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Commander Mei Irizaki

Name Mei Irizaki

Position Executive Officer

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species El-Aurian
Age 266
Homeworld Earth
Languages El-Aurian, English, Japanese

Physical Appearance

Height 5'5"
Weight 120lbs
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Mei is a little short, however she is athletic but not overally slim. She keeps her brown hair usually tied up in a bow to keep it out of the way, otherwise it is quite long and can get in her way. She has worn different uniforms over the years, some she has found comfortable, others... not so much. But she keeps herself presentable and tidy.

When she is off duty she'll dress down a little and will usually be found wearing something baggy or loose. This is just because she likes the freedom to move around, especially if you catch her in the ships gym.


Spouse 1st: Nagisa Hirano 2232 - 2254 (Deceased) | 2nd: Sora Irizaki 2300 - 2398 (Deceased)
Children Yui Hirano (F) - B:2232
Satoshi Hirano (M) - B:2236
Riyad Irizaki (M) - B:2303
Kanna Irizaki (F) - B:2388
Father Chranther Tachibana
Mother Laran Tachibana

Personality & Traits

General Overview Mei is a very dedicated person. She likes to be on the ball, she enjoyes being 'part of it all' and she enjoys being the center of attention. She however can also be quite reserved and to herself. She can struggle with opening upto people and can often hide secrets she may keep bottled up. She is actually quite bubbly and exciting when things are going well, but when things go bad she can easily get stressed out, or can lose her temper. She doesn't lose her temper easily however.

She's very good at making friends, she's not quite sure why but she's the type of person who everyone seems to get along with. She also keeps her distance from the senior officers where she can, she sat in that chair once, it was a whole new world for her and it was so lonely. She's not sure how she feels about it...
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths:
+ Good tactical mind
+ Physically fit and able, even after 266 years!
+ Good eye for firearms and tactical scenarios
+ Pretty decent pilot.

- Not too sure where she wants to be right now.
- Still recovering from the death of her husband. His name is enough to make her upset (Its been 2 years, but it hurts)
- Can be a bit over the top at times.
Ambitions Mei has been serving in Starfleet for a long time, on and off. So she's been in the Captains Seat, she knows what it feels like. She also has her own family too, so she's literally 'been there, done that, got the T Shirt'. However her ambitions at the moment are to see where the flow will take her and enjoy the ride while she's at it.
Hobbies & Interests Hobbies and Interests Include
+ Cars and engines
+ Model Boats, especially sailing boats
+ Blowing things up. (Mainly targets etc)
+ Cooking
+ Her family
+ Starfleet Phaser Weaponary
+ Driving and Flying


Personal History Early History

Mei is not Human. She appears to be Human but is infact El-Aurian originating from the planet El-Auria. She was born in 2134 on Earth in Japan to two El-Aurian parents who had visited Earth since the outbreak of the Third World War. Her parents were Anthropologists and were fascinated with the development of Earth. In 2101 they decided to stay on Earth and live amongst its people, posing as Humans. Mei was born as “Mei Tachibana” as her parents adopted the family name Tachibana so they could pose as Humans.

Mei knew that she was El-Aurian and that her ancestors including her parents didn't originate on Earth, she also knew from an early age that she would outlive most Humans that she came into contact with, this however did not stop her making friends. She was brought up around Humans as she also posed as a Human unwillingly and unbeknown to everyone. She attended their schools and watched as her parents kept records of how Humans had developed. She spent countless hours reading through their reports of the Earth's History and during her high school years became a bit of a History Nerd. She became first interested in Space Exploration when the United Earth Space Probe Agency became “Starfleet”. At age eighteen she asked her parents if she could join into the new Starfleet, showing interest in the vastness of space. They were reluctant at first, as they were unsure how this may affect their cover as posing as Humans. However they finally agreed to it, and Mei found herself joining the Starfleet Academy in 2152. She decided to choose the tactical course as it was more 'exciting' to her than any of the others.

Starfleet Academy

Throughout the next four years, Mei studied in San Francisco at the Academy. She enjoyed the new weapon technologies and how this new Starfleet had a mission to explore space. She didn't see much action in the Xindi War as she was only a cadet at the time, but she didn't like their actions and how they attacked civilians. At the Academy she participated in several different teams, especially the Academy's Swimming Team. She loved to swim, as it reminded her of the times she spent swimming in the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean back in her home country of Japan.

