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Posted on Thu Nov 19th, 2020 @ 6:25pm by Lieutenant Commander Tessa Laxwen-Smythe

Mission: Welcome to 2399!
Timeline: Current


Tessa readied the main ward for incoming patients, migraines.... sore pulled tendons, the usual mild malaise for a ship the size and compliment of the Eminence.

As she regenerated tendons and reknitted a broken clavicle. She smiled at the Ensign. "There you go. Make certain no climbing mountains or ship's walls until that clavicle and the tendons in your arm have completely overcome the shock."

The Ensign smiled. Thanking Tessa he departed.

As Tessa moved onwards to look at the tests for patient four, she noted a strep throat. Treated accordingly and put the child of 12 on bed rest for the day. She also sent a note to the teacher .... Maintenance and cleanup would totally clean the class rooms and sanitize . Placing blue light throat for that deck...

Tessa departed Sickbay to make a house call on a crewman who had to have hip replacement after a shuttle accident as he was arriving for his new position on Eminence....

As she rang the quarters chime she heard a "Enter." She stepped through the doorway and smiled. "How are you feeling today?" She ask him as she pulled out her medi scanner to get a look at his progress. Smiling, she said. "Your healing nicely, Ensign. I gave a schedule for you to begin ballet classes in two weeks..." she kidded him.

He chuckled. "I will just be thankful to walk run stand. Thank you Doctor." He said with a genuine grateful heart.

Tessa entertained him as she put him through PT....

Departing the appointment, she made her way to Officers Mess for a salad, tea and lemon pie. As she sat enjoying her meal, she went over reports. Signed off on charts. Tests and Beta shift schedules.... then returned to enjoy her meal....

After lunch she took a stroll to get in her regimental exercise for the day....


Lieutenanr Commander Tessa Smythe, CMO



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