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Surprise Orders

Posted on Wed Jul 1st, 2020 @ 5:42pm by Captain Abe Polto

Mission: Welcome to 2399!
Location: USS Cadence
Timeline: Present


=Mess Hall, USS Cadence=

Abe yawned softly as he sprawled across the same two chairs he had adopted as 'his' a few days ago.

He was glad to be back on a Starship and away from his couped up windowless office on Starbase 7, but he was still bored and felt useless. 8 Months he had been at Starbase 7 since the Trident had been decomissioned, with no direction, no brief, no idea what his role was and nobody in the stations command any wiser either. It was like they gave him a token job for the sake of it.

Hopefully now he would at least get some orders, although he wasn't overly optimistic at the last minute request to hop on the Cadence's return trip to Earth again without any explanation.

Jake, the aging Chief Petty Officer who ran the mess was busily wiping tables down. Abe liked the guy, he had many stories leading up to his near death when the shuttle he was on was destroyed from under him. These days he was just the mess manager.

"Can I get you anything Commander?" Jake asked noticing Abe looking

"No thanks Jake, I'm good" Abe replied "Yes I'm sure" he added and went back to watching the universe fly past the window

"Betazoids" he heard jake chuckle to himself.

He smiled, Jake didn't know that Abe had never used his telepathic senses, but he was used to Jake asking by now.

The streaks flying past the window slowed rapidly and Abe was looking at a vaugly familiar set of stars. Sure enough the ship moved into orbit under impulse and the large blue green orb of Earth came into view

Abe's comm badge chirped "Commander Polto, we've had a call from Starfleet command, they want you to beam down immediately. Transporter room 2 is ready for you"

Abe frowned, this was all very strange "Thank you, on my way" he replied to whoever it was on the other side.

Standing up with a stretch he waved to Jake and strode out of the Mess, pausing briefly to orient himself towards Transporter Room 2.

=Starfleet Command, 5 minutes later=

"Commander Polto I have..." Abe began as he stepped off the transporter pad

"Yes Commander, they're waiting for you in briefing room 3" the transporter operator interupted.

Abe had always disliked Starfleet Command Headquarters, too many stressed emotions. Nodding curtly he strode off, pulling a padd out of his waist band to bring up a map to the briefing room.

It was only a short walk before he stood in front of the door and pressed the chime

Without word the door opened and Abe walked inside, an Admiral and a Commodore he didn't recognise we sat inside "Admiral, Commodore" he said smartly standing to attention

"Take a seat Commander" the commodore said, the Admiral sat with an authoritive look, but not intimdating

The room felt relaxed so Abe was sure he wasn't in trouble, although it all felt unusual to him.

"I'm sorry we pulled you out of 7 without much notice Commander, unfortunately it couldn't be helped." The Commodore began "The USS Eminence is finishing her refit over at Utopia. Captain Greener was due to take command, however recent events means he has been reassigned to a more urgent posting requiring his experience. We would like you to take command."

Abe sat for a minute processing the Commodore's statement "Me sir?" he finally asked then regretted the silly question almost immediately

"Well yes, unless you see a problem with that Commander?" The commdore replied

"No... no sir no problem." Abe said "I kind of thought I'd been forgotten out there"

"Ah, I'm afraid to say that isn't entirely untrue Commander." The Commdore said "Commodore Nu retired after he issued the reassignment orders for the Trident. I'm sorry to say you weren't the only one that ended up misplaced. You were due to take command of the new Trident two months ago but we couldn't locate where you had been sent."

"There's a new Trident?" Abe asked shocked

"Yes, Commander Barrows is commanding." The commodore said.

Abe nodded, Tridents former Chief of Operations, a good choice.

"So, The Eminence. Before you accept I'm afraid to... well." The Commodore glanced at the Admiral who rolled his eyes and nodded "Have you heard of Vice Admiral Hanzer?"

Abe shook his head "No sir, I don't believe I have".

"Consider yourself lucky. He is an excellent officer, and well respected. He does however have certain tendencies. His son, through no small effort of the Admiral, has advanced somewhat rapidly in his career." The Commdore's face said it all, daddy 'fixed it' for this kid "The young officer has potential, don't get me wrong. However we feel he needs to be placed outside of his fathers field of influence. Unfortunately to demote him would present the wrong image and could cause difficulties."

"I understand" Abe said "This officer is to be placed on the Eminence I assume sir"

"Yes" The Commdore replied "As your XO" he added handing another PADD across

Abe glanced over the man... the boy's record "Sir?" he said "Surely this..." he read more "I..."

"You see our problem then" The Admiral said, his voice was soft but commanding "It seems we took our eye off the ball and he slipped through. His Academy instructors praised him highly and his command test scores were expemplary. Everything else however."

"Are you sure sir?" Abe asked seriously

"Starfleet Command have decided to give the boy the chance to either excell and earn the position his father has given him or..." The Commdore explained

Abe nodded "Or fail and give Starfleet Command the reason to act"

"I'm glad we're on the same page" The Admiral said "Captain?" he added and Abe sensed the question in it

"Yes sir. Thank you" Abe replied

"Good luck Captain" the Commodore said

Abe stood, saluted quickly and left "Well sh..."


Captain Abe Polto
Commanding Officer
USS Eminence.


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