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Bumping into old friends

Posted on Wed Jul 1st, 2020 @ 8:06pm by Senior Chief Petty Officer Sarah Blessing & Captain Abe Polto

Mission: Welcome to 2399!
Location: Starfleet Command
Timeline: Just After Polto's post


=Starfleet Command=

Sarah walked around Starfleet command in a daze. She hadn't slept in hours having been called to Starfleet Command right after a night exercise at the Academy.

She had barely paid attention to the Lieutenant who was issuing her with the unexpected transfer orders, half because she was upset to be leaving her Academy posting, but mostly due to tiredness.

Walking around a corner she bumped head first into tall officer knocking him flat on his backside

"Oh" she exclaimed "I'm sorry sir I was...." she stopped suddenly looking down at the officer.

Abe pulled out the padd from the rear of his waist band, the screen was black and with a large crack across the middle of the device 'So much for reading up on the boy' he thought to himself.

It took as second before he acknowledged the familiar presence, finally looking up at his assailant "Blessing?" he said excitedly "What drags you to Command?" he asked still sat on the floor

"Lost my Academy job" Sarah said solemnly holding out her hand to help her old boss to his feet "What about you? I heard you vanished after the Trident's decommissioning ceremony

Abe snorted "I was filled under F for Forgotten." he said accepting the hand to his feet "Sent me off to Deep Space 7 then forgot I was there. Some old guy retired and didn't file his paperwork or some rubbish like that" he said. "What do you mean lost your job!?"

"Ah that explains it." Sarah replied "Yeah, I've been transferred. The Lieutenant back there said it was a special case ship and they needed experienced supervisors"

"Well damn, sorry to hear that Sarah" Abe said "Makes me feel bad, they've given me a ship it's abo.." Abe stopped suddenly as a thought hit him "Damn! All my stuff is still out at DS7!" Abe swore under his breath

Sarah stiffed a laugh "Oops" she said with a sly smirk "I'm sure you'll be able to get it. What ship are you being assigned?" she asked

"Eminence. She's an old Saber Class with a facelift from what I've read" he tapped the unbroken PADD tucked in the front of his waistband "With a few issues" he said waving the broken PADD

"Eminence!?" Sarah blurted "You're kidding! That's my new special case ship!" she paused "Looks like we're back together boss."

"Thank the stars!" Abe said "I'm going to need all the help I can get with this one. What's your job?" he asked

"They've assigned me to Operations. Boatswain" Sarah said with a shrug "A little different but I can do it" she added

"Damn right you can" Abe said pulling his 'Eminence' PADD out and tapping a few things on it "I need you on my Command Team Sarah. Consider yourself Chief of the Boat, I'm sure you can manage that alongside your Ops duties."

Sarah nearly choked on nothing "Umm, yeah sure boss..." she stammered. "Whatever you say"

Abe smirked and patted his former Engineers Mate on the shoulder "I'm sure you've got packing to do, unlike me. I'm going to try and get a shuttle to Mars. I don't have anywhere to stay on Earth. I'll see you up there" he said smiling.

"Aye Sir" Sarah said a smile across her face. Today had certainly gotten better.

As she watched her Captain walk away in definitely the wrong direction to find a shuttle she remembered how tired she was "Packing" she said to herself "Can wait a few hours" she added with a yawn before heading off to the transporter room to get home.


Joint post by

SCPO Sarah Blessing
Boatwain / COB
USS Eminence


Captain Abe Polto
Commanding Officer
USS Eminence


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