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New Start

Posted on Wed Jul 1st, 2020 @ 10:08am by

Good Day Eminence!

So it's been a strange couple of weeks. Unfortunately we lost a couple of members. I was asked by the Admiral to step up and take the helm of the Eminence which I was happy to do.

We have an excellent timeline to play with and a great new frontier to work towards. I'm excited to see it come together.

I'd like to welcome the new members to our crew, feel free to shoot me a message if you want to set up a joint post. Our XO will be arriving soon.

I will be retaining Aliss as an NPC on the Eminence for now and I will be posting our new captains arrival soon.

Finally I would like to through a salute up to Fleet Admiral West and wish him well in his retirement, and a loud congratulations to Admial Star who has been appointed as the new Commander-in-Chief for IDF.


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