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Personal Log - Crewman Grel - Quartermaster

Posted on Tue Jul 21st, 2020 @ 2:27am by

"Computer, start recording, personal log:

My arrival on the USS Eminence was not as smooth as intended. With the mission over running on the Legacy I missed my connecting transport and arrived 72 hours later than scheduled.

My first meeting when I came on board was to the Ships Boatswain to report in. She wasn't bad looking for a hu-man but I still can't understand why they dress their women in clothes?

You'd think after spending these years in their company I would be used to seeing it? I wonder if she gives good Oo-mox?

A question for another time?

I am currently in my office on Deck B, a small space with limited areas to hide anything of "interest", away from prying eyes. I will have to rectify that once I have spoken to the Captain. Maybe a bottle of Romulan Ale will sweeten the conversation with him?

The rest of my belongings have arrive and been transferred to my quarters on Deck 4, it seems I have a bunk mate. I hope he doesn't snore like the last hu-man or there will be trouble.

I am now going to the main cargo deck to check that everything is where it should be and the security tags have not been tampered with. The items liberated from the Orion Syndicate are needed in the Sol System ASAP. I will make contact with Captain Kruger on the Repulse as soon as I am able to forward this shipment on to SI.

Computer, end recording"


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