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New Hope?

Posted on Mon Oct 26th, 2020 @ 8:32pm by Lieutenant Commander Lucas Hans

Mission: Welcome to 2399!
Location: XOs Quarters
Timeline: Present


=XO's Quarters=

Lucas slumped heavily on his bed. Everything had been a whirl in the last few hours, he knew the reason of course, like everything else in his career so far it had his fathers fingerprints all over it. He wasn't ready for this position and he knew it, and worse so did his new boss. The silver lining though he was hopeful that he would be able to work well with the man.

"Computer, import personal habitat settings from my personal PADD, set lighting to standard" he said

The computer bleeped in response, and seconds later the light levels dropped slightly, and he felt the room start to cool by a couple of degrees.

His comm panel bleeped "Commander, I have your father for you" the disembodied voice of a bridge officer called

Lucas rubbed his face wearily "Put him through" he sighed

The holographic figure of his father appeared in the room and smiled down on Lucas "Settling in then boy" he said in his usual stern manor

"Just finished unpacking actually Sir" Lucas said "What can I do for you?"

"Am I not allowed to check in my my only child?" The Admiral said, his hologram turning to look out of the window

"In 29 years sir, you have never JUST been checking in" Lucas said dismissively

His father spun around quickly and Lucas braced for it, this wasn't going to be pretty.

"For 29 years I have done nothing but endeavour to provide the best for my family. If you are not happy with that boy then I am sure I can undo everything I have done for you." He said sternly

"What I would like SIR" he said "Is to be allowed to continue my career on my own, and be allowed to fail if that happens"

"Quite" Mikaere said "Well that may be irrelevant at this point anyway." he said "I have accepted a transfer. I can't tell you where, but your path is now in the hands of Commodore Yan and this Captain Potty"

"Polto sir" Lucas corrected "And that is all I ask"

The Admiral nodded "Good luck son. Don't forget to message your Mother before you depart"

Lucas nodded "Yes Sir" he said standing up

"Nga Haerenga Pai" his father said and his image vanished.

Lucas closed his eyes and sighed, he wasn't very optimistic that his Fathers meddling days had ended, this wasn't the first time. The transfer was new however, his Father had always been in his chain of command somewhere.

A bleep from his desk dragged his attention across the room. With a flick of his hand the holographic display rotated to face him and he brought up the new message from the Chief of the Boat. Status report and a briefing.

Lucas tugged his tunic down and left his room, a quick tour of the ship and hopefully gather enough information on the Eminence's refit status to contribute. This posting he was going to make his own.


Lt.Cdr Lucas Hans
Executive Officer
USS Eminence.


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