She took several classes extra as well, including a class in temporal mechanics and matter/antimatter propulsion theory. She came out of the Academy with Majors in the Tactical Field, including phaser weaponry and minors in temporal mechanics and propulsion.

First Starfleet Career

Once she had graduated the Academy in the office line and was awarded the rank of Ensign. She was assigned as an Armoury officer aboard the brand new NX Class Starship, the NX 04 Constellation under command of Commodore David Decker. This was just after the outbreak of the Earth-Romulan war. However because Starfleet wanted their faster ships to be on the front lines, the Constellation was mainly engaged in tactical engagements with smaller faster Romulan Vessels while the slower ships were placed in defence of Earth.

After two years on the Constellation in year 2158, and with the loss of the ships Chief Armoury Officer in a skirmish with two Romulan Birds of Prey, Mei was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and took over the running of the Security and Tactical Department. She stayed on the Constellation throughout the entire Earth-Romulan war serving as the ships Chief Armoury Officer. She wasn't too bothered about her rank or position. However she had developed a strong sense of duty and protection to her fellow crewmates and Earth. She might be El-Aurian but she strongly considered Earth her home.

Her secret about El-Aurian was discovered however by the ships doctor in 2157 when she was injured. She was rushed down to the sickbay when a power conduit blew out on the bridge near her station, the resulting explosion killed Ensign Tomkinson at the Engineering Station and severally injured her in the process. She was discovered to be El-Aurian when the doctor found that she shared very similar Human DNA, but it had a few different genetic propteries. On being questioned by the Commodore, he was sympathetic to her and allowed her to remain in Starfleet. He understood that Humans were known to be xenophobic at times, and altered her record so she appeared El-Aurian from the start. She appreciated him for this, and knew that other Commanding Officers in the fleet would have excluded her from service for not stating her original race on the Starfleet Application Form.

Three years later, when the war ended in 2161 the Constellation made its way to the Sol System to celebrate the founding of the United Federation of Planets. Since the war had had an effect on Mei, she was overjoyed to hear that there would finally be some peace to the quadrant. The entire fleet is restructured, and Mei finds herself still assigned to the Constellation as the ships Armoury officer. However, she does attend the Signing of the Articles which the Federation was then born from, alongside Commodore Decker and a handful of the Constellation Crew.

She served aboard the now USS Constellation until 2168, when the ship was finally decommissioned. Starfleet had developed brand new phaser style weapons and were beginning to upgrade or replace older ships. Mei by this point was 34, however still looked like she was in her late teens or early twenties. Mei was fascinated by this new phaser style technology and was eager to use them. When she found that the Constellation was to be decommissioned she put in for a transfer to one of the newer starships in the fleet. She found herself serving aboard the USS Roosevelt where she served as the ships Chief Armoury Officer, keeping her rank of Lieutenant. She showed no interest in rising up the ranks at the present time.

She stayed aboard the Roosevelt for the next sixteen years serving as its Armoury Officer. The ship had been assigned several deep space exploration assignments all of which she had enjoyed. She enjoyed a rather peaceful time on the Roosevelt serving for two five year missions and its last deep space mission lasting six years. In 2184, she celebrated with a few of her friends when Jonathan Archer became the President of the United Federation of Planets. Although she had never met the man, she looked up to him and was happy to see such a person now in a position where he could share his knowledge and experience. By this time she was now fifty years old, and people around her were starting to understand that she aged differently to others around her. She still was in perfect health and still appeared very young. She however was still considered very young by El-Aurian standards, and she had no intentions of starting any relationships or having a family any time soon.

When the Roosevelt returned from its third mission. The ship was due to be refitted. This gave Mei an opportunity to move on, although she had enjoyed serving aboard the ship. She was beginning to tire of the ship itself. She could walk the decks blindfolded and was one of the longest serving officers on the vessel.

She first applied once again to serve as an Armoury Officer, she was scouted by several Captains due to her experience and her long service record. However some seemed hesitant for fifty year old woman to look like she was no older than twenty years of age. There was a different Captain that not only accepted her, but also wanted to help her progress. Captain Greaves offered the role of her the Chief Armoury Officer, as well as the First Officer aboard the Starship Takeya, one of Starfleet's Newest Deep Space Cruisers.

