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CMO Journal. Arriving to new assignment

Posted on Sat Jul 25th, 2020 @ 6:17pm by

Lieutenant Commander Tessa Laxwen-Smythe, enroute to the USS EMINENCE, as her new CMO.

My last assignment, a daunting mission I will refer to as sector hades only, sad.... tragic circumstances the Federation Diplomatic Corps Medical teams were called into assist with.

That near pre warp system, an illness that nearly wiped them out.... I can still smell the blood, the necrotized flesh. And, the nightmare of so many minds screaming in my head.

As, I pack up my cases, on the Valley Forge; the ship carrying me to the Eminence, I am still purging my mental rooms from those nightmares.

/////Valley Forge arrives at Eminence coordinstes//

The ship dropped out of warp, a shuttle bore Tessa to the USS EMINENCE.

As she stepped off the shuttle, she nodded to the duty officers. Picked up her quarters assignment and made her way to them.

A quick shower and change into fresh uniform. She brushed out her hair, looked over her schedule for Sickbay, and for her Appointment with the Captain

Lieutenant Commander Tessa Laxwen-Smythe, CMO


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