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Right to work

Posted on Sun Jul 12th, 2020 @ 8:56am by Ensign Cedrin Rer

Mission: Welcome to 2399!
Location: USS Eminence
Timeline: Present


-USS Eminence-

Cedrin jogged up the boarding ramp with his duffel bouncing on his back. "Right" he said slightly out of breath "Computer, locate the Chief Engineer"

"Commander Tristan has not reported on board" The computer replied

Cedrin stared briefly at the ceiling, the computers voice was different "Umm, okay" he muttered "Where is the quartermasters office?" he asked

"B Deck" The computer replied

"Excellent" Cedrin said, then shuffled off towards the turbolift

Cedrin slowed his pace, clearly if the Chief hadn't reported in yet then everyone's orders must have been messed up. He took the time to look around as he walked, several panels lay on the floor where work had been underway on the components, but there was nobody working on them now.

"Oh Lovely" he muttered

Cedrin had a strong work ethic, leaving open panels like that was just shoddy, unless there was an emergency there was no excuse to leave the circuitry exposed for anyone to poke their fingers into.

"B Deck" he requested as he stepped into the turbolift

>30 Minutes Later<
-Main Engineering-

Cedrin tugged his shirt down as he walked into Engineering. The warp core lay dormant, the ship was still running on station power. Ignoring the shipyard workers busying themselves around the room he walked over to the master display and started to flick through systems, starting a to-do list on his PADD.

"Excuse me, who are you?"

Cedrin turned to see a shipyard engineer stood in his white jumpsuit

"Ensign Rer" He replied "Engineer."

"Oh, in that case I'm Charles Young. I'm the lead engineer from New Utopia. I'm afraid we're a little behind schedule. Starfleet didn't inform us of the earlier launch date. Has your Chief arrived?" the older man said

"No, afraid not. I only got my orders this morning, so I think it's all very last minute" Cedrin replied "It looks worse than it is though" he said waving his hand at the master display

"Yes" Charles said "Most of the systems are in place. We're connecting several sub systems and many of the senior crew quarters need furnishings."

Cedrin nodded "If I can round up any of our Engineers I'll get to work on the Bridge" he replied tapping the first item on his to-do list.

"Thank you Ensign." Charles replied "Welcome to the Eminence"


Ens Cedrin Rer
USS Eminence


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