At first she was hesitant, she didn't desire command. The responsibilities were one she was unsure if she could handle at her age. Although many Starfleet Captains were younger than her, and some had been in Starfleet for shorter, she still considered herself too young to be in command. After talking with several people, including her old ship mates; she accepted the position and was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander and the Chief Armoury Officer and First Officer of the Takeya.

She worked as Captain Greaves First Officer and his Chief Armoury Officer aboard the Takeya for the next ten years. The ship itself would see several incidents including diplomatic and tactical skirmishes with the Klingon Empire. The Romulan Empire however by this point had completely gone into isolation and seclusion, not wishing any relations with the Federation at all. She enjoyed serving aboard the Takeya. However once its second five year mission was finished, Mei decided to step down from Starfleet for a while. She had an urge to find who she really was, and wanted to do some personal exploration.

Therefore in 2194, Mei resigned her commission as a Starfleet Officer and officially stepped down at the age of sixty. She decides to visit the planet El-Auria. She makes the long trip with her mother and father to return to the El-Aurian Home world. There she discovers that her people are a race of 'listeners' and that they have been visiting other planets amongst the stars for hundred, perhaps even thousands of years.

Starfleet Resignation & Civilian Service

Mei decides to take up a civilian job on El-Auria while she stays on the planet and was easily accepted into the planets police force. Her Starfleet service record allowed her to enter without any training, and she spent the next ten years on El-Auria. However, due to the planets 'enlightened' society and people, the Police force on the planet was nothing more than just security and ensuring people were ok. She began to miss working in space, and miss the adventures she had in Starfleet.

She made quite a lot of friends in the neighbourhood in which she settled, however because she was an impatient person she would often find the days boring. However, she did get into her first relationship while on the planet. This was the main reason why she stayed on El-Auria for as long as she did. Her boyfriend didn't want to leave the planet at the time, and often spoke with her about one day raising a family together, something she wasn't too keen on at this time in her life.

After realising that Mei wasn't ready for a family, or to dedicate herself to him and the El-Aurian race, their relationship broke up. She did and didn't want to leave El-Auria. Her parents were staying behind, but encouraged her to continue with her life. They would be there when she needed them. She finally got it into her mind that she needed to be back where she could feel useful and do what she wanted to do, and that was to escape from El-Auria and return to Earth.

Second Starfleet Career
In 2204 Mei returned back to Earth. She bumped into several of her old crew mates from the Takeya. Starfleet approached her again, they wanted her back as one of their own. She had to be convinced and it took three Starfleet Admirals four times on her doorstep for her to even let them in and discuss it. She was starting to become a little stubborn.

She made it very clear that she wasn't going to take up command of any of their starships at any point in the not too distant future. She didn't want to be in the command field in the first place, the most she would ever do was to take up the role of the First Officer, but only if she could be the Armoury Officer. She was informed that she could do that, and that they no longer referred to them as the Armoury Officer, but the Chief of Security. She liked that title better, and it's known she may have choked slightly on her tea from laughter when they told her that.

She accepted the position as the Chief of Security on board the USS Hartmann with her old rank of Lieutenant Commander. The Hartmann was a newer style of Vessel and its main role was Scientific Exploration. However due to improvements in the way that Starfleet Ships were designed, the ship boasted an impressive top speed of warp 7.5. Mei wasn't big on her speeds, but she enjoyed seeing that Starfleet were beginning to push their limits and were starting to really branch out. She served on the Hartmann for the next six years, assisting it in two three year scientific survey missions. In that time, the vessel charted over 150 new systems and located several sites for future Federation Colonies.

When the Hartmann returned to spacedock in 2210 the old Captain was due to stand down. His first officer was offered the command. Therefore as tradition, Mei was offered the role of First Officer. Once again she was reluctant, but she shook that off. She decided to change herself for the better. People seemed to enjoy working with her, and seemed to like being under her command. She remembered her experience with her ex-partner on El-Auria and made the decision to finally step up to the mark and be more dominant and in control of her life. She accepted and remained on the ship as its Chief of Security and as its First Officer.

The Hartmann was a good ship to be first officer of. Its new sensors and weapon systems made it a formidable opponent in any battle or skirmish. The ship spent two days playing cat and mouse with a Klingon Bird of Prey who was determined to destroy it when it 'got in the way' of their raid. However the Hartmann managed to escape with only minimal damage, this was due to Mei's suggestion of hanging the ship in low orbit over a polar orbit allowing the magnetic field of the planet to mask the ships power signature. She served as the ships first officer for two five year tours, until 2220 when she returned to Earth. Over the past sixteen four years she had built up enough shore leave to earn her a whole year away from the fleet. To anyone else sixteen years is a long time, but for her its actually a fairly short amount of time.

