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MD 1 - BACKPOST -The USS Skua Hazard Team Transport

Posted on Tue Feb 22nd, 2022 @ 11:47am by RESIGNED & Master Chief Petty Officer Henry Reagan & Senior Chief Petty Officer Brandon Swift & Senior Chief Petty Officer Samuel Russell & Senior Chief Petty Officer Alessia Oxford

Mission: Dark Star Trilogy - M1: Star Fall
Location: Eminence & Space Dock
Timeline: 0900


[0800 hrs: Deck 3 - Security Office]

Van Der Luan checked over his work schedule leading up to their departure. There was one task that needed to be completed today, collection of the Eminence's new Hazard Team transport shuttle. Notification the shuttle was ready came through yesterday and he had the requisition orders on a PaDD

Might as well make a team event of it he reasoned and tapped his commbadge.

=^= Van Der Luan to Hazard Team members, report to Transporter Room One. We are going over to Space Dock to collect our new transport shuttle =^=

=^= Understood, Master Chief. =^= Brandon replied.

=^= Aye, Master Chief. =^= Reagan responded as he headed towards the turbolift.

Samuel Russel was currently in sickbay with Doctor Cole when he got the call. He tapped his badge. =^=This is Chief Russel, I'm on my way.=^= He gave a quick nod to the CMO that he was leaving and he made his way out of sickbay to the transporter room.

=^= Chief Oxford here, I’m on my way, Sir. Will be there momentarily =^=

[Transporter Room & Spacedock]

Alessia made her appearance in the transporter room of the ship with her uniform perfectly fitting her figure, her hair collected into a ponytail. She notices Van der Luan and smiles closing in to him.

“SCPO Oxford reporting, Sir” she salutes before waiting for the rest of the team to arrive.

Brandon arrived to the transporter room, disappointed that he didn't live up to his last name by being first. Nevertheless, he smiled at the other two.

"Master Chief, Senior Chief," he greeted them in order by rank.

SCPO Russel entered the room and stood at attention. "Senior Chief Petty Officer Samuel Russel reporting as ordered sirs."

Henry entered the room and nodded to the Master Chief and stepped over to the side, "Master Chief."

Once all five were ready the Technician beamed them across to the shuttle maintenance hanger abord Spacedock.

A shuttle engineer approached the trio. "Can I help you Master Chief?"

Van Der Luan handed over the requisition PaDD. "We'er from the Eminence Sir, come to collect our Type Eleven shuttle"

"Ahh, you'er the getting that one" the Lieutenant grinned "We fitted quite a few upgrades to your shuttle, it's built out as a Hazard Team transport and light interceptor. Who's your pilot?"

"Right here, sir," Brandon stepped forward, grinning. "What kind of upgrades?"

The Engineer smiled. “C’mon I’ll show you” he led the way across the hanger to a side bay. It contained a Type Eleven shuttle craft, it was painted in the standard Starfleet white, but had black accents along the structs holding the nacelles and on the panel before the cockpit window.

It was also named, the ”USS Skua”

“Ok well it has the standard four Type Seven phaser arrays,” He pointed to the mounts “But we also fitted two more in a min belly-turret, here under the nose” He pointed to a low dome under the bow.

“And a forward-facing auto-loading micro torpedo launcher on the top of the hull” He pointed up to a short barrel projecting over the cockpit window. “That has a twelve-round magazine. There is also a tractor beam emitter on the underside. So, she pack’s quite the punch for her size.

She can take a few punches too. We fitted the shield generators from a Volga Class Runabout; heavy duty external hull plating and reinforced structural members throughout the air-frame, along with four additional structural integrity field generators to help hold everything together.”

He led the group around the to the port nacelle. “She’s quick too, Warp Core is twenty percent over sized for class. Some nacelle components, both maneuvering and vector thrusters and the Impulse Engine are again from a Volga Class Runabout. Top line is around Warp Five Point Eight. Any questions on the hull or power?”

"Not so much a question, but expect a communique when we celebrate breaking Warp Six in it," Brandon said, mostly serious.

"The Engineer grinned "Yeah downhill, with the wind behind her, on a good day... she just might do it"

Alessia found herself smiling while walking around the new shuttlecraft. She momentarily diverted her attention to the look of the ship. Technical specs would have definitely been great, but she was just not interested in its top speed or such information. At least for now.

Its aesthetic caught her.

The USS Skua was just amazing, a clean line and a beauty to watch. Larger than she expected but, in retrospect, the crew it would have to sustain was not small in size either.
She inadvertently found herself passing a hand along part of the ship’s hull before following the team on the rest of the tour.

The Engineer tapped the side hatch control and it slid open. He waved the group aboard, once they were all inside, he continued with the tour.

“A regular Type Eleven carries fourteen people, two crew and twelve passengers. This one is set up for eight to ten.” He pointed out six seats “There’s two more jumps seats that fold down if needed. We used the space to add in some extras. You the Medic?” He looked over to the man in Teal

"Yes sir, that would be correct. Senior Chief Petty Officer Russel, at your service," he said extending his hand.

"The Engineer shook Russell's hand. "You'll like this" He said “Back here, at the rear of the main cabin we have an emergency biobed”

He pointed out an alcove like an upper bunk. “That has a level three bio shield if needed and a medical stasis function. Below, we have medical storage and supplies, pretty much anything you need for first aide and triage”

The supplies would definitely come in handy for short-term medical needs, but however, he would need the Eminence and Doctor Cole for bigger medical issues. But for the hazard team alone, this medical setup had more than enough for him.

“Opposite we have several storage lockers, EVO suits; Armory and munitions; Search and Rescue supplies and so on. Right back the stern there are four-fold down bunks and a replicator, you can be operational for about ten days if needed”

The Engineer continued “Over head is the transporter system and if you look down we have four transport pads build into the deck. Any questions before, we head up to the cockpit?”

SCPO Oxford glanced around impressed “seems like the Skua has quite some tricks up its sleeve” she says poking around.

“Is there an area we might use as a laboratory?” she