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Posted on Fri Jul 3rd, 2020 @ 11:44am by Lieutenant Commander Aliss Springs

Mission: Welcome to 2399!
Location: USS Eminence, Dock 8, New Utopia Shipyards
Timeline: Present


=Boarding Ramp, USS Eminence=

Aliss had never been posted to a ship before launch before, she was surprised to find no security post at the boarding ramp, there were a mixture of Starfleet and Shipyard engineers moving to and fro with boxes and equipment

"Ex.." she tried "Umm Excu" again "Excuse me" she said loudly and firmly stopping a nervous looking Ensign in his tracks "Do you know if Captain..." she checked her PADD "Greener is aboard?"

"He left ma'am" The Ensign replied "Packed up and shipped out this morning"

"You mean, left left?" Aliss asked

"As far as I know ma'am. New assignment" The Ensign looked keen to leave

"So who's in command?" Aliss asked

The Ensign shrugged "No idea Ma'am It's been quiet for days. All we've been told is to get ready for a lunch in 3 days

"But there's no..." Aliss began then shook her head "Thank you Ensign. Do you know where the Quartermasters office is?"

"Aye Ma'am. B Deck" he said

"Thanks" Aliss said and shuffled herself and her back onward up the ramp.

Twenty Minutes later, and a lot of paperwork signed Aliss shuffled herself up to Deck 2 where her quarters were to be found. "Small" she mused to herself as she walked in.

A bed, a few drawers, a single wardrobe, a small shower/sink cubicle and a small replicator.

Outside her windows Mars loomed, her surface still showing signs of the devistating attack. New Utopia Shipyards were the first effort to restore Mars but it was going to take decades for the planet to recover.

"Computer" she said flopping on her bed "Who is the senior officer aboard Eminence" she requested

"Lieutenant Commander Aliss Springs is the senior officer on board" the computer replied

"Oh isn't that peachy" Aliss said and layed back resting her head against the pillow "Well Lt. Cdr, Reporting in" she said to herself.


Aliss is staying with us as an NPC, as I'd like to develop her character more.

Lt.Cdr Aliss Springs, NPC.
Chief Nurse
USS Eminence


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