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The Soldier's Return

Posted on Sun Jul 12th, 2020 @ 9:37am by Lieutenant Commander Lucas Hans

Mission: Welcome to 2399!
Location: Starfleet Medical Academy, Paris, France, Earth
Timeline: Present


=Shuttlebay, Starfleet Medical Academy=

After leaving the Type 6 Shuttlecraft he called home for the last 24 or so hours, Lucian dragged his equipment down the access ramp and towards the Nurse ready to check him over.

Paris felt like a second home to Lucian. After studying medicine alongside his Officer Training School, his initial intention was to qualify as a Doctor to work onboard the USS Raven - his first ship. However in 2397, aged seventeen, Lucian Hanzer qualified as a Marksman for Starfleet Security after his father, Vice Admiral Xavier Hanzer Jr. wanted Lucian to follow in the family footsteps and train as a soldier, not a man of science.

Lucian loved the role, it allowed him to feel free for the first time since joining the academy. He had just returned from his most recent duty, holding the perimeter for Admiral Jean-Luc Picard's first interview since retiring. Ever since completing his assignment, Lucian found it difficult to keep the smile off of his face. He felt accomplished, but never liked to leave anything unfinished, hence his return to Paris.

=Registration Office, Starfleet Medical Academy=

Exhausted, Lucian approaches the Registration Officer to receive his new dormitory information, and rejoin his Emergency Medicine course.

"Full Name?" the RO muttered from their script, without looking up at him. Lucian could tell from the tone of voice that the Registrar was tired also, then wondered to himself if the officer had the right to display such disinterest to the men and women coming back from active service. Nonetheless, he sighed and drilled out his title.

"Lieutenant Junior Grade Lucian Learmount Xavier Hanzer, Starfleet Security Officer, Marksman" he looked at the paper and handed the Registrar his ID card before being prompted.

"Thank You, Sir" the Registrar moaned, with an obvious pause for breath between the thanking and the realisation that Lucian was an Officer. Lucian looked down at the Registrar's Dress Uniform and wanted to tear into the Petty Officer for his disrespect, but let it slide as it was already approaching the late evening.

The Petty Officer gave Lucian's name to another Academy staff member who had just arrived behind the desk. The new Petty Officer, a female Bajoran who seemed perky and drastically more awake compared to the Registrar and Lucian, shuffled off quickly into a back room. Hanzer's eyes followed the girl like a trance, as it was the first female he's had any face-to-face contact with since deploying with Starfleet Security.

The female, who he noted was called Lira based off of the Registrar's brief communication with her, briskly reentered the room carrying a small metal box with a scanner built in. Lira approached Lucian and with a smile, asked "Sir, please can you present your Identification?"

Reluctantly, Lucian presented his ID Card to the container and watched it swiftly open with a satisfying beeping noise. Inside was a recorded memo with a familiar voice, bellowing out of the speaker slot.

"Lucian, please report to the USS Eminence for your new assignment. You will be greeted on-board with your orders. VAdm. Hanzer out."

Lucian let out a heavy, fatigued sigh and thanked the Petty Officers for their time, smiling at Lira who was now looking at her feet smiling back to the young Officer. Collecting his items, he closed the box and began to walk back to the Shuttlebay from which he had just arrived. It was going to be a long trip to New Utopia.


LCDR Lucian X. Hanzer SFMD
Executive Officer
USS Eminence


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