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Lieutenant Tosh Tarkin

Name Tosh Tarkin

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Second Position Hazard Team Leader

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Trill
Age 29
Homeworld Trill
Languages Federation Standard

Physical Appearance

Height 6'0
Weight 190lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description With dark brown curls and grey stone eyes casting a peculiar look, bordering on judgmental, Tosh Tarkin is not your everyday speckled Trill. Though he bears the distinct markings of the majority of his species, the Tarkins are from the Kuralian Cape of Trillius Prime. The tropical coastline leading into rain forests lends credence to Tosh’s sandlewood skin tone and fainter spots. Beneath the gruff exterior of a rather well toned physique is someone who clearly works hard to ensure that others feel safe amidst his presence.

Tosh’s physical appearance is not as intimidating as one would expect from an officer in Starfleet’s Security Division, but the lean muscle is more than enough to hold his own in hand-to-hand with the average aggressor. It is needless to say that Tosh would not be looking forward to squaring off against a Klingon or Nausicaan. In situations such as those, he would let his sharp tongue do the fighting as he plotted for his agility to dodge incoming offense, resting on his prowess of defense and evasion to keep him alive.


Father Deceased

Personality & Traits

General Overview Tosh was raised with the tongue-in-cheek philosophy that though the joining process of host and symbiont is one praised by many Trill, it is not one that his family subscribes to. Tosh personally considers himself a neo-purist, however, he nor his family are radicalized. They are conscientious objectors, and very few Tarkins have ever broken away from their purist beliefs to be initiates for joining. It is highly unlikely that Tosh will ever change his mind about the joining process, and he has no interest in ever being joined with a symbiont himself nor pursue a relationship with a Trill who is joined.

He is a very strong-willed individual that has his own ethical code that he adheres to. For the most part, this personal code of ethics fall in line with those of the Federation and Starfleet, rarely is there situations that calls for him to contemplate breaking from it. Tosh is extremely organized, believing in keeping quarters tidy and that everything has a place. He is even fastidious about it. This carries over into his Starfleet career as well. His reports do not miss a beat, and his memory is nearly eidetic.

The call to action or sense of purpose is what empowers and fuels Tosh. He needs to feel like he is on a quest or part of the greater mission, lending a hand or doing his part. The saying ‘the devil makes work for idle hands’ is something that he believes in. He has a need for a ‘go go go’ attitude, believing that if he is simply standing by, that something bad will happen.

If you can get past his blunt assertiveness and the overprotective tendency that he has, Tosh can make a decent friend. His loyalty is something that once earned, cannot be bought, or broken easily. However, harm him or someone he is protective of, and his is unlikely to forgive (at least not easily). He has excellent discernment, and his judge of character is usually dependable. Tosh does not trust instantly, and it takes patience for him to lower his guard as it is always up around strangers. The man is constantly at yellow alert.

With time and understanding, someone can get beneath the layers of this highly guarded individual. What they will find is a much warmer and softer core, someone who does have a great sense of humor, but uses it sparingly in day-to-day life. Tosh can also even be quite goofy when he warms up to someone’s companionship. He’s a sentimental type of man whose quarters although pristine and orderly, are not cold nor sparse. He fills his quarters with knickknacks and trinkets.
Ambitions Tosh is currently trying to prove himself a good Chief Tactical Officer, but he does have an interest in getting underneath the wing of a command officer and learning if he has what it takes to become a Second Officer or First Officer in the near foreseeable future.
Hobbies & Interests Tosh has a bit of an artsy side to him. As an amateur glassblower, Tosh makes some of the decorations found in his quarters. He is a musician (Tongue drums) and enjoys dance and gymnastics. Though martial arts are sort of commonplace for security officers, Tosh studies Suus Mahna & Capoeira.


Personal History At the ripe young age of twenty-nine, Lieutenant Tosh Tarkin is still learning, sometimes on the fly as he has naturally excelled and ascended the ladder. He has proven himself to be a disciplined officer in Starfleet, and a battle-hardened tactician by the time that he came aboard the Federation’s Sabre class starship – the USS Eminence. While his time after graduation from Starfleet Academy has been relatively short the young officer has displayed courage and grace under fire, a calm and levelheadedness in decision making, and sticking to his guns when the need arises.

Raised as a Trill ‘purist,’ some may walk on eggshells around Tosh with the misconception that he is prejudiced towards joined Trill. Though he does not believe joining is the proper thing to do, he holds no ill will towards those who undergo the process. Tosh follows the beat of his own drum and learning to accept him, and his beliefs will make getting to know him easier. Underneath the rocky exterior lies a man with a lot of sincerity and substance.

Tosh comes from a family with a long history of Starfleet service. His mother was a science officer but resigned her commission in 2385 following the death of her husband, Tosh’s father, an engineering officer who was stationed at Utopia Planitia Fleetyards at the time of its destruction following the attack on Mars. Tosh was fourteen at the time but holds nothing against Starfleet or the Federation over what happened. His, mother, however, feels differently.

Although his studies at Starfleet Academy were on the Security-Tactical track, Tosh strengthened his versatility with courses in the social sciences. He has a fairly robust grasp of Sociology and enjoyed his Galactic Anthropology and Civilizations classes at the academy. He is by no means a science officer, but in situations where he may need to work with science personnel, he could handle conversing with them about cultures and societies.

He has served on less than a handful of starships, but the starships that he has served on have prepared him well for his duties aboard the USS Eminence as he ascended to assuming the position of Chief Tactical Officer with the responsibilities and duties that come with the position. Before taking the position, Tosh spent several weeks at Starfleet Academy taking supplemental classes in advanced tactical training and an intermediate survival course.
Service Record USS Eminence | Lieutenant | 2400
USS Javelin | Ensign - Lieutenant Junior Grade | 2395 - 2400
USS Charon | Ensign | 2393 - 2395

Player Details

Nickname Dusty / Ray
Discord Nick StarDuster#3183
RP Experience 2022 will make my twentieth year of Star Trek simming as I was naughty and began when I was 12 (and I probably sucked). Though over the years I have been an XO and CO of several successful sims.

I have experience as a simmer independently and as part of fleets. The fleets that I have experience with are:

Bravo Fleet - Task Force Executive Officer

Pegasus Fleet - Task Force Commanding Officer, Academy Instructor

Theta Fleet - Deputy Commander of the Fleet, Task Group Commanding Officer