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New Orders

Posted on Sun Oct 25th, 2020 @ 10:21am by Captain Abe Polto

Mission: Welcome to 2399!
Location: USS Eminence
Timeline: 1500hrs UTC


=USS Eminence, Briefing Room=
>1500 Hours UTC<

Abe sat at his shiney new desk. The last technician had just left having connected his terminal to the ships systems. The holographic projectors were still offline but that would be finished by the end of the day.

Abe was personalising his terminal, arranging the functions to suit his needs. As if in que just as he moved the comm system to the left of his terminal it flashed and bleeped.

He tapped the newly relocated button

"I have Command for you Captain" the voice of one of his bridge officers called over the comm. Abe made a mental note to learn their names

"Thank you, put them through."

The screen changed to a display of an office in Starfleet Command and a familiar Commodore "Ah, settled in then Captain?"

"Getting there sir." Abe replied "Most of the crew are on board, major systems are coming online, we should be ready for our shakedown cruise by tomorrow evening."

"Excellent, good work Captain. And your Executive Officer?" Commodore Yan said

"I think we can work together. I'm optimistic" Abe said

"Great news. Anyway, to the point of my call. I would like the Eminence to conduct a small investigation for us while you are on your Shakedown cruise." Yan said tapping somehting into his panel "I'm sending you the details now. You're cruise will take you near to the Kallen system. Kallen IV is a known smuggling hotspot, it has been largely left to run riot since Starfleet pulled out of the mining operations in the system. However there have been a number of reports of Starfleet activity in the region."

Abe nodded but remained silent, he was scanning the document Yan had sent across on his second display

"A worrying report because as far as Command are concerned, there hasn't been a single starfleet asset in that system in eight months." Yan finished

Abe nodded again "Do you suspect Stolen Starfleet assets? or a rouge element? or just imposters?"

"We have no idea Captain. There are so many mothballed Starships that we don't have an accurate record. I would hope it is not a rouge element, but there has been significant unrest following Admiral Picards retirement, we lost many good officers." Yan said

Abe nodded "Well yes, I can't say I'm entirely unsympathetic either."

"Indeed, many of us agreed with the Admiral." Yan continued "Let us hope it is simply imposters fouling our good name."

"I hope so too sir." Abe said "I will signal when we are ready to depart and keep you updated."

"Thank you Captain." Yan said "Good luck out there" he finished and terminated the call.

Abe sat back for a moment to consider his next move before tapping the comm button again "Chief Blessing" he said "Can you inform the XO and Senior Staff that I would like status reports in the next hour and there will be a senior staff briefing at 1700 hours"

"Aye Captain" Sarah's voice replied over the comm


Sorry it's been quite guys. Working in a hospital is a little more tiring than it used to be.

Captain Abe Polto
Commanding Officer
USS Eminence.


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