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Captain Abe Polto

Name Abe Polto

Position Commanding Officer

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Betazoid
Age 38
Homeworld Betazed
Languages Federation Standard

Physical Appearance

Height 188cm
Weight 81kg
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Grey
Physical Description Abe is tall and athletic, he has a tribal tatto on his face from his adopted fathers polonesian culture.


Spouse None
Children None
Father Laniakea
Mother unkown
Brother(s) unknown
Sister(s) unknwon
Other Family unkown

Personality & Traits

General Overview Abe is career starfleet, following in his adpoted fathers footsteps, he has spent his entire life aboard starships, with the exception of his academy years and stops on planets during missions.

Abe can be considered to be very by-the-book, however he is also flexible and will change his interpretation of the book if a situation requires it. This has led to 3 disciplinary hearings. All 3 of them the case was dismissed.
Strengths & Weaknesses Abe is adaptable, he doesn't use his Betazoid abilities as much as those of his species who have been raised around other Betazoids, however he does use the empathic side of his senses to guage the mood and fits himself in accordingly.
Ambitions Abe's biggest ambition was to become a department head like his father, with this achieved he has just worked on improving his career and advancing as far as Starfleet wants him to advance.

He has little interest in discovering more about his blood family, but would like to learn more about his other Betazoid telepathic abilities.
Hobbies & Interests Abe is a keen runner, he is often seen running through the decks when off duty or in the holodeck on a run.

He likes to socialise with his team and feels that a strong team bond is important to an efficient working environment.


Personal History Abe was rescued by the USS Elton as an infant, he was estimated at between 3 and 5 months old at the time. He was found adrift in a very badly damaged federation escape pod. The escape pod's computer was badly damed however it was consistent with the design and technology levels of escape pods equipped on Freedom Class starship.

Readings from the pods systems showed the pod had been launched in the year 2150, however it recorded the launch as only being 28 minutes before the Elton found it.

Despite 3 years of study, there was no answer to how an old federation escape pod had arrived so far in the future with a single Betazoid Infant, over a hundered years before Betazed joined the Federation. The investigation was eventually shelved.

Abe spent the majority of his first year living with one of the Elton's Engineers, the same man who had discovered the pod and freed the infant. He named the child Abe after a former president. Abe was adopted formally by the Engineer and took his surname.

Abe grew up on a number of Starships, spending the majority of his childhood on the USS Venture, a Galaxy Class where his adopted father had become Chief Engineer.

The family ship meant Abe had everything he needed, a firm Starfleet education, a structured environment and a family of hundreds.

Naturally Abe developed a feel for engineering and as soon as he was old enough he enrolled in Starfleet Academy.
Service Record 2379 - Starfleet Academy. Engineering Officer Training.

Abe undertook Engineering Officer training at Starfleet Academy. The longest period Abe had ever been planet-side. A fact that took him several months to adapt to. However he through himself into his studies and performed very well. A fact he attributes to his fathers guidance.

2383 - USS Venture, Engineer

Abe was posted back to the ship he grew up on. The ship was recently through a major refit, so Abe excitedly took on the challenge. His father was his department head but that didn't trouble him as his relationship with him was always excellent.

2384 - USS Trident, Engineer

Abe chose to accept a transfer to the Nebula Class Refit USS Trident, he made the decision along with his Father to give him chance to develop independantly.

This decision worked well, Abe quickly worked his way up the ranks and took over as Chief Engineer after only 4 years on the Trident.

2388 - USS Trident, Chief Engineer

Abe made the Engineering Department his own running a close nit team that also happened to have the best Athletics Team in the Corps of Engineers.

2392 - USS Trident, Executive Officer

Early in 2392 the USS Trident, while exploring the Trythos system encountered a plasma disturbance. This was later classified as a new form of self sustaining plasma asteroid While studying the object it became very unstable and self-combusted at very close range. The resulting detonation destroyed a large section of Deck 1, including the bridge.

As the only command qualified officer surving, Abe was forced to take command. Basic ships systems were restored after 3 days of hard work, including long range comms. A rescue ship was dispatched.

A new Commanding Officer was assigned and Abe was formally appointed as the ships Executive Officer.

2398 - USS Trident Decomissioned.

After 6 years as XO, the USS Trident reached the end of her hull life. Despite the refit the damage caused during the Dominion war and the Plasma explosion had caused enough core structural damage that any further refit was deemed futile. The crew were stood down.

2399 - USS Eminence.

Abe was stationed as a liason officer at Deep Space 7, which in reality meant he wasn't doing anything. He had no fixed role, until he was approached to take command of the USS Eminence which would soon be operating around the boarder of Romulan space.

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