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The Night Before

Posted on Wed Jul 14th, 2021 @ 7:47pm by Captain John Wells & Tudrim Laal

Mission: The Departure
Location: Ship Bar


The captain walked into the ship's bar; it seemed very quiet. Why not though, the ship was leaving for months tomorrow. The captain did not have a place to go; he was married to Star Fleet. Captain Wells was wearing jeans (like always) and a collard blue shirt. He figured the only crew that would see him was the duty section; most were gone. This ship was not fit for families; many of the crew were leaving loved ones behind for what could be a long journey.

Tudrim was wiping a glass when he saw the CO come in, and he perked up. "Welk, glad to have some company!" He smiled. "Waddaya have?"

I will take a whiskey, neat" replied the Captain.

"No problem." Tudrim smiled. He poured it right away. "Here you go, on the house." The Trill smiled. "Glad to see someone"

Wells looked over at the bartender and responded, "I am sorry I do not know your name yet."

"Tidrim Laal." the barkeep replied. "Folks just call me Tudri for short." he smiled

"Nice to meet you, I am John Well, the Captain of this ship. Are you ready for our long voyage? I would not blame you if you were giving this job a second thought. We will be gone for a while" said Wells.

"Well Captain." Tudrim said. "Ive seen all there is to see on Trill. So I figure its time to go see something else. Plus I like to talk to people. So win win." he laughed.

"I can see that" came the smile and reply from the Captain.

Then he continued,

"I can also see that you will be the one person I can talk too. You know, a Captain is supposed to be somewhat distant to his crew---there to help and to keep things in order--but still somewhat distant. It will be interesting. I can see you assisting me with that..." said Wells.

After a time Wells finished his drink and said,

"Okay then, I will see you another time. Thank you for the company."

Captain John Wells,
Commanding Officer

Tundrim Laal
Ship Bartender


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