She travelled back to El-Auria to visit her parents. She stayed with them for a year and did some more exploration of the planet. She ran into her old ex-partner while on El-Auria. He wanted to resume their relationship, however Mei lied to him and told him she was with someone else which she was not. However he seemed adamant to be with her, and tried to sexually assault her. He failed however as Mei was able to subdue him and drag him to the nearest police station where he was arrested. It was later determined that he wasn't in control of his actions due to a rare mental disorder, however Mei didn't accept it. After her shore leave was over she returned back to Starfleet Headquarters to sign onto her new assignment.

However she was shocked to find that Starfleet had assigned her not as a Security Officer, or as a First Officer but wanted her to command their newest type of Destroyer, the USS Saladin currently a prototype. She was shocked and rather surprised that Starfleet would spring this upon her, however she took the honour and accepted the position. She remained at her rank of Lieutenant Commander. The Saladin was classed as a destroyer class vessel, so therefore Starfleet didn't see the need to make her any higher rank just yet.

Mei actually really enjoyed commanding the Saladin. She enjoyed being the one to sit in the center chair. She found it funny at times that new crew would ask her age and when she told them she was 87, their faces were that of confusion and disbelief. She commanded the Saladin along the edge of the Klingon Neutral Zone on two tours of five years. In 2225 she had become romantically involved with one of her officers. She never wanted that to happen, but the man in question somehow really appealed to her. He helped her with how she managed the crew. Lieutenant Nagisa Hirano had been a really big asset to her, and they had been seeing each other on and off over the course of the last year. In 2225 they make their relationship official and begin to call themselves partners. It would be six years later, well into their relationship in 2231 that Mei would learn that she had fallen pregnant with Nagisa's child, which would become the first El-Aurian/Human hybrid ever recorded in The Federation.

Second Civilian Service & Family

They both spent several nights talking over what they were to do. Having a child on a starship was unheard of. It simply wasn't safe enough for them to raise a child in deep space, especially on a Destroyer Class. Therefore in 2231, Mei once again stepped down from Starfleet. She resigned her commission to have her baby. Nagisa transferred to Starfleet Academy where he would take up teaching in the Science department.

Mei found being pregnant a little weird at first. She was now 97, and she knew from being on El-Auria that this was their equivalent of a 'teenage pregnancy'. However she didn't care. Once they returned to Earth, Nagisa got down on one knee and proposed to her. She of course accepted and married him a year later, just after their first child was born. Yui Hirano, Mei's first child and daughter was born on 24th August 2232 in the Yokohama Hospital in Japan. She would be the first ever known Human/El-Aurian Hybrid.

For the next four years Mei raised her daughter with help from Nagisa. However, she then found out that she was pregnant again! After nine hard months she gave birth to their second child, a wonderful little boy whom they named Satoshi. Mei had learnt lessons from raising Yui at how to look after children better and actually enjoyed being a stay at home mother. She raised both of them and when they went to school she took a part time job at the local university library where she did a lot of reading. She developed an interest in engines and old cars, but no matter what she just could never find the time to buy or build one herself.

Yui eventually entered into Starfleet at age 18 in 2250. Which Mei supported and encouraged her to do so if she wished. She wanted her daughter to do well and for her to exceed in what she wanted from life. Mei was pleased when Yui passed the entrance exam and surprised to see her daughter entering into the Security line. When she asked Yui, she told her that she wanted to be just like her mum was. This obviously might have made Mei cry a little she was so proud and happy.

Mei attended the graduation of Yui in 2254. Also in the same year, Satoshi was accepted into Tokyo University to attend medical school where he wanted to become a doctor. However it was later this year that a tragedy happened in the small family. The family mourned as Nagisa was killed in an explosion at the Starfleet Science Academy. It is still unknown how the explosion happened, however it is theorised that it was due to a chemistry experiment with micro-amounts of matter and antimatter was not properly executed, resulting in the building losing a good chunk out of its side.

It took a while for Mei to get over the death of her husband, especially since it had happened so quickly. However two years later in when Yui returned from her first your aboard the new Constitution Class USS Yorktown. She helped her mother finally move on from the loss. She encouraged her to rejoin into the Starfleet that she loved, promising her that it was now different.

