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Posted on Sat Jul 4th, 2020 @ 2:47pm by Captain Abe Polto

Mission: Welcome to 2399!
Location: USS Eminence, Dock 8, New Utopia Shipyards
Timeline: Present


Abe was still scrolling through the PADD on the Eminence as he strode towards the boarding ramp, he wasn't very familiar with the Saber class so he wanted to learn all he could. The ship wasn't very big and there were few amenaties on board, the ship clearly wasn't designed for any long term deployments.

"ID Please Commander"

Abe looked up at the voice that had interupted his reading "Oh of course" he said and touched the padd offered "Comm... sorry, Captain Abe Polto, alpha two six six eight nine one" he said

The security officers padd bleeped "Thank you Captain" he said, a hint of a question in the statement

Abe smiled "A recent promotion, I haven't had time to update my uniform yet" he explained

"Ah, of course sir. Lieutenant Commander zh’Vrini and Springs are already aboard. I don't believe any of the other senior officers have arrived yet" the security officer replied

Abe glanced at his watch "Plenty of time yet." he said then excused himself and proceded up the ramp.

He paused briefly at the top of the ramp "Computer, turbolift" he said finally giving up on his memory of the ships layout

The computer responded with a bleep and a green light traced the corridor to the right. Abe followed it to the turbolift, the corridor was a hive of activity, Engineers everywhere with panels open working busily. ~Worrying~ he thought to himself.

"Bridge" he requested when he stepped in the turbolift.

The journey was short and he stepped out onto an empty bridge, he frowned as he looked around. No seats, only half the panels appeared to be functional and the viewscreen had several bundles of wiring loose at either side.

"Computer, record in the ships log. Captain Abe Polto, alpha two six six eight nine one. Assuming command, USS Eminence at this time."

The computer bleeped "Order confirmed, Captain Abe Polto, Commanding Officer. Command Codes Transfered." it replied

Abe raised an eyebrow, the voice was definitely not a standard Starfleet computer voice. "We have work to do" he said to himself as he walked across the room into his Ready Room.

The door opened to expose an empty room and Abe's head dropped "A lot of work"


Captain Abe Polto
Commanding Officer
USS Eminence


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