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Running late.

Posted on Fri Jul 3rd, 2020 @ 7:24pm by Ensign Cedrin Rer

Mission: Welcome to 2399!
Location: Starfleet Academy
Timeline: Present


-Starfleet Academy, Maintenance Shed 9-

Cedrin stretched and cracked his neck from side to side, he had been working on the power relay for this workbee for 5 hours, his progress was slowed by the second and third year cadets he was assigned to work with.

"Is this right sir?" One of them asked

Cedrin looked over "No." He said then went back to the fused connector he was trying to pry free

"Ensign." The deep voice of the Lieutenant in charge of the shed bellowed from behind him

"Fine" Cedrin said then reached over "You need to invert this and re-route the power flow through this circuit" he explained waving his finger across the panel the cadet was working on.

The Lieutenant chuckled and patted Cedrin on the shoulder "See that wasn't so hard. I know you're frustrated, you're a fresh faced Ensign keen to get out in the fleet, and I'm sure you're posting will come soon, until then you're stuck with me and we have to teach the cadets."

"Aye Sir" Cedrin said "I could of have this finished hours ago though" he muttered under his breath

The Lieutenant chuckled deeply as he stepped away "Welcome to my world Ensign, welcome to my world" he walked over to a cadet beckoning him with a PADD so Cedrin returned to his relay.

Seconds later the relay burst out a shower of Sparks sending the Micro-Optic drill Cedrin was using flying out of his hands "Ouch, what the heck!" he yelped "Who powered up the..."

"Sorry Sir!" it was the second year "I didn't mean to activate the relay

Cedrin closed his eyes and prayed for some patience "It's fine, just be careful in future. Had this been a more powerful relay it could have been much worse"

"Are you okay Ensign?" Lieutenant Freeman was back

"Just a few less hairs on my hand, but yeah" he replied waving his hand about

"Good, this just came in for you. Looks like you're out of my hair at last." He handed the PADD over "Should have been in a few days ago from the timestamp on the message. Looks like you're already late" he said with another deep chuckle.

Cedrin took the PADD and skimmed through it, true enough he should have reported in to the Eminence this morning. "Oh come on" he sighed "Am I okay to..." he pointed at the exit

Freeman nodded "Good luck Ensign. Don't break anything out there" he said

"Thanks" Cedrin replied then gestured towards his two cadets "I'll leave them in your umm, capable hands then" he added with a smirk then ran off out of the shed leaving his chuckling supervisor behind.


Hey guys! Cedrin's on his way up!

Ens Cedrin Rer
USS Eminence


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