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Arrival, CMO

Posted on Sun Jul 26th, 2020 @ 8:38pm by Lieutenant Commander Tessa Laxwen-Smythe

Mission: Welcome to 2399!

Doctor Tessa Laxwen-Smythe, CMO. finished packing her case in her temporary quarters on The Crimson Waves.

As she packed and checked her rooms to ensure she left nothing behind... she then closed the case, and tagged it for carry on.

As she straightened her hair and smoothed her uniform. She was called to the shuttle bay.

Taking the shuttle to the Eminence. She sat looking out at the new ship her new assignment...


Stepping through the doors of the shuttle. She handed the Officer on duty her Orders of transfer PADD, the PADD that held all Officer information including annual physical date. And service records, even a coded classified bio element.

The Human / Betazoid Female. Nodded politely to the Shuttle bay officers. Scanning in her PADD she was cleared for Quarters and since she had just had a physical in the Crimson Waves Sickbay, she could also get to duty Station when her shift started. She put in with the Captain's assistant for the customary meeting with the captain.

As she made her way through corridors, lifts, she arrived at her quarters. She noted the cargo handlers, had put in Leo's fence in play area. And even put out the litter box and food and fresh water. He was curled up sleeping in his soft bed.

She dropped her case in the closet and replicated chocolate coffee. Sitting down to rest. She turned out the noise of the ship and relaxed, hers had been a long journey fought with assisting the CMO of the Crimson with eight surgeries. She was exhausted.

As she sipped her coffee, read through Ship's Sickbay reports, she noted for now it was quieter than the Crimson and quieter than her last critical MASH mission. She could still smell death and burnt rocks and mud..

Lieutenant Commander Tessa Laxwen-Smythe. CMO



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