The Long Way Home

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There are two Missions currently in progress:

Mission one: The Departure"

The USS Eminence has been sent to visit an area in the Beta Quadrant named "The Union." They, like the federation, expand their area in a union that binds them together. The mission is to reach the government and, if possible, establish relations. Along the way, Starfleet will have other missions for the ship.

Currently (The Long Way Home):

The ship has been halted by an unknown black hole, and it is being pulled in. What lies on the other side? Can the ship make it through? All these questions, and more, will be answered in this sub-mission. This is the first submission of the overall mission "The Departure."

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Welcome to 2399!

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The Eminence is in the Utopia Planitia shipyards over Mars fresh off retrofitting. The crew arrives, gets settled, and receives her first patrol orders. It almost seems as if the end of the century is in the hands of this crew...

The Departure

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The USS Eminence's crew is arriving and they are preparing to leave space dock. Everyone seems on edge and the new Captain is untested. Current mission: Shake down cruise.