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Lieutenant Commander Savsa Parsala

Name Savsa Parsala

Position Chief Counselor

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species Deltan
Age 32
Homeworld Vulcan
Languages Fluent (able to read, write and speak) Deltan, Vulcan, Federation Standard (English), Andorian, Tellarite, Alpha Centaurian, Romulan. Speaks at a college level Cardassian and Betazoid. Speaks at a Secondary (High School) level Ferengi and Napeans

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5" (165.1 cm)
Weight 145 pounds (65.8 kg)
Hair Color Bald
Eye Color Steel Gray
Physical Description Savsa has a rich, creamy coffee color complexion She has a swimmers built body. Due to her Deltan physiology she exudes a sensuous and sex appeal to most other species, in particular males.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Aabin Parsala: Deltan Attaché of Trade to Vulcan
Mother Anara Parsala: Deltan Diplomat to Vulcan; and Zinaida Parsala: Deltan Consul General to Vulcan
Brother(s) None
Sister(s) None
Other Family Large and numerous relatives who all live on Delta IV.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Savsa comes across as cool, reserved and aloof; almost stoic like a Vulcan. She is however very warm, outgoing and caring, but it takes time for her to show this side, and then only to her close colleagues, friends, and relatives.
Strengths & Weaknesses Savsa is extremely intelligent and this is proven through her abilities to not only study medicine at the T’Shen monastary outside of ShirKahr at the age of sixteen. Then being admitted to the Vulcan Science Academy at the age of eighteen. Finally to be accepted to the Vulcan School of Diplomacy at the age of twenty two.

Savsa suffers from Deltan Autophobia (severe anxiety triggered by the idea of spending time alone) and the Deltan martyr syndrome.
She also has to take a Deltan medication to diminish her pheromonal effect (administered via small dosages in her food through custom programing of her replicator and once a month hypospray injections (at start of her menses cycle). Has a Star Fleet semi-permanent contraceptive implanted and may only be disabled/removed by direct intervention. Lastly she has taken the "oath of celibacy" upon joining Star Fleet.
Ambitions To continue studying disease that effect Psionic endowed species and to find a cure for the Vulcan disease Bendii Syndrome. She also eventually would like to become the Deltan Ambassador to Vulcan then onto the Federation itself.
Hobbies & Interests She enjoys endurance running and swimming. She is a major bibliophile (lover of books) and has an extensive collection of Deltan, Vulcan, and Terran (Earth) classical literature.


Personal History Savsa was born on Vulcan to a traditional Deltan “triad” family to Aabin (father), Anara (mother), and Zinaida (mother). Her mother (Anara) is the Deltan Diplomat to Vulcan, her mother (Zinaida) is the Deltan Consul General to Vulcan, and her father (Aabin) is the Deltan Attaché of Trade to Vulcan. Her family made arrangements to have her educated by two tutors; Edzhin Pall (a Deltan female) and T’Preal (a Vulcan female), in both traditional and classical education of Deltan and Vulcan cultures. Her natural psionic powers were encouraged and enhanced with Vulcan techniques. She would travel between Vulcan and Delta IV for three months every year with either one of her mothers or father for total immersion into Deltan society then she would return to Vulcan to reunite with her family unit and continue her educational studies. At the age of sixteen she asked for permission, with the backing of Pyllora (mentor), T’Preal, to go and study Vulcan medicine at the T’Shen monastary outside of ShirKahr. Her parents seen the advantages of this training in her life and made arrangements for her to go to the monastary to train in Vulcan medical techniques. For four years Savsa lived and trained at the Vulcan monastary in medical techniques, learning both traditional medicine and also how to apply her psionic powers to heal individuals and herself. On her eighteenth birthday the Masters of T’Shen pronounced that she was now a qualified Vulcan Healer. She returned back to her parents at the Deltan Embassy in ShirKahr, where she immediately applied to the Vulcan Science Academy and was accepted to study. She again embarked on another four years of intensive study and earned her Doctorate degrees in Neuroscience and Psychiatry. Just before she graduated from the Vulcan Science Academy, at both the encouragement of her parents and both tutors, she applied to the Vulcan School of Diplomacy. Again she was accepted and embarked on the intensive studies provided at the school. She again graduated and was awarded her Vulcan red badge designating her a Troon-arr (graduate). After graduation she went on a Fellowship at Ku’Vel’Di studying Bendii Syndrome as a Psychiatist and applying her training in neuroscience to help alleviate and to try and find a cure to the disease. While in her Fellowship she was assigned to care for a Vulcan male in the early onset of the disease. He would tell her of his time in Star Fleet as a science officer and the many advances in science he helped with due to Star Fleet and also of the places and things he experienced. After her two years in Fellowship at Ku’Vel’Di she applied to Star Fleet Academy to train as a counselor, she reasoned that her training in both Diplomacy and Medicine would be invaluable as a starship counselor in Star Fleet. She would also get to indulge her curiosity in interspecies relationships as well as explore the galaxy.
Service Record Early Education: Had two tutors; A Deltan female: Edzhin Pall, and a Vulcan “Pyllora” or mentor: T’Preal
Secondary Education: At the age of sixteen (16) went to study with the followers of T’Shen at the monastary ten (10) kilometers east of ShirKahr
University: Vulcan School of Diplomacy, Vulcan Science Academy, Star Fleet Academy
Star Fleet Academy Majors: Psychology
Star Fleet Academy Minors: Social Work, Library and Information Science, Computer Information Science, Comparative Philosophy
She currently holds the following degrees:
Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) - Star Fleet Academy
Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (Vulcan Healer, General Practitioner) - T’Shen Monastary
Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine: Psychiatry (D.O.) - Vulcan Science Academy
Doctor of Diplomacy (DDiplomacy) - Vulcan School of Diplomacy
Doctor of Applied Linguistics (Ph.D.) - Vulcan School of Diplomacy
Doctor of Neuroscience (Ph.D.) - Vulcan Science Academy
Master of Social Work (MSW) - Star Fleet Academy
Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS) - Star Fleet Academy
Associate of Applied Science: Computer Information Science (AAS) - Star Fleet Academy

Taught Deltan Body Language reading; Vulcan Vhoshanta (Body Reading), Vulcan Vhoslan (Body Knowledge) again both Vhoshanta and Vhoslan are enhanced because of her Deltan Body Language reading ability.

Psionic Powers:
Deltan telepathic and Deltan empathic; Vulcan mind meld (enhanced due to her Deltan touch telepathy and empathy). Deltan pain-relieving through touch, Vulcan Shantip “Healing Trance”, Vulcan Shan-laka “Healing Touch” (again enhanced due to her Deltan touch telepathy, empathy, and pain-relieving touch)
Her Deltan telepathy and empathy works as thus: 12 Meters (39.4 feet) around other Deltans, 6 Meters (19.7 feet) around other telepathic species, and with any species that is not psionic it must be by touch.

Fellowship- Ku’Vel’Di, Vulcan
USS Clement - Counselor
USS Elkins - Counselor and Medical Officer
Instructor Star Fleet Academy
Star Fleet Interspecies Medical Exchange - Vulcan
USS Eminence - Chief Counselor

Player Details

Nickname Chris
Discord Nick CSHuskins
RP Experience Major experience with traditional table top roleplaying and minor experience with sim.