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Something Strange Is Going On

Posted on Sat Jul 17th, 2021 @ 1:18pm by Lieutenant Maddie Maguire
Edited on on Sat Jul 17th, 2021 @ 1:19pm

Mission: The Departure
Location: USS Eminence
Timeline: Current


{Bridge, USS Eminence}

Lieutenant Maddie Maguire exited the turbolift and stepped onto the main bridge. Quickly realising that she was the ranking officer on deck she cleared her throat, “Report. What happened to knock us out of warp?”

“We were pulled out rather than knocked out.” Came the reply from the Bolian Ensign currently manning the operations console. “Gravitation metrics show that a source of energy enveloped Eminence and pulled her out.”

Maddie walked over to the operations console and read the read-out for herself. Her eyes widened as she saw the amount of sheer force that had been used to stop Eminence in its tracks. “Jesus… we’re lucky that the ship wasn’t ripped in half.”

“Agreed.” The Bolian Ensign nodded. “If the inertial dampeners had gone offline we’d all have been turned into meat pancakes.”

Maddie looked up from the console, “Graphic, Ensign. But a well put metaphor all the same.” She gave a slight smile before stepping away from the console and placing herself in the middle of the bridge. “Take us to yellow alert and start running some short and long range scans. I want to know whether this was a natural phenomena or not.” She turned on her heels and addressed the Ensign manning the engineering console, “Liaise with engineering, let’s rule out any systems or mechanical failure.”

The turbolift doors opened and Captain Wells strode onto the bridge, his eyes fixed on the main viewer. “Report.”

Maddie proceeded to explain the situation to him and awaited his orders.


Lieutenant Maddie Maguire
Chief Operations Officer
USS Eminence, NCC-90008


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