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CMO, daylight dawns...

Posted on Fri Jul 9th, 2021 @ 1:38pm by Lieutenant Commander Tessa Laxwen-Smythe
Edited on on Fri Jul 9th, 2021 @ 1:51pm

Mission: The Departure
Location: Sickbay
Tags: Lieutenant Commander Tessa Laxwen-Smythe


Tessa, sipped coffee and looked at scans broken femur and then rescanned after geo-reknit instruments used. She turned to the Crewman 1 and said. "Light duty for 24 hours, here's a rx for a mild analgesic incase of pain. Should you sustain further injury or if symptoms grow worse, return to Sickbay."

After the rotation of early patients slowed. Tessa, made her way to the Teaching Holosuite, she pulled up surgical program 547, and went through the surgery from various angles of the procedure. She, was perfecting the program which would debut at the Interspecies, Interstellar Medical Conference. She and Admiral Joanna Leigh McCoy, were working on a joint presentation for Surgeons.

As she flipped through the still cartography and holo video logs, she enhanced the parameters and the applications portion, to make it easier for systems to change the program from species to species, child to adult....

Sipping strong Medical Grade Coffee, she processed the updates and then ordered the computer to run program...

As she watched the fully AUTO surgery, making notes as she walked around the program, dictating notes on what is great and what needs tweaking next.

She closed the program and made her way out of the surgery ward back to her office. Removing her jacket, she looked over the charts, made notes for Beta shift.... as are left her office she met Adel the nurse on duty, she noted no current patients in Sickbay. She signed out, and made her way to the Senior Officers private dining hall. Picking up a bowl of tomato soup and sparkling water, she found a table by the large windows.

Settling down she read her PADD, sampled the soup and listened to the hum of the ship's systems..... She, read through her notes and sent updates for the Beta shift to complete.

As she finished her meal, she rose from the chair, took her tray to recycle and departed the Dining Hall......

Turbo lift to her Quarters deck, she stepped off the lift and made her way to her quarters.


As the door slide open, she stepped inside, deposited her work PADD and kit onto their station table, then made her way to the dressing room and latrine.... she shucked off her uniform, set her shower for water rather than sonic and stepped inside. Pulling the hair barrette out of her hair, she stepped under the water and let its refreshing rains wash away the long days shift. She pulled out her white rose shampoo and lathered it through her hair. Body wash on cloth she washed her body down slowly.... Rinsing hair and body, she then applied restorative conditioner to her hair. As she let it soak in, she applied pharmaceutical lotion to her body..... she then rinsed out her hair with cool water. Turning off the shower, she reached for her hair towel and bath towel. As she dried off, she slipped her dried feet into pink furry slippers, picking up matching satin robe she donned it. Placing the towels into recycling, she made her way to her dressing room. Brushing her hair out she applied curly hair leave in products and then dressed in off duty clothing...

She made her way to her living room sitting down she picked up her needle work and continued working on it.....

The intricate pattern and delicate threads, a fine work of needle point .... Linen pillow cover for her quarters.

She got a hail via long range communication relays. Sitting up she opened her main computer vide screen and saw a familiar face..... "Greetings Tessa, I hope I am not disturbing you?" Cloudt Eagle said politely.

"Oh not at all, Wills, I am off duty was finishing up a needle point project of mine, I have news the program is coming along fine and will be ready for next years conference."

Wills smiled, "That is good news, we are really looking forward to adding it to the Academy teaching line up for advanced medical students."

The two chatted for about thirty minutes then Cloudt Eagle was called away to deal with a Academy issue. As the screen went dark, Tessa relaxed back into the comfortable sofa and relaxed. It had been a rather long day....


Lieutenant Commander Tessa Laxwen-Smythe,
Chief Medical Officer


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