Mei eventually agreed with her and decided it was best to get away from it all. She would leave the house for Satoshi to live in while she rejoined back into Starfleet.

Third Starfleet Career

On rejoining Starfleet there was no positions available in the security department. Therefore she had to fall back onto another field. She had always been a fairly decent pilot, and she had even paddled in the Navigation field in her past career. She didn't care about rank at this time, this was her means to getting back to what she wanted to do and to return to the stars again. The rank and final position would be at the discretion of the ships Commanding Officer.

Therefore she was assigned to the USS Saracen as their new Chief Helmsman. On hearing about the specifics of the assignment she felt a little happier with her choices as the weapons console was now linked in with the Helm. This was to allow the Constitution Class Starships to become better and faster at tactical deployment, one thing she had always said.

With her new uniform now on, and her bags packed. Mei left her house in Yokohama to transfer back to Starfleet now 122 years old, going on 22 again. She boards the Saracen as the ships Helm Officer and serves on its five year exploration tour. The Saracen completed its five year mission with no large incidents, charting well over three hundred new star systems and making first contact a total of eight times. The ship returned back to Federation space in 2261 for a minor refit and resupply.

After the refit Mei was promoted to the rank of Commander and also gained the first officer's role of the Saracen. She stayed aboard the Saracen serving as Chief Helm and First Officer for a further ten years, completing two more five year exploration missions.

In 2271 the USS Saracen finishes its third five year mission and returns back to the San Francisco Fleet Yards for a major refit. The new refit of the Constitution Class Starships was a vast upgrade, essentially rebuilding a brand new ship over the current old space frame. The USS Enterprise NCC 1701 had proven that the design of the refit worked well, and the refit would take roughly eighteen months. Mei and the crew of the Saracen enjoyed some well deserved leave whilst the ship was refitted into its new configuration.

Upon returning to the Saracen, she was informed that the old Captain had stepped down and she was next in line. Her service showed she was a capable commander and had done the job before, just not for a long time. She took up the role of the ships new Commanding Officer with the new rank of Captain. Mei felt a little strange to be back in the centre chair of a starship, especially a Constitution Class which she had always liked, but somehow it felt right to her.

Mei continued to command the Saracen until 2293, just after the Klingon moon of Praxis was destroyed. The Saracen was due to be decommissioned due to Starfleet moving onto more advanced and stronger heavy cruiser designs. The USS Enterprise B was also launched this year, the Excelsior Class vessel was the pride of the Federation and most of the older Constitution Class Starships were being gradually replaced, the Saracen one of them.

Mei transfers to Starfleet Academy and begins a quieter life teaching cadets. She was mainly known to teach the Tactical and Weapons lectures, however was also well liked as a tutor and mentor to many new students. However not long into her teaching career, Mei received some very bad news. El-Auria had been attacked and assimilated by a race known as 'The Borg'. She attempted to contact her parents who were on El-Auria but had no success. Several civilian transports were rescued by the newly launched USS Enterprise NCC 1701 B, and brought back to Earth. However now Mei and other El-Aurians were now considered 'An endangered race'.

Although she felt sad for the loss of her race and parents, she focused on moving forward with her life. It was this year that Mei met another El-Aurian whom had escaped from the tragic destruction of their world. Sora, a refugee first met Mei when she was assisting in the relocation of El-Aurian refugee's brought back by the USS Enterprise. He was roughly the same age as Mei and they immediately hit it off as friends.

Over the next five years, Mei continues to teach at the Academy, whilst the friendship between her and Sora keeps getting stronger. Eventually it turns into a relationship, something which neither of them have enjoyed for a very long time. It didn't take long for it to turn into a serious relationship between the two of them, and two years after officially announcing him as her new boyfriend, Sora marries Mei in a traditional El-Aurian marriage ceremony.

Meanwhile at Starfleet Academy, the Chancellor was due for retirement. In 2301. Mei was asked to take up the position of the Academy Chancellor, basically overseeing the entire Academy, its students and faculty. Mei accepted and was promoted to the rank of Commodore. Two years into her role as Academy Chancellor, she discovers that once again she has become pregnant. However this time, the baby is full El-Aurian. Overjoyed, both her and Sora celebrated and looked forward to the baby arriving.

