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Master Chief Petty Officer Henry Reagan

Name Henry Paul Reagan

Position Chief of the Boat

Second Position Hazard Team Ops Specialist

Rank Master Chief Petty Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 40
Homeworld Vega Colony
Languages Federation Standard, German, Romulan

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10"
Weight 175 lbs
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Henry tends to keep his hair cut to regulation height, but will let his stubble grow out. He tends to have a concerned look on his face most of the time, but he has intense eyes.


Spouse None
Children None
Father James Reagan- (75) Retired Starfleet Master Chief
Mother Lilian Ragan- (65) Captain of the Empty Horizon Freighter
Brother(s) Magnus Reagan- (38) Deck Hand on the Empty Horizon
Sister(s) Julia Reagan- (35) Operations Officer on the Empty Horizon

Personality & Traits

General Overview Henry is a hard working man who tends to look more at experience than rank. He has gathered a lot of knowledge over the years and will not hesitate to tell his superiors that he believes they are wrong.
Strengths & Weaknesses Henry is very ambitious and loves to learn new things
However Henry tends to be very opinionated, especially about subjects he is familiar about.
He has gotten in trouble for calling out superiors, both enlisted and officer alike, when he thinks they are wrong.
Despite that, Henry will never disobey any lawful order.
Ambitions Henry is bucking to make Master Chief before he retires from Starfleet. The way he sees it, he only has a few more years before he makes Master Chief.
Hobbies & Interests Henry enjoys learning and tinkering with just about anything he can get his hands on. In years past he would have been diagnosed with ADD, but his brain just focuses and processes things better when working with machines and computers.


Personal History Born in May of 2359, Henry was raised for his first few years on Vega Colony before his father was assigned to the USS Kitty Hawk. He grew up spending most of his time with engineers and operations staff picking up trick of the trade as his father was mostly absent from his youth. Despite that, in 2377, he graduated and enlisted in Starfleet. He decided that he would rather follow in his father's footsteps than spend time on the new family venture, the freighter Empty Horizon. After basic training, Henry was assigned to the USS Rembrandt, where he served in Engineering for three years, earning his way to Petty Officer 3rd. He was transferred to the USS Kennedy where he served in Operations for 5 years moving his way to Chief Petty officer. During his next transfer, to the USS Vigilance, he would be demoted to Petty Officer 2nd, after he informed his Commanding Officer that he was a quote, "Flagrant and arrogant bolt head who didn't know the upper section of the engineering pylon from a whole in the ground."
After his NJP he was transferred to the USS Reagan. He served 6 years before being transferred to the USS Eminence. Before being assigned to the Eminence, Henry was assigned to Enlisted Command School to utilize the roles of his Senior Chief Petty Officer Rank.
Service Record 2377- Enlistment and Basic Training
2378- Assignment to the USS Rembrandt- Engineering Department
2381- Transferred to the USS Kennedy- Operations Department
2386- Transferred to the USS Vigilance- Operations/Engineering Department
2392- Transferred to the USS Reagan
2398- Assigned to Enlisted Command School
2399- Assigned to the USS Eminence

Player Details

RP Experience It's been a while since I've simmed, but I have been roleplaying for the past 20+ years. I also Have simmed on several sites, including Obsidian fleet, Theta fleet, and Bravo Fleet.