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Setting off for Mars

Posted on Sat Jun 6th, 2020 @ 9:08am by Lieutenant Commander Aliss Springs

Mission: Welcome to 2399!
Location: England, Earth
Timeline: Present


Aliss looked around her cottage, most of her furniture had white sheets covering it, in the corner was her duffel and a crate filled with everything she would be taking with her to the Eminence.

"All sorted?" her mothers voice called from the kitchen, she had been here all morning helping to secure the house

"Yeah, thanks mum" Aliss replied

"Nervous?" her mother asked

"Of course, it's been a long time since Ive been up there" Aliss replied


"Yeah, there too." Aliss said "but just space in general."

"You'll be fine honey" her mother said squeezing Aliss firmly

The sound of shuttle engines directed their attention to the window, a starfleet shuttle landed gently in the driveway of Aliss' cottage

"Bang on time" her mother said

"God forbid the commodore's daughter be late" Aliss laughed

"Commander springs?" a voice called from the open doorway

"Come in" Aliss called

A young Bajoran girl walked in, Aliss gave her a quick glance, brand new uniform, shiny Ensign badge

"Morning Ensign..." Aliss said

"Ensign Dain, Dain Macee ma'am" the ensign replied smiling

"Please, call me Aliss, save the ma'am bit for when there's important people about" Aliss said with a chuckle

"Oh... okay Aliss" The Ensign said cautiously. "Is it just these?" she said pointing to the crate and the duffle

"Yeah thanks, I'll give you a hand" Aliss replied picking up the crate.

Ensign Dain picked up the duffle and they walked out to the shuttle, Aliss' mother in tow.

Aliss climbed into the shuttle and placed the crate onto the spare seat in the back and stepped back off while the Ensign got the shuttle ready to lift off

"Time to go mum" she said approaching her mother

"I'll finish up here" her mum replied "call me when you get settled, your dad said he'll call you at some point today when he's free" her mum said giving Aliss a big hug

"Will do mum" Aliss said "Thanks for everything"

Her mother rolled her eyes and shood her daughter back onto the shuttle "Take care honey, talk to you later"

"Bye mum" Aliss called then closed the shuttle doors

"Right then Macee" Aliss said settling down in the seat next to the young Ensign "Mars I believe"

"Aye Ma'.... Aliss" the girl replied

Gracfully the shuttle lifted off and spead away skyward


Lt. Cdr Aliss Springs
Head Nurse
USS Eminence


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