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Master Chief Petty Officer Skargarr

Name Skargarr

Position Chief Security/Tactical Officer

Second Position Hazard Team Leader

Rank Master Chief Petty Officer

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Gorn
Age Unknown
Homeworld Gorn Homeworld
Languages Thats why we have a universal translator

Physical Appearance

Height 6.5ft
Weight 240lbs
Hair Color None
Eye Color Dark Blue
Physical Description He typically is seen wearing a standard uniform with a mono-knife and side arm attached to a belt around his waist. Also uses a MACO Particle Rifle over the more advanced phaser rifles due to its dual function as a sniper rifle as well. As a Trophy he can seen using a Hunter Energy Crossbow as well.


Personality & Traits

General Overview Eats Gagh all the time, as its portable and can be taken anywhere he goes. Also its great as a thrown weapon if its been spiced up. He grunts most of the time unless his words are required.
Strengths & Weaknesses -2x accelerated healing ((dermal regenerator type healing, stops working with medical intervention))
-4x stronger than humans,
-Enhanced Senses and Intelligence ((His hearing is out of commission in a space environment))
-Enhanced Durability
-Enhanced Stamina
-Cold Blooded ((So he enjoys heat, hotter the more comfortable though he is slowed by Cold))
-Gorn can survive the vacuum of space but requires a breathing apparatus ((Only for a 30 minute period))
-Weapons qualified
-Resistant to most Diseases and Toxins.
-Universal Blood Donor ((Limited to Reptiles))
-Focused and Straight to the Point
-Kind in his own way
-He loves his grenades and knives
-Highly protective of those weaker than he is
-Loves his Bloodwine and Gagh ((Spicier the better))


-Allergic to Chocolate, eggs and most forms of nuts
-Dependable to the point of disobeying orders to back up his crew
-Reckless at times
-Overly honest and direct as he feels anything less is a waste of time, otherwise very quiet
-Not very agile
-Loyal to a fault
-Highly protective over those he sees as weak.
-Strong and quiet, but cares more than people know which is a huge weakness as he intervenes upon the defense of others without realizing the situation.
-Loves his Bloodwine and Gagh
-Slowed by Cold even the coldness of space lowers his reaction time.
-Nanites will also slow him down as his body fights to defend itself.
-Due to his natural accelerated healing of flesh wounds, any medical intervention tends to make things worse. So when it comes to fixing a broken bone its best to leave it be unless its to set a dislocated arm or leg.
Ambitions To prove Gorn are all the same
Hobbies & Interests Sun bathing, training, and to lead a specialized team, trying to socialize with others.


Personal History Skargarr was one of 8 eggs hatched on the Gorn homeworld. When he was old enough to walk his family moved out to the outskirts of Gorn space with other Gorn in an attempt to expand to other worlds. Little did they know that right after arriving, his colony that wasn't even set up was attacked by the Orion Syndicate. They massacred his entire colony and only he lived despite the others fighting back. Days passed and a Federation science ship passed by and found the ruins of the colony and the dead Gorn lying everywhere. Only one survivor was found, Skar. He was taken away from the carnage, returned to the Gorn homeworld.

When Skar was old enough he left the Gorn homeworld with his new family which was an interesting time as a War all because of a Coup against the Gorn Hierarchy. His family was against the Coup as they just wanted to live on their own and live in peace though for a Gorn peace was never a sure thing. So they ran to the Federation seeking political asylum and were accepted. This allowed his new family to start fresh after an extensive debrief, Skars family was allowed to settle on Earth despite the scare that the Gorn coup caused and the fear most people see in them as a race.

Skar was restless, he knew he had to do something so he joined the Federation, in a way to pay them back for taking them in. Though his size has caused people to leave him alone for long periods of time even during his academy courses. Once he graduated he awaited his assignment with his parents helping them as needed knowing that his assignment would come soon.

After his last assignment to a starbase, and the dangers he encountered leading security teams as a lowly non commissioned officer. He was recalled back to earth to lead a more specialized team. Though new in theory and concept. The application for such a team are huge as it would allow the Federation to assist its allies in more unorthodox ways. Though he was still low on the food chain of non commissioned officers, his experience was more required over the rank he possessed.
Service Record Academy
SB 487 (Repair base located near the neutral zone)
USS Eminence

Player Details

Nickname Stone
Discord Nick Stone#5800
RP Experience Trek, Gate, Wars, A few custom worlds, DND 3.5 is the best.