Dark Star Trilogy - M1: Star Fall

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The USS Eminence is assigned to escort a colony ship, The Falling Star to a new planet.

The ship is a self-contained colony, once in orbit the habitation sections, holding six hundred colonists, are undocked, the central section is designed for a single landing on the surface, where it will form the base of the new colony.
The habitation sections are then brought down, power and service lines reconnected, and the colony can begin operation.

Mission Group Dark Star Trilogy
Start Date Fri Dec 3rd, 2021 @ 5:10pm

Mission Summary

The colony ship Falling Star develops critical systems failures during descent to its new home.

The Eminence crew rushes to assist before the ship and crew are lost.

They later learn a colony supply freighter is overdue and the Eminence leaves to search for it...