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New Interests

Posted on Mon Oct 26th, 2020 @ 7:31pm by Ensign Cedrin Rer

Mission: Welcome to 2399!
Location: Mess Hall, USS Eminence
Timeline: Present


=USS Eminence, Mess Hall=

Cedrin was squashed uncomfortably underneath the small panel near the replicators. He was busy connecting the rooms holographic emitters to the power grid. The Saber class upgrade had included full holographic support, the EMH and other holographic assets would be available in every room and corridor as well as many of the major jefferies tubes. Not so much of a challenge for modern starships with the function build in, but retrofitting it to the Saber meant extra precautions needed to protect the EPS grid.

"Can you pass me the.." he began reaching his hand through.

Before he had finished Jamie had placed the micro-calibration tool in his hand. Cedrin and the girl had been working together since he arrived and they functioned really well together, she was slightly older but had been in Starfleet about the same time. They were also quartered very closed together.

"Yeah that" Cedrin finished "Thanks".

"No problem Hun." Jamie's thick Texan accent replied from outside the tight hole "You wanna swap yet?"

"No, it's fine" Cedrin called "You did the last 3" he added

"That my dear, is because I'm a skinny girl, and you're not" she said with a chuckle.

"Just pulling my weight" Cedrin added

"Well remind me to get you to the Gym and we'll lose some of it and make these tight squeezes less tight"

Cedrin rolled his eyes and sighed "I'm not fat" he muttered

"Of course not Hunni" Jamie called back

Cedrin chuckled, he really wasn't fat, but compared to Jamie everyone was fat, she ate constantly from what he'd seen of her, but where it all went was anyone's guess. Tironian Skeleton Rats had more meat on them.

"So what are you umm, plans after we get off later?" Cedrin asked awkwardly

"Gym, Shower, Dinner I guess" Jamie replied lazily playing with her engineering tricorder "Why?"

"I umm" Cedrin began, then his new found confidence went for a stroll somewhere else "Just wondered"

Jamie giggled softly "Sure hunni" she said "Come with me to the Gym and I'll come with you to Dinner"

Cedrin flushed red, suddenly glad his upper half was out of sight "Oh well yeah, of course, I can do that" he said stumbling over his own words.

Jamie giggled again "Men" she said "Just grabbing a drink, back in a sec"

Cedrin took a deep breath and returned to his work, this new posting was definitely working out


Ensign Cedrin Rer
USS Eminence


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