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The Human Adventure Has Just Started

Posted on Thu Jul 15th, 2021 @ 11:19pm by Captain John Wells & Lieutenant Nerex & Lieutenant Maddie Maguire & Lieutenant Desiraa Neina & Lieutenant JG L'ason Vurdug
Edited on on Fri Jul 16th, 2021 @ 6:05pm

Mission: The Departure
Location: On Patrol
Timeline: During Main Mission


(The Bridge)

The ship was nine days out of space dock currently speeding at warp 5, it was 0500 in the morning and there was an officer of the deck on watch when suddenly the ship was pulled out of warp and came to a dead stop!

The Helm Officer said,

"Sir, something just yanked us out of warp. I have no control over anything..."

The NE Officer of the deck replied,

"Go to Yellow Alert."

(In the Captain's Quarters)

Captain Wells was just getting up for the day when the ship suddenly stopped; he fell over.

The Captain got up and said,

"It has only been a few hours, now what?"

Finding a com channel the Captain called to the bridge,

"This is the Captain, what the heck is going on" he asked?

A NE voice responded,

"Captain we are picking up the pieces here; however, something grabbed us and pulled the ship out of warp. That is all we know right this second, sir."

Wells thought for a minute and then exclaimed,

"Very well, I will be there in a few minutes."

(Maguire’ Quarters)

Maddie had only been in bed for two hours. Gamma shift wasn’t exactly her favorite shift, especially when it finished at 2am.

Without much warning she felt the ship shake for a moment, before coming to a full stop. Jolting upright in her bed she looked around the room for a second, before looking out towards the stars. She was sure that the Eminence should be at warp right now.

She rubbed her tired eyes with both of her hands for a second before getting out of bed. She had a feeling that she could be called to the bridge at any moment. Changing into a fresh uniform she staggered slightly and regained her balance. 2 hours sleep was no good to anyone, let alone the ship’s Chief Ops Officer.

Without another thought she rushed out into the still-empty corridors and started making her way towards the bridge.

(Nerex's Quarters)

Nerex had gotten some sleep, but woke early. He had begun running through different flight patterns in his head, as was customary for him when anxious. When the ship abruptly stopped, he was concerned. Firstly, he was no longer sitting in his chair, more like his chair was now sitting on him. Secondly, he wondered what had just happened to the Eminence. Since he was already awake, he put his uniform on and started heading to the bridge to see what was going on.

The Yellow alert signal sounded through out the ship; it was clear there was something wrong.

(CMO Quarters to Sickbay)

Doctor Tessa Laxwen Smythe, felt the ship drop unceremoniously out of warp. She, pulled on her consultation doctors jacket over her uniform and made her way out of her quarter's with an ER MedKit .

As she walked down the corridor slowly, she listened for COM chatter and or the obligatory emergency requiring first aid due to accident when the ship stopped suddenly...... walking along she nodded to the Nurse who joined her.....


As Tessa and the Nurse arrived to the main ward. They found patients with minor injuries, scrape and bruised minor cuts. They began treating the injured.....

Ltjg Vurdug was already up and alert,as she heard the yellow alert,she straightened her uniform with her Klingon Sash as she ran out of her quarters to see what was up.

Desiraa emerged from his office and, for lack of something better to do, headed to the main sickbay just down the hall.


Captain John Wells
Commanding USS Eminence

Lieutenant Maddie Maguire
Chief Operations Officer
USS Eminence

Ltjg L'ason Vurdug
Chief Security

Lt Nerex
Flight Control Chief
USS Eminence, NCC-90008

Lt. Desiraa Neina
Chief Counselor
USS Eminence


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