Posted on Sun Dec 6th, 2020 @ 8:37pm by Captain Abe Polto

Mission: Welcome to 2399!
Location: Briefing Room, USS Eminence
Timeline: Present


=Briefing Room, USS Eminence=

Abe entered the room and was happy to see all of his senior officers sat around the oval briefing table. "Good afternoon" Abe said as he circled the table and took his seat next to Lucas.

He paused briefly to look around the room and take in his officers, some of who he hadn't had chance to formally meet yet with the chaotic circumstances of many of their postings to the Eminence.

"First of all, to those who I haven't had the chance to meet with yet, Welcome. I am Captain Polto. Appologies to everyone who I have not manage to meet in person before this briefing, I'm sure you're all aware of how rushed the last few days have been."

Abe reached forward to his display and activated the central holographic display, bringing up the Eminence Master Systems Display "I'd like to make note and express my appreciation of the efforts of Commander Tristans crew and the technicians from New Utopia. The Eminence refit has been almost entirely completed far in advance of it's initial schedule. So Thank you Commander." he tapped his controls again and the display changed to a default spinning Starfleet badge

"So, we are all new here and I don't believe many of us have worked together in the past. My command style is fairly straight forward. I don't enjoy to Micro-manage, you are all here because you have shown yourselves capable of managing your departments, and I will allow you to run them in your own way. Please co-ordinate with Commander Hans on your duty rotations, and please feel free to highlight any of your officers who you feel would benefit from Bridge rotations. I want us to develop a strong skill base in our teams and every development opportunity we have should be taken where possible." Abe shuffled himself and continued "We are the senior staff team, and we work as a team, so never feel the need to withold suggestions to courses of action. Also my door is always open, and I'm more than happy to advise or talk to any of you about anything. And lastly, off duty I'm Abe." Abe finished and looked to his XO.

Lucas coughed to clear his throat, and the nerves that were filling him "Hello again, and thank you for the welcome Captain." he started "I've been around and seen you all in the last hour so I won't bore you with another introduction. I will add that what I have seen of your departments has impressed me, the amount you have manage to get done in such a short time to prepare your departments is fantastic and I hope a sign of how well this ship is going to perform." Lucas smiled getting into his stride "This is my first command assignment, so I will be relying on your experience to support me while I adapt to this position. I am confident that we will work well together and make Captain Polto proud to command us, Captain." Lucas finished handing back to the CO.

"Thank you Commander" Abe paused briefly then tapped his controls again. The Floating Starfleet crest exploded into a million points of light before zooming into one of them and expanding the Kallen system "So to business. Our shakedown cruise has been given an additional assignment. We will begin as planned with a warp test, we will depart here for Denobula, increasing speed to maximum and testing the engines. At Denobula Doctor" he turned to the Chief Medical Officer "The Denobulan Medical College would like us to take on board two medical students for the next six months. I hope that you will be able to accomodate them. They will make contact upon our arrival." Abe continued down his list "We will then conduct weapons, shields and sublight manevering tests with a series of combat drones, and a simultaneous full sensor suit test"

Everyone around the table nodded in agreement looking at their own displays showing the shakedown order of testing.

"With our tests complete, and assuming no major failures at this point we are ordered to the Kallen system in the Yadalla sector, this system is close to the old Romulan neutral zone, since the disaster it has largely been an isolated trading post for illicit and black market traders. Starfleet hasn't been in a position to police that, and to be honest we still aren't. However, reports coming out of Kallen have indicated that there is a Starfleet presence in that system. One that command are unaware of. Our orders are to investigate that presence, determine the source of the reports and take action as required."

Lucas tapped his own controls and the display shifted to Kallen IV "The main inhabited settlements are on Kallen IV. It's a pretty barren world, the super nova in the Romulus system had some effect on the main Star in Kallen and it's solar output has fluctuated a lot in the last few years. Kallen IV's mean temperature is now around sixy celsius. The oceans are slowly evaporating the the fauna and florna are struggling to adapt." he continued "The reports Starfleet have recieved don't have many specifics beyond two different Starships making regular appearences, no starfleet personnel have been observed directly but it rumoured that the crew of these ships have been making discreet visits to one of the vendors on the planet. We don't know much more than that."

"Thank you." Abe said to Lucas then looked around the room "And thanks to you all once again. We will be departing from Spacedock at 0600 hours tomorrow, does anybody have any questions?"


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Captain Abe Polto
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