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Something old, something new...

Posted on Fri May 8th, 2020 @ 3:02pm by Lieutenant Commander Finchley Kerr

Mission: Welcome to 2399!
Location: Starbase 512/USS Eminence
Timeline: Current.

[Sector Chief of Intelligence office, Starbase 512]

"Ah, Finch, come in" the Sector Chief said "take a load off, you look like you've not slept in a while" he added with a laugh.

Finchley gratefully took the offered seat, and as he sat, his muscles protested at not being upright as they had been for the last thirty six hours.

"Drink?" the Chief asked.

"Whiskey.....the one you keep in your desk, not the replicated crap" Finchley replied.

"Ah, you remembered, good for you" the Chief smiled back "just testing your memory, making sure you're still the same guy I sent out six months ago."

"Oh, I'm not that guy anymore" Finchley replied, thankfully receiving the offered glass and taking a sip. The fiery liquid slid down his throat and hit the pit of his stomach with aplomb and a well intentioned "ahhhhhhh..."

"So, report?" the Chief asked.

"Job completed just as my team and I were asked to" Finchley began "target captured, replacement installed."

"And the target is.....?" the Chief drew out the question.

"Now sitting on a barren piece of rock in a region so far away it's not actually got a name yet wondering how the fu...sorry, how he got there" Finchley replied.

"Anyone else there?" the Chief asked.

"Well I don't know about 'anyone', but I think there's some microbial life somewhere there, don't ask me where, I'm not a microbiologist."

The Sector Chief laughed, there was a perverse kind of justice to how Finchley had handled the job and the punishment he'd meted out.

"Oh well, it'll be a long lingering slow death then...sounds about right for what he'd done" the Sector Chief replied "Anyway, on to other things. We're transferring you back to Starfleet as agreed now the jobs completed."

"Anywhere in particular?" Finchley asked.

"'ll like this one Finch, I know of your fondness for antiques and all things old" the Sector Chief said "it's an Ambassador Class ship, the USS Eminence, in fact, she's berthed right here at the Starbase. You're her new Chief of Security and Tactical, here's your transfer orders from Intel back to Starfleet and onto the Eminence" he finished, handing Finchley a small PADD. "Off you go now, they're waiting on you."

Finchley rose from the seat, his muscles once more protesting at now being upright again "I'll just bet they are....Sir."

He handed back the glass, gave a nod and left the Intelligence office heading for one of the transporter rooms.

[USS Eminence]

The haze of the transporter faded away, and Finchley found himself in one of the dimly lit transporter rooms of the USS Eminence. Stepping down, he was met by one of the Security officers and had his credentials checked and verified. He walked over to the wall panel and touched it saying "Computer, this is Lieutenant Commander Finchley Kerr, new Chief of Security and Tactical, authorisation" and he keyed in in manually.

A moment later the computer replied

==^==Authorisation accepted, all Security Command codes now transferred over==^==

Finchley nodded and the turned, leaving the transporter and heading for the Security department.


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