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Arriving Finally

Posted on Mon Jul 13th, 2020 @ 5:05am by Commander Yadira Tristan House Kilrah

Mission: Welcome to 2399!
Location: Shuttle bay
Timeline: Current

Yadira was greatful when the shuttle landed. It was a small class shuttle, cramped, musty, and really awful. All it did was make her miserable and cranky and it showed. "Who is the senior duty officer on duty here?" she growled. Two young Ensigns scampered to one of the older officers and excitedly told of her arrival.

Walking over to where she was, "And who are you......oh! Sorry Commander!" the Lieutenant said. "Welcome aboard the Eminence. How can I help you?", he added turning red faced.

"Well the first thing is you can get some one to take my bags and show me to my quarters. After that I will take my tour of the ship and there are things here I see that can use so e attention," Yadira stated. "Second you might want to alert the captain of my arrival," she added.

"Yes ma'am, as a matter of fact, I will take you to your quarters. Your quarters are not far from main engineering as per your request," the Lieutenant said, picking up her bags, then leading her to her quarters.

As they were walking, she saw a few things that she did not approve of, and made some mental notes to have some engineers come and fix it later. "Lieutenant, how long have you served on the Eminence?," Yadira asked him.

"Been aboard for two years ma'am and loving it. She has treated me well and so has the captain. He is a good commander and an understanding guy. We all love him and would gladly die for him," he said.

"That is saying a lot about your captain, ya know. Well hopefully I get to meet him soon," Yadira commented as they arrived at her quarters. "Thankyou Lieutenant, I can take it from here," she added.

Walking into her quarters, she quickly unpacked and changed into her work uniform, and headed for her engine room. As the doors opened,she walked head long into an argument! That got her blood boiling and there was no stopping what came next, she made it known the boss was here.

"WHAT IN THE NAME OF KAH'LESS IS GOING ON IN HERE?" she bellowed. You could hear a pin drop in engineering. The silence was deafening......faces drained of color, eyes was a sight. Yadira walked slowly and purposely around the people rooted to their spots. Somewhat calmer, "This is a piss poor display of team work! Arguing like children, and the language...good god! Let me explain something to all of you right now, first my name is Cmdr. Yadira Tristan House of Kilrah, second, I AM your boss, as in Chief Engineering Officer. Now this engine room will work together as a team and the childish tom Foley will stop immediately, is that understood?," Yadira said looking around the room. All you could see was heads Bob up and down in affirmative answers. "Good! Now get your asses moving like they had a purpose. I will be back after I have spoken to the captain," she stated, walking out of engineering on her way to the captain's ready room.

Cmdr. YadiraTristan House Kilrah
Chief Enginerring Officer
USS Eminence


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