Mei continued working whilst pregnant and soon gave birth to a full El-Aurian boy roughly nine months later whom they called Riyad. By now Mei had several grandchildren as her older children from her first marriage had started their own families, and her clan was growing ever bigger slowly.

Life for Mei more or less stays the same. She remains at Starfleet Academy guiding new cadets and running the faculty well until 2321. One of her final acts as the Academy Chancellor is to accept a man called 'Boothby' as the new groundskeeper for the establishment. Also, Riyad now eighteen applies for the Academy and passes the entrance exams. Now with Yui, Satoshi and Riyad all now on their own roads to success. She decides to step down from Starfleet for the last time and to enjoy some time to herself and Sora. In 2321, she hands in her resignation to Starfleet for hopefully the last and final time.

Time with Sora

Mei returns to what she considers her 'home country' of Japan with Sora and they settle together after purchasing a rice farm called 'Irizaki Rice Farm'. It was a peaceful life out in the countryside, caring for the crops and animals. Both of them even legal adopated the name 'Irizaki' as the new family name to feel like they were part of the community. Therefore from this time, Mei was nown known as Mei Irizaki. Even though new technology allowed them to replicate food, Mei always enjoyed the real food.

Mei stayed on the Rice Farm with Sora and enjoyed the quieter pace of life for the next fifty two years. By this time they were well known in the community and respected by the other farmers and citizens around them. However in 2373, the Dominion War starts and unlike any other war that Mei had seen it was far more violent and bloody. She was determined to help defend her home and to help Starfleet, she had grown up more or less watching Starfleet and The Federation grow, so it was only right she wanted to protect it.

Fourth Starfleet Service

Mei re-enlisted to Starfleet and was put through a crash course to get her upto speed with the advanced in technology that Starfleet had made. She picked it up earlier and even though offered, she insisted that Starfleet have her no special rank, award or treatment and to treat her like a fresh recruit. Plus, it made it exciting to work her way back up again, hopefully she could learn as she went along.

After her 'crash course' she was assigned as the Chief of Security on the USS Askern with the rank of Lieutenant. Compared to what she was used to, the Askern being a Galaxy Class was more advanced and complicated. However it came with a huge arsenal and she served faithfully as the ships Chief of Security whilst the war raged. The Askern saw battle several times, being present for Operation Return and also participating in the Battle of Cardassia.

After the defeat of the Dominion and Cardassian Alliance, the Askern was assigned with several other Starships to provide aid and security for Cardassia and her people. Mei helped assist in the rebuilding of the Cardassian infrastructure and to assist the wounded and injured from the fighting. The Askern patrolled the Cardassian sector and provided aid to civilians for the next three years before being pulled away.

Due to her efforts, Mei is once again promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander and retained her position on the Askern. Although she enjoyed being back in space, she still missed the farm and Sora. So she returned home after her promotion for some shore leave. She is pleased to see that Sora had emplyed some work hands to help with the farm in her absence, and had missed her terribly. She stayed for a few weeks, and then both her and Sora returned together to the Askern. Civilians were now allowed back on board Starships.

The Askern is sent on a long range exploration mission. In Mei's early years it would have been five years, however the Galaxy Class Ship was capable of staying out for a good ten years. She was grateful to have Sora along with her and to be wearing the uniform again. She didn't realise just how much she enjoyed wearing it. Mei and Sora returned to Earth ten years later back to the Irizaki Farm after the Askern's mission had been completed. It was then that once again Mei discovered she was once again pregnant, this time with a girl. She extended her leave of absence until she gave birth to her fourth child. The baby girl they called Kanna which fitted as she was born in Summer and her name means 'Summer Waves'.

Mei returns from her shoreleave and is assigned as Chief of Security/Tactical and the second officer of the USS Indianapolis a newer design of Starship, Intrepid Class. She found that the smaller vessel was much easier for her to manage and to get along with. She also enjoyed the fact that even though it was classed as a science vessel, it had some bite to it and could easily outrun most enemies; this was unheard of in her early Starfleet career.

She spoke to Sora and Kanna most days over subspace and got back to them when she could whilst she was away on missions. There were times she couldn't due to the nature of her mission, however she served on the Indianapolis until 2398. She received work in 2398 that something terrible had happened, there had been an accident back at the Irizaki Farm. Mei rushed home taking an immediate leave of absence from Starfleet to attend to issues back home. She returned to find that Kanna had been taken in by some well known neighbours after the farm house had caught fire and burnt down. She was also told that Sora had been caught in the fire and had rushed back in to save Kanna, however hadn't realised she was already out of the building. The farm house collapsed whilst he had been looking for her causing him to be seriously injured and he had later died in a civilian hospital.

