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Treating the Wounds

Posted on Thu Sep 15th, 2022 @ 6:00pm by Lieutenant JG Hank Solomon & Senior Chief Petty Officer Alessia Oxford

Mission: Dark Star Trilogy - M1: Star Fall
Location: Deck 2
Timeline: Current

[Deck 2 - Sickbay]

Hank made his way towards the sickbay in deck 2. He moved slowly along the shattered places of the ship. Engineers and repairing teams were working here and there to get the Eminence fixed after the firefight that resulted from the ambush.

He reached the sickbay and, once the doors slid open, he entered.

“Good morning Doc” he greeted one of the medical officers in the area. “Busy day, huh?” he tried smiling while still visually scanning the area looking for familiar faces.

The young doctor nodded “Indeed, lieutenant, how may I help you?” he closed in to inspect the wounded arm Hank was holding close to his chest.

“In one of the shook we took I fell on the bridge and woke up to this cut.” He showed him the bruise and the wound in his left arm. “It’s nothing serious, I just stayed on the bridge until the threat was over, but now I thought it was best to come and get myself checked out” he said rising his lips into a smile.

"Oh and you did that by yourself?" the doctor asked while pointing to the rough bandage "I guess we'll be better to clean that wound up and fix it. Please follow me to the biobed" he finally said moving towards the closest one.

The science officer nodded and sat calmly on the biobed letting the doctor to work on his arm while still scanning the area for familiar faces among the wounded-

In a few minutes the medical officer patched his arm up and, with a reassuring smile, said "Here it is, Lieutenant, like new. Next time try not to wait too much before coming to sickbay. Even small bruises or wounds can get infected. It's better to medicate them as soon as possible" he concluded.

"Thankyou Doc" Hank replied climbing down from the biobed and headed towards the exit "I'll be sure to remember for next time" he smiled and left the sickbay.

[Deck 2 - Corridor]

Hank finally left the sickbay making wide moves with his arm to see if it was still hurting while he walked at a fast pace along the corridor of deck two on his way towards for the Science Offices. He was somewhat relieved that, while in sickbay, he didn't meet any of his science technicians but not knowing how and where Alessia was made him feel particularly uneasy. Not meeting her in sickbay was probably a good sign, but the Eminence was still a big ship.

Damages were still extended and that hull breach right in deck three where a Science Lab and the Officers' Quarters were located, didn’t make him feel at ease. Internal comm system was still being restored. It was quite frustrating.

He made the last turn towards the Science Offices door and passed his hand over the sensor to slid the doors open.

[Deck 2 - Science Offices]

Lt. Solomon cleared the doors of the office and walked in watching around looking for someone specific. Alessia was not there, he sat at his table and sighed.

Logging into his console to recall the officers' last known location he got distracted by the doors of the office opening again. The athletic and attractive body of SCPO Oxford made its appearance with her usually well kept hair now messed up, clear sign she had been through a lot recently.

Hank's heart skipped a beat but then resumed its normal beating relieved by the fact that she was safe and healthy.

"Alessia" he called her attention while standing

"Oh, Hank, you're here" she answered visibly shaken closing in and throwing her arms around his neck hugging him "...sorry, I shouldn't have" she immediately said backing down almost blushing "..but I didn't know what happened and if you were hurt or not." she explained.

Hank smiled and hugged her tight "Don't worry, it's all over now. How are you?"

Alessia nodded and sat close by. "I'm fine, I was in the lab in deck three. I was double checking sensors' data coming from the Falling Star explosion rocked the ship and..." she stopped. "...It had been terrible" she stopped and a few shy tears showed up upon her cheeks.

Hank immediately noticed and held her tighter. "C'mon, it's all over now. You need to rest" he said while accompanying the black haired woman towards the exit. "I'll promise that when we'll have some leave I'll take you somewhere where air is not recycled" he outlined a smile leaving the science office with her.


Lt. JG Hank Solomon
Chief Science Officer
USS Eminence

SCPO Alessia Oxford
Science Technician
USS Eminence


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