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New start

Posted on Sun Jul 5th, 2020 @ 8:55pm by Senior Chief Petty Officer Sarah Blessing

Mission: Welcome to 2399!
Location: Senior Enlisted Block, Starfleet Academy
Timeline: Present


=Sarah's Quarters=

Sarah took one more look around her empty room she had called home for the last four years. Part of her was sad to be leaving it, but equally in four years she had never left the on site accommodation block. Very few of the permanent staff lived on site, most preferring to find housing elsewhere on Earth. In a way Sarah always knew she would be leaving.

"Computer" she said "Mark this room vacant. Inform the quartermaster and remove my ID lock" she said then clicked her case shut.

The computer bleeped to confirm and Sarah walked out of the room. There was no need to loiter, she turned and headed directly to the shuttle she had requested. The Eminence had yet to receive her shuttle compliment so Sarah had requisitioned one and had it assigned to the Eminence. She was sure nobody would mind and it meant she could get herself straight there.

"Morning sir" she said approaching the Lieutenant on the shuttle pads "This one mine?" she asked

"Eminence shuttle yes chief." The Lieutenant replied checking his PADD "Is your pilot on the way?" he asked

"No" Sarah replied "I'm flight qualified, I'll be flying"

"Oh" The lieutenant tapped a few commands into his PADD clearly checking "Well, that's fine chief. Have a good trip"

Sarah frowned at the officer but didn't say anything. She was used to it. She picked up her case and stepped on the Type 10 shuttle. The rear already stacked with supplies she had arranged to be loaded for the Eminence.

She sat down at the pilots seat, slinging her case onto the copilots seat. With a few taps she brought up the pre-flight check list and began running though checks, quietly humming to herself as she did.

With her checks complete she tapped the comm panel "Shuttle Royal ready for lift off pad 6"

"Acknowledged Royal. Cleared lift off, proceed course One Seven Zero by Three Five Zero. Cleared Direct New Utopia once past the orbital markers."

"Cleared lift off, course one seven zero by three five zero. Cleared direct New Utopia once past the orbital markers" Sarah read back her clearance. Seconds later the shuttle lifted gracefully from the pad and turned south before flying steeply upwards


Short one to get Sarah on her way up!

SCPO Sarah Blessing
Boatswain | COB
USS Eminence.


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