Naturally Mei was very upset, not only had she lost her husband (again) but now all of her children were fatherless. She decided to not return to Irizaki farm and to instead show Kanna there was more to the universe. This time she looks for a position she can protect others, and is assigned to the USS Eminence as the ships new Executive Officer a twelve year old in tow at the good age of 266. Her intentions are to once again move on with her life and put her efforts into properly raising her daughter and serving the organisation she loves.
Service Record 2134 - Born on Earth
2152 - Starfleet Academy
2156 – Constellation NX-04 (Armoury Officer, Ensign)
2158 – Constellation NX-04 (Chief Armoury Officer, Lieutenant)
2161 – Attended the Signing Ceremony of the United Federation of Planets.
2161 – USS Constellation NX-04 (Chief Armoury Officer, Lieutenant)
2168 – USS Roosevelt NCC-312 (Chief Armoury Officer, Lieutenant)
2184 – USS Takeya NCC-386 (Chief Armoury Officer/First Officer, Lieutenant Commander)
2194- Resigns Commission as a Starfleet Officer. Travels back to El-Auria.
2204- Returns to Earth and rejoins Starfleet.
2204 – USS Hartmann NCC-404 (Chief of Security, Lieutenant Commander)
2210 – USS Hartmann NCC-404 (Chief of Security/First Officer, Lieutenant Commander)
2220 – 1 Year Shore leave on El-Auria.
2221 – USS Saladin NCC-500 (Commanding Officer Lieutenant Commander)
2231 – Second Resignation from Starfleet due to Personal endeavours.
2232 – Yui Hirano is Born, Daughter of Mei Tachibana and Nagisa Hirano.
2232 – Mei Tachibana marries Nagisa Hirano and changes her second name to Hirano.
2236 – Satoshi Irizai is Born, Son of Mei & Nagisa Hirano
2242 – Volunteer Part time job at Yokohama University Library
2250 – Yui Hirano enters Starfleet Academy with Mei and Nagisa's Approval.
2254 – Mei watched her daughter Yui graduate Starfleet Academy.
2254 – Nagisa Hirano is killed in an accident at Starfleet Science Academy.
2256 – Returns to Starfleet Service
2256 – USS Saracen (Chief Helmsman, Lieutenant Commander)
2261 – USS Saracen (Chief Helmsman & First Officer, Commander)
2271 – USS Saracen Recalled for Refit. - Granted leave whilst refit was undertaken.
2272 – USS Saracen (Commanding Officer – Promotion to Captain)
2293 – USS Saracen Decommissioned
2293 – Transfers to Starfleet Academy (Instructor, Captain)
2293 – El Auria Assimilated by the Borg. Both Mei's Parents whereabouts unknown.
2293 – Meets Sora.
2300 – Mei Marries Sora.
2301 – Promotion to Chancellor of Starfleet Academy (Chancellor, Commodore)
2303 – Riyad is born.
2321 – Riyad is accepted into Starfleet Academy just before Mei Steps down as Chancellor.
2321 – Mei resigns from Starfleet for the third time.
2321 – Mei & Sora purchase the Irizaki Rice Farm.
2373 – Mei re-enlists into Starfleet as the Dominion War Starts.
2373 – USS Askern (Chief of Security/Tactical, Lieutenant)
2375 – Dominion War Ends – USS Askern assigned to Humanitarian Relief for Cardassia Prime.
2378 – USS Askern (Chief of Security/Tactical, Lieutenant Commander)
2388 – Mei and Sora return to Irizaki Farm Between Assignments.
2388 – Kanna Irizaki is born at Irizaki Rice Farm.
2389 – USS Indianapolis (Chief of Security/Tactical, Lieutenant Commander)
2398 – Leave of Absence from Starfleet. Sora Irizaki is killed in fire at Irizaki Farm.
2400 – Mei Irizaki returns to Starfleet
2400 – USS Eminence (Executive Officer, Commander)

Player Details

Nickname Will
Discord Nick Willvoy #4642
RP Experience Currently CO of USS Wayfarer, but have been simming for over 15/16 years now. I've held pretty much every role thats ever existed in some capacity at some time.