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Command Team Fun

Posted on Wed Sep 16th, 2020 @ 10:21am by Captain Abe Polto & Lieutenant Commander Lucas Hans & Senior Chief Petty Officer Sarah Blessing

Mission: Welcome to 2399!
Location: USS Eminence
Timeline: Present


=Ready Room, USS Eminence=

Abe sat on his box in his empty room, PADDs scattered on another box in front of him. Crew were beginning to steadily arrive on board. Outside on the bridge Engineers were now installing the consoles and chairs that would allow the control centre of the ship to control.

The door opened and Sarah walked straight in. Abe hadn't formerly extended the open door policy to his former mate, but he didn't mind. It made sense for his immediate command team to be able to come and go.

"Come in Chief" he said barely looking up

Sarah frowned at the obvious sarcasm, but chose to ignore it "So" she began taking a breath "We're going to be short on enlisted personnel. We have only been assigned 60% of our establishment, most of them have reported though, just a handful enroute." she flicked her PADD to the next screen "Engineering reports that major systems will be operational within the next four hours. At which point they will be ready to attempt to power up the warp core. Crew cabins should be finished today. I made sure yours was bumped to the head of the queue, my pleasure, and a team will be here within the hour to fit out your ready room. Finally the Quartermaster reports the last of our supplies have arrived and are being loaded." She took another deep breath "And a message from Commodore Xin. It just said to incoming."

Abe stared for a moment trying to take in all the information, but the last message rung in his head for a minute.

"Oh" he finally said "I didn't tell you about our XO did i?" he said, Sarah shook her head "He's a special case. Starfleet Command has seen fit that we..." he thought for a second "guide the young man in the right direction"

He paused again then held his hand out for Sarah's PADD "As first commands go, they've definitely thrown me in the deep end" he added.

Sarah laughed softly "Yeah, and thanks for dragging me into it" she said "I'm sure Starfleet wouldn't have chosen you if they didn't think you could handle it." she added.

Before he could respond, Abe's communicator buzzed and a female voice calls out "Shuttle Control to Captain Polto, we have a Type 6 Shuttlecraft approaching. Plan filed approximately an hour ago, it appears to be arriving from Starfleet Medical Academy. They're requesting to come aboard. What are your orders, Sir?"

"Make space, clear him for landing. Let him know I'm in my not-so-ready room." Abe replied

"Brace yourself" he said to Sarah.

A loud thunk could be heard from outside of the Ready Room before the buzzer was pressed. Opening the doors, Abe stood to greet his new Executive Officer.

"Lieutenant-" the newly promoted officer stopped himself, looking at the ground before continuing. "Lieutenant Commander Lucas Hans, pleasure to meet you Captain." Lucas extended his hand toward the Commanding Officer, failing to notice the Chief of the Boat to his right hand side.

"Welcome aboard Mister Hans," Abe began shaking his first officers hand "I would offer you a seat but..." he waved his hand around the mostly empty ready room. "So as you are obviously aware the circumstances of your assignment aboard are..." Abe paused considering the best way to phrase this as to not insult the young man in front of him "Unusual, at best."

He watched as Lucas nodded silently "So, we are both aware, as are command, that this rapid progression of your career has your Fathers..." again he paused taking extra care over this unusual situation "guiding hand." he paused taking a sip of his tea "A gesture I am sure in the short term you will not thank him for. I'm sure you will realise that many officers will struggle with your position given your experience and age." he continued "However, Command have seen fit not to interfere and I am not one to judge you on the actions of your Father. Your record shows great potential and lets face it you are not the only person to ever be fast tracked through the ranks of Starfleet. So as long as you are happy to serve with me, take advantage of the experience of myself and my senior officers and accept the challenges you are going to face being in this position at such an early time in your career, then I am happy to be the mentor your need and work with you to make this one of the finest starships in the fleet."

Abe paused waiting for his new XO to absorb his speech.

Lucas nodded. "Understood sir." he said 'maybe this is it' he thought to himself "Minimalist approach here sir?" he asked

Abe chuckled "This afternoon." he said "Go and get yourself settled in and we can meet up later for a staff meeting. I am hoping we can depart for our shakedown cruise by tomorrow afternoon."

Lucas nodded and left the room.

"Well, that wasn't so bad." Abe said looking over to Sarah.

"Potential" she said with a smile. then followed the new young XO out

Abe smiled then hit his comm panel "Engineering, any ETA on my Ready Room?" he asked


Massive appology guys. Issues happened at my XO ultimately failed to step in and help while I was dealing with it. Long story short my 5yo daughter had a serious injury a few weeks ago so I've been dealing with that.

Unfortunately Nathanial will be leaving as XO so Mary who plays Sarah has agreed to step up to the position. We are modifying Nathanial's character but continuing his characters theme.

Joint Post by:

Captain Abe Polto
Commanding Officer


Lt. Commander Lucas Hans
Executive Officer

Also playing

SCPO Sarah Blessing
Chief of the Boat (NPC)


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