* We are essentially PG-13. It’s rather simple. We also use the RPG Rating system of 1-1-1.

*Please be kind and courteous to fellow players. We are a family in a sense and let’s treat each other with respect.

* You will need to be active (posting entries, contributing to a joint post, or writing personal logs) weekly. If you do not show up on the activity “radar” each week, you may earn yourself a quick pass off the sim.

* Follow the chain of command. If you have issues, take up the chain, which on this small sim will be the XO and the CO.

* Hop on Discord if you can - so much easier to chat and stay engaged.

* Most importantly, stay engaged and have fun. That’s what this is all about!

* Note: pay attention and adhere to the privacy policies herein

RPG Rating 1 1 1