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Lieutenant Commander Aliss Springs

Name Aliss Ash Springs

Position Head Nurse

Rank Lieutenant Commander

Character Information

Gender Female
Species El-Aurian
Age 58
Homeworld Earth
Languages Federation Standard

Physical Appearance

Height 164cm
Weight 58kg
Hair Color White
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Aliss has the appearence of a young pale girl, with her bright white hair and grey eyes she stands out in a crowd.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Dath Springs
Mother Elesh Springs
Sister(s) Maris Springs, Marine and Aviation Engineer.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Aliss is keen to impress and pushes herself in every situation to succeed. She constantly feels the need to prove herself and is very self-critical.
Strengths & Weaknesses Aliss is very inteligent and spent many decades increasing her knowlege as a nurse working in many areas across the federation.
Ambitions Aliss has no set ambitions beyond improving herself constantly. She has always struggled with long term goal setting knowing that she is still very young for her species and has a long time to choose her path.
Hobbies & Interests Aliss is very adventurous and will spend many hours on the holodeck or in real environments when she can climbing, kayaking, cycling etc.


Personal History Aliss is the younger daughter of Commodore Springs and his wife Dr Elesh Springs. Both survivors of the evacuation of El-Auria they were initially reluctant to start a family, living in constant doubt that anyone could reasonably withstand the Borg indefinitely and not wanting to put a family at risk.

However after Maris was concieved following an alcohol fueled starfleet officers ball the couple relaxed their views and fifteen years later Aliss was born. She was named after Alice Springs, her fathers favourite location on Earth and from where he himself adopted his own surname after he settled on Earth.

Raised primarily on Earth with their mother the daughters had a strict educational driven childhood, it wasn't until well into their twenties that the girls were each allowed more freedom for recreation and Aliss took hers to the wilds, she developed an early love of the outdoors and spent many of her free hours swinging from cliff faces or hung below primative paragliders exploring the rugged landscapes left on Earth.

Aliss completed her nursing training in England, Earth and spent twenty years working at the Nightingale Medical Centre where her mother was the Chief Medical Officer. However her taste for adventure eventually drew her to join Starfleet at the age of forty.

Her Starfleet career was paused only eight years in when her ship and many others were taken out of service without warning. Her Starfleet commission on hold Aliss returned to England and back to her old job.
Service Record 2380 - Enrolled in Starfleet Academy

Aliss had a relatively easy time at Starfleet Academy. She was older than many of her classmates and had already been practicing as a registered nurse for many years, so while most of her classmates were undertaking their nursing studies alongside their Cadet Training, Aliss was working in the Academy medical centre and assisting the course tutors in their classes.

2384 - Graduated Starfleet Academy

Aliss graduated from Starfleet Academy as a Lt. jg owing to her prior nursing experience. However she had to wait for several weeks for a posting due to her father pulling strings without her knowlege to try and keep his youngest daughter safe.

2384 - Posted to Medical Station 8 Mars.

To Keep her safe Aliss was given a posting to Mars on one of the Starfleet Medical Facilities supporting the fleet shipyards. While Aliss loved being able to get up close and personal to the Martian landscape, she appealed against the Sol posting requesting a fleet posting on a starship.

2385 - Synth Attacks on Mars

While en-route back to Mars following a leave trip to Earth visiting her Mother and Sister Mars was attacked by the Synth workforce. Aliss became part of the rescue team supporting the efforts on Mars. Station 8 however was completely destroyed with no survivors. Only Aliss and one other member on leave were spared.

2385 - After 3 months on leave following the attacks Aliss' request for a fleet posting was finally accepted and she was posted to the USS Sea King. A Nova Class Science Ship. The Sea King was dispatched to assist the evacuation of Romulus however their mission was suspended and they spent over 3 years doing errand runs around the Romulan Border

2388 - the USS Sea King was taken out of service during a routine maintanence stop at McKinley shipyards. The crew were informed on arrival that they were all being stood down until further notice.

2390 - Starfleet Academy After years of petitioning Starfleet, Aliss was finally recalled to service. She was posted to Starfleet academy where she worked as a nurse in the medical facilites and a cliniical mentor to the students. During this time she was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander.

2399 - With instability in the federation starting to creep, the fleet was once again rebuilding. Aliss saw the oportunity to request a transfer back to a fleet posting. She recieved orders to report to the USS Eminence, a Refit Saber Class starship.

Player Details

Nickname Blue
Discord Nick Blueshift#0001
RP Experience Tangofleet - Many years. Rtd at Captain.
Sixth-Fleet - Former Deputy Commander in Chief, Commodore
Former Commanding Officer, USS Oberon
Former Director of Fleet Resources, Commodore