and squared jawed. His green eyes hold a glint of humor above a mouth that is ready to smile with those he trusts.
He wears a Bajoran earring in his right ear, each strand, wire, and design a part of his family heritage.

NOTE: In Bajoran Tradition he uses his Family-Name - Brakon - first, followed by his given-name - Ryal - second.
In standard terms he would be called Ryal Brakon.


Spouse Unmarried
Children None
Father Relon
Mother Halsis
Brother(s) Wanre
Sister(s) Holsa
Other Family Grandfather - Jurdan

Personality & Traits

General Overview Initial impressions are of a man somewhat reserved. With new people he is courteous and polite but not overly friendly. Slow to trust at first, but once a bond is established he is a fiercely loyal and solid companion.

He has a keen sense of humor that he reveals with close friends.

A man with strongly held views, he can on occasion be outspoken with those he trusts.

Ryal has a deep and spiritual faith in the Prophets of the Celestial Temple located within the Bajoran Wormhole

Favorite Bajoran proverb: "Confrontation is better than avoidance”
Strengths & Weaknesses He is resourceful, innovative and adaptable.

He is a proficient small-craft pilot, skills gained while serving in the Bajoran Militia as pilot aboard a system interceptor.

Assertive and a natural leader, he leads from the front. He is calm and decisive under stress.

A relentless foe, he is also quietly compassionate and deeply spiritual in his faith in the Prophets.
Ambitions To maintain the safety and security of Bajor, through applying his talents to Starfleet and the Federation.

To rise in his chosen career to command his own ship one day.

To be worth of a Pagh'tem'far - a sacred vision granted by the Prophets
Hobbies & Interests A keen swimmer many of his interests relate to oceans and maritime pursuits biology. His favorite holodeck program is sailing a small racing yacht on a green Bajoran sea.

He trains regularly in the gym and maintains a high level of physical fitness.

He has a small personal Bajoran holographic projector and displays scenes from Bajor on the wall of his cabin


Personal History Early Life:
Brakon was born 2372 in a small fishing village on the estuary of the River Holana, in Musilla Porvince on Bajor, the youngest of three children. His family owned and operated a small fleet of fishing vessels and much of his childhood was spent on the river and coastal waterways.

He began working aboard the trawlers when he was twelve at weekends and school holidays. By the age of sixteen he was an experienced fishman but his eyes were always turned upwards to the stars.

His family were secure in their Bajoran Faith and raised their children accordingly, Brakon always knew he would someday have the opportunity to transit the wormhole entrance to the Celestial temple.

Both his paternal grandfather and parents had been members of the Resistance, fighting against the Cardassian Occupation.

His mother had been a pilot on a commandeered Galor Class
freighter the Resistance had turned into a gun-boat, where her and his father had first met and he grew up listening to stories of their exploits.

Though they made their living from fishing, his parents well knew the value of education, and made sure Brakon, his brother and sister completed all their studies.

Graduating school he began his two years of service in the Bajoran Militia and finally had the opportunity to get into space.

His scored well in initial training and along with his education credits he was selected for Officer training and promoted to Ensign. Opting for flight school he was trained as a pilot and served on a small, agile system Interceptor craft, the BMS Krestin.

The Krestin regularly docked at Deep Space Nine and it was here he first encountered Starfleet personnel and the dozens of species of the Federation. His desire to travel further, beyond Bajor increased.

When his two years of service was concluded he made the decision to enlist in Starfleet and applied for the Academy.

Adult Life:
Entering the Academy in 2390, with his Militia service and experience, Brakon was channeled into a command track, taking Majors in Flight Control, Operations and Command, with Minor studies in Engineering and Diplomacy.

His skill as a small craft pilot was clear and he was selected for Nebula Squadron gaining high marks during exercises on the Academy Flight Range.

Brakon also became a regular on the Academy social scene and generally had an all-round good time, burning the candle at both ends between course work, parties, and several student outings to various exotic nightspots. Handsome and popular with female classmates, several girlfriends and casual encounters ensued. None particularly long lived, usually but not always, ending on good terms, Ryal was not one to be tied down.

On graduation in 2394 his first assignment as a newly commission Ensign was to the Flight Control division of the Akira Class USS Bushido and Ryal spent a year aboard patrolling the Breen border.

The ship was involved in a number of minor skirmishes with Breen raiders and he received a Captain’s commendation for his handling of the ship during one incident.

Promotion to Lieutenant Junior Grade, a new department - Operations - and a new ship followed, the Saber Class USS Scimitar.

Brakon again did well, rising to be Assistant Chief of Operations. His ability to support the various functions of the ship – flight, tactical, engineering and command - in smooth and efficient harmony impressed his seniors.

A year later he was returned to the Academy for advanced Command training and the Bridge Officer’s course. He successfully completed the rigorous training and evaluations graduating third in his class.

Promoted to Lieutenant, he was returned to the fleet as Chief of Operations aboard the Intrepid Class USS Rhodes

The ship undertook a two year survey mission along the edges of the Alpha quadrant. It was challenging work, but he came to realize that he much preferred the faster paced life aboard smaller patrols ships than that of an explorer.

His continued to gain high ratings on his performance evaluations and on the Rhodes’s return to Earth the Captain encouraged Ryal apply for a junior Command position aboard a suitable ship, submitting a letter of recommendation along with Ryal’s application.

Two weeks later Starfleet Personnel approved the promising young officer’s request and he was assigned as Second Officer aboard the newly re-fitted Saber Class USS Eminence.
Service Record 2388 – 2390 Ensign: Bajoran Militia BSM Krestin

2390 Starfleet Academy
Year I Cadet: Majors - Flight Control; Operations
Year II Cadet: Majors - Tactical & Security; Command
Year III Cadet: Majors - Command; Minor - Engineering
Year IV Cadet: Major – Command; Minor - Diplomacy
Cadet Cruise - USS Raleigh

2394 – 2395 Ensign: Flight Control Officer USS Bushido
2395 – 2397 Lieutenant Junior Grade: Assistant Chief of Operations USS Scimitar
2397 – 2397 Command training & Bridge Officer’s course Starfleet Academy
2397 – 2399 Lieutenant: Chief of Operations & Bridge Officer USS Rhodes
2399 - 2400 Lieutenant: Executive Officer USS Eminence
2400 – Present Lieutenant: Executive Officer USS Eminence

Service Number: DZ-611-900b>2399 - 2

Player Details

Nickname Thad