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New Orders

Posted on Mon Jun 1st, 2020 @ 9:41pm by Lieutenant Commander Aliss Springs

Mission: Welcome to 2399!
Location: Starfleet Academy, Earth
Timeline: Present


Aliss sat sleepily in her office, she was fourteen hours into her twelve hour shift, not an unusual occurrence as she often failed in her attempts to balance her clinical duties with her instructor duties, mainly assisting Captain Reigns review his cadets latest assignments, which ultimately led to many hours over her standard duty shift.

As she read through the ninth essay on the importance of the pastoral role of a nurse in sickbay she yawned. Reigns always set this question, every year, and every year the essays were a mix of those who got it and those who didn't, this poor cadet just didn't.

Aliss was snapped out of her stupor by a chirping sound, instinctively she tapped her comm panel "Springs" she said

"Commander?" a muffled voice called from beyond the door, and Aliss realised it wasn't her comm but the door chime "Sorry, come in"

The doors parted and in walked Reigns, out of uniform in a pair of worn jeans and a plad shirt "Why is it I'm not surprised you're still here? Don't you have a %to go to Aliss?"

"Don't you?" Aliss replied "Or do you just enjoy torturing me with this?" she said waving the essay at her CO"

"Oh yeah, I read that one." Reigns chuckled "And yes, actually I was heading out. I just thought I would drop this in" he said handing a PADD over to Aliss

"Not more..." Aliss began then her eyes caught the official wording at the top of the document "Transfer?" she said looking up

"You did ask for one did you not?" Reigns said with a sly smirk "Don't get me wrong, I hate to lose one of my top nurses"

"Eminence.... nice name, what's a saber?" she asked

Reigns shrugged "A ship?" He chuckled "I've spend the last twenty years avoiding a fleet posting, I couldn't tell you the difference between a galaxy class and a defiant"

"Defiant's bigger" Aliss replied, but seconds later burst out laughing "Well, I didn't expect this" she said when her laughing fit had stopped.

"You've got a couple of days, transport to Utopia is arranged, it's all on there" the Captain said pointing at the PADD

"Yeah..." Aliss said solemnly "Utopia" she added

"It's been years Aliss, it's different there now" Reigns said putting his arm around Aliss' shoulder

"Well yeah, that's because everything that was there got blown to hell" Aliss said "I'll be fine, it's not like I'm staying there for long." she paused as she remembered the faces of her dead friends and colleagues "Well, as fine as I usually am" she added.

"Get some sleep" Reigns said and turned to leave "You've got to find me a replacement tomorrow" he added and walked out of the room.

Aliss shook her head "Naturally" she said, but Reigns had long gone.

Aliss turned to her terminal and brought open a comms screen, selecting her mother from her contacts list she typed out a quick message. "Hi Mum, they accepted my request. I'll call you in the morning. Love Lissy" then hit send.

Yawning she closed the terminal and scooped up the pile of assignments on her desk "Computer, lights off" she said walking out of her office.


Lt. Cdr Aliss Springs
Shift 2 Senior Nurse / Assistant Instructor
Starfleet Academy

Head Nurse
USS Eminence.


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