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Change of pace Part Two

Posted on Sun Feb 6th, 2022 @ 4:31am by Lieutenant Brakon Ryal & Captain Alex Shepard

Mission: Dark Star Trilogy - M1: Star Fall
Location: USS Eminence & USS Normandy


[13:15 Hours: USS Eminence - Bridge]

Wells rematerialized on the Bridge. "Send the message to my Ready Room Ensign" He informed the duty Operations Officer as he crossed over and entered his door.

[Ready Room]

Taking a seat at his desk he activated his panel. The Starfleet secure communication logo appeared on his screen. Eyes Only - Captain John Wells - Commanding Officer USS Eminence

Tapping in his command code he opened the message and began to read...


Fifteen minutes later Wells reentered the Bridge. "ETA for the Normandy?" He asked

"Ah... five hours forty-five minutes sir" The helm officer replied

"Very good, you still have the conn. I'll be in my Quarters if you need me. Have the Executive Officer relieve you when he returns from the Falling Star Carry on" Well replied and entered the turbolift.

After the doors closed the Bridge crew exchanged looks, Command-Eyes Only messages were not uncommon but were a little unusual. Something was going on...

[18.45 Hours: USS Normandy - Bridge]

"Eminence and Falling Star coordinates confirmed sir" The Helm Officer reported "Dropping out of warp in twelve minutes"

"Very good" The Normandy's Commander turned to his passenger. "All ready Captain Shepard?"

"As I'll ever be. Especially, since I know the Normandy is in good hands."

"Thank you for your confidence in me Captain, I'll do my best"

[19:00 Hours: USS Eminence - Bridge]

"Normandy coming out of warp sir"

"Thank you, on screen and inform the Captain" Brakon acknowledged and wondered again what was going on. He had been on the Bridge since returning from the colony ship and like the rest of the crew was just as mystified by events as they were.

Moments later there was a brief flash and a Defiant Class ship appeared on the view screen.

=^= USS Eminence, this is the Normandy. Stand by for personnel transfer. One inbound =^=

A couple of seconds later there was a transporter shimmer and a Human Female, Captain Rank, in Command Red appeared.

Brakon got to his feet but just as she arrived the turbo lift doors slid apart, and Wells stepped on to the Bridge.

"Captain Shepard" He greeted the woman. "Welcome aboard. My Ready Room is this way" He turned and led the way, the woman followed him in.

[Ready Room]

"Thank you Captain Wells. For the record, I apologize if this took you by surprise. It was only a few days ago I found out I got command, so I was a little confused myself to say the least."

A little more notice than Wells had got he noted but did not say so. "I've become used to surprises Captain" He smiled and pointed to a set of PaDD arranged on his desk. "Please, take your seat"

"Personnel files on the Executive Officer, Department Heads, Officers and Senior Non-Comms. Shift rosters and enlisted ranks schedules. Maintenace schedules..." He listed off the various files set out before Shepard

"Current mission data is in the computer" He gestured to the desk panel and gave her some details of the Falling Star operation up to this point.

After some discussion between them Wells said "Well shall we make this official?" and led Shepard back to the Bridge, taking one PaDD with him.

Brakon got up to give Wells the center chair. Wells nodded but did not sit down, instead he leant over and activated the internal communications channel

=^= All Hands this is the Captain. I have an announcement for you. =^= He paused a moment, then continued =^= On orders from Starfleet Command, I am being reassigned from the Eminence with immediate effect.

Your new commanding officer is Captain Alex Shepard, who is now aboard. Transfer of command will take place immediately. Attention to Orders, Stand by! =^=

With the channel still open Wells turned to Shepard, activated the PaDD he carried and read aloud =^= To Captain John Wells, Commanding Officer, USS Eminence. You are hereby requested and required to relinquish command of your vessel to Cpatin Alex Shepard, as of this stardate. Signed, Starfleet

Wells then came to attention and announced "Computer, transfer all command codes to Captain Alex Shepard. Voice authorization Juliet Mike Whiskey Four-Nine-Zero-Two"

The computer replied Command Transfer complete. USS Eminence is now under command of Captain Alex Shepard

Shepard came to attention and stated "I relieve you, sir."

Wells replied "I stand relieved"

He turned to the communicator and said =^= All Hands, I wish you well. That is all =^=

Turning back to Shepard he said "The Eminence is yours Captain"

She looked at the now former Commanding Officer of the Eminence. She may have had a little bit of notice, but she hadn't been filled in on Well's reassignment. But she wasn't surprised. It was probably an eyes only message. "Thank you Captain. And I wish you good luck on your future endeavors"

"And in yours" Wells nodded and tapped his commbadge =^= Normandy, ready to come aboard =^=

Moments later Wells was enfolded in a transporter beam and gone.

Brakon raised an eyebrow, this was unexpected to be sure. Recovering, he introduced himself, "Lieutenant Brakon Ryal, Captain, Executive Officer" He gestured to the center chair, "Your seat Ma'm"

"It's a pleasure to meet you Lieutenant," she extended her hand to her new XO. "I also understand this might be an unexpected change in command. If you or the rest of the crew need anything or help with the transition, just give me a shout."

She then nodded a thank you to Ryal and sat down in the center chair to officially begin her new adventure.



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