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The Other Side

Posted on Fri Sep 10th, 2021 @ 6:54am by Captain John Wells & Commander Yadira Tristan House Kilrah & Lieutenant Commander Timber Wolf & Lieutenant Maddie Maguire & Lieutenant Nerex & Warrant Officer Alake Van Der Luan

Mission: The Long Way Home
Location: Unknown


After riding the wave through the blackhole the ship arrived at the other end. Everyone on the bridge was either out cold or stunned by the ride.

Captain Wells was laying on the floor when he awoke. Looking around he said,


Van Der Luan came around slumped on the floor, a nasty graze on his cheek. There was a loud blaring klaxon collision alert going off, he sat up and fumbled around on his auxiliary panel to silence it.

The screen was cracked, it hissed and sparked and a thin wisp of smoke came from his panel. He got to his feet, managed to silence the alarm without burning his fingers and pulled an extinguisher out from under the panel, giving it all a good spraying over.

He put the extinguisher down, but it rolled off to the left. He looked at it puzzled.

It was then he noticed the deck was canted over, not much but there was a definite lean to the port side, maybe ten or fifteen degrees. That was not good.

What really got his attention was the Viewscreen. It was blank, there was nothing there, just a plain black screen...

Wells needed more information.

"Let's try to get that viewscreen working. We need to know where we are..." said Wells.

Wolf was laying flat on his back, Alaska was sprawled under his legs."Ughhhh...what in name of the Great Sprit hit us?" he said looking around before he got up. Seeing Alaska begin to stir, he turned his attention to the black view screene. "Were are we?" he asked.

Nerex blinked a few times before realizing he was not in his bed. He slowly lifted his head and found that he had been slumped over his console. His head was pounding, and when he lifted his hand to feel it he found a lump that was painful to the touch. He felt that he was sliding slightly to the left in his seat, and realized that they were listing. He attempted to adjust so they would be level, but was unsuccessful. He began running a systems diagnostic on the panel. “Captain, I can’t right the ship. Initial diagnostic shows the problem isn’t on my end. Could be engine trouble.”

Hank was laying on the floor by what was left of the main science console of the bridge. Emergency klaxons were off and loud until Van Der Luan silenced them. Solomon squeezed his eyes and held his head with his hands.

“Where am I” he murmured with a feeble voice, before getting into a sitting position, scanning the surrounding and remembering what happened.

He stood tall, but he immediately felt dizzy.

“Seems like …we made it” he said to the captain while trying to figure out if he got any injury and if the bridge consoles were somewhat working.

“Dang” he swore hitting his fist on the console, “nothing is working here”.

It was then Van Der Luan noticed the figure of Vurdug. The woman was face down and not moving. He went over to the Security Chief and knelt down beside her checking for a pulse.

It was barely there, he gently rolled her over, there was a gash on her head and a large bruise was already forming. Clearly she had suffered some serious head trauma.

He tapped his commbadge =^= Van Der Luan to Transporter Room One! Are you operational? We need an emergency internal transport Bridge to Sickbay, for Lieutenant Vurdug =^=

=^= Standby! We've got power but the transporter is resetting =^=

Tense moments passed before =^= We're up! Locking on now! =^=

Van Der Luan stepped back, =^=Sickbay! Incoming! Security Chief Verdug, head trauma and unresponsive =^=

The still unmoving Vurdug was enveloped in the transporter field and dematerialized.

Wolf managed to get to his feet, unsteady as they were, "Someone find out where we are and when we are," he said. =/\= Engineering, Tristen what do you have in the way of injuries? Status of engineering also=/\=

Nerex began checking to see what he could determine from his station, but the readings weren’t coming back the way he expected them to.

Suddenly, another office said, "Captain, a message is coming in from another ship..."

"Put it on audio" replied Wells.

=^= To unidentified federations ship, this is the USS Lionheart, NCC 1608, please identify yourself. =^=

Then another office said,

"Captain that is impossible. The U.S.S. Lionheart, if I recall my history correct, was destroyed with all hands, forty-seven years ago!"

Wells stood still not saying a word...

After a minute he continued, put me on speaker only...

=^= USS Lionheart, this is Captain John Wells, of the United Starship Em.....if a Starfleet vessel. We are having some troubles, please standby. Wells out." =^=

With that the channel was closed and Wells continued,

"I want all Senior Staff in a briefing in about five minutes. We need to decide what to do next..."


Tristen was on her side on the deck plating with a deep gash in her side. A few feet from her was what what was left of a console. Moving gingerly, she managed to get to a med kit and suture the gash up.

Finally getting to her feet, she finally saw what the engine room looked like....a nuclear bomb went off.

[Medical & Counselling]

The unconscious body of Vurdug materialized on a bio-bed, life signs dangerously low.

A short balding figure appeared out of thin air. "Please state the nature of the medical emergency"

It stated, producing a medical tricorder and running it over the unconscious form of the Klingon woman.

The Emergency Medical Hologram consulted the readouts "Oh... That's not good."

It turned to two nearby Nurses. "I need your assistance. This patient needs to go into a stasis pod immediately!"

Within a few moments the woman had been moved from the triage ward and placed into a stasis pod. "Activate level four medical stasis" The EMH instructed the unit and it hummed to life.

The Security Chief's injuries were too serious to treat aboard ship during an emergency and the EMH needed to focus on the line of crew that were now arriving in triage.


Captain John Wells,
Commanding Officer,

Lt. Commander Timber Wolf
Executive Officer


Commander Yadira Tristan House Kilrah
Chief of Engineering

Lt Nerex
Flight Control Chief

MCPO A Van Der Luan
Master At Arms


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