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Packing up

Posted on Tue Jun 2nd, 2020 @ 6:58pm by Lieutenant Commander Aliss Springs

Mission: Welcome to 2399!
Location: England, Earth
Timeline: Morning after


=Delphine Cottage, Yorkshire, England=

Aliss yawned and stretched as she looked through the window of her cottage. She hadn't slept much, the news of the previous night had played on her mind, a mixture of excitment and nerves had kicked in quickly.

She still had a day to get sorted and report to the Eminence, and even then she didn't know how long the ship would be in dock before they left. From the report she had read the ship was at the end of a major refit to bring the old class up to modern standards.

Even so, she only understood half of the technical details, there was little need for a nurse to know more than the basics required of starfleet.

"Right then Izz" Aliss said "I'm off to the office"

Izz looked up at Aliss and meow'd softly before headbutting Aliss' leg and walking off

"Thanks Izz" Aliss said picking up her coffee and striding towards the front door. "Be good now"

The holographic cat ignored her completely and curled up on her cat seat

Smirking she walked out and shut the door before tapping the visor above her right temple "Call Mum" she said.

A moment later a semi-transparent holographic picture of her mother appeared in front of her face "Hi Mum" she said taking a sip of her coffee

"Morning Lissy" her mother said cheerfully "I got your message, so what have you got?" she asked excitedly

"A small scout ship thing" Aliss said "The USS Eminence"

"Nice name" her mother comented "Does your father know?"

Aliss rolled her eyes "Does a member of Fleet Operations Admiralty know I've been posted to a ship... hmm, let me thinnk" Aliss said sarcastically

"Well, yes when you put it that way." her mum chuckled "I'll check with him if he ever makes it home."

"Don't tell me he's been at the office all night again?" Aliss said

"You know your father, you're exactly the same as him." Her mother said

"I am not" Aliss said "Two seconds mum" Aliss waved her ID at the security officer at the transport hub and stepped on to the pad. Seconds later she stepped off into the main courtyard at the academy, her eyes adjusting to the reduced light of a different timezone "Still with me?" she asked waving at the holographic display

A second later the display flickered "I'm still here, and that exactly proves my point, how long has it been since you left work?"

Aliss glanced down at her fob watch "At least si.... five hours" she said "but that's different"

"Of course dear." her mum said

"I'm only going in to arrange my stuff to be packed up anyway, I'll be home in a few hours." Aliss said

"Of course dear" her mum repeated a smirk on her face "I'll pretend I haven't heard that before in the last couple of hundred years"

"Old fart" Aliss said sticking her tounge out childishly, then noticed a group of cadets laughing at her out the corner of her eye "Anyway, I've got to go. I'll talk to you later mum."

"Don't step one foot of this planet without talking to me first misses" Her mum said mock sternly

"Yes ma'am" Aliss said smiling "love you!" she added then tapped her visor again before turning to the cadets

"Haven't you got somewhere to be?" she asked

"Umm.... Yes ma'am" the bravest said before the group scurried away.

"Kids" Aliss sighed then headed off towards her office for probably the last time.

--10 minutes later--

"Morning ma'am"

Aliss looked up from her padd, it was her yeoman Petty Officer Andy Grant sat at his desk in the waiting area outside the senior nurses offices

"Morning Andy" Aliss greeted "Any messages?"

"Yes ma'am" Andy replied, always formal despite years of protests against it "Captain Reigns wants to see you before you leave and he has arranged transport for your things this afternoon." he said then paused "Umm... are you leaving?"

"Yes" Aliss said a little sadly "I've got a ship, the USS Eminence. It's all a bit short notice, I'm going to be head nurse"

"Oh" Andy said "Well shi.....zzle"

Aliss stared for a second then laughed "Petty Officer, in all these years that is the closest I've ever heard you come to using bad language

"Sorry Ma'am" Andy said blushing slightly

"Don't be daft, I swear like a trooper you know that. But yeah, Sorry you didn't get told earlier but I only found out last night myself."

"Oh" Andy said sadly "Well of course I'll help you anyway you need."

"Thanks Andy" Aliss said and the two walked into her office to begin the task of packing up her considerable collection of random nostaglia.


Lt.Cdr Aliss Springs
Head Nurse
USS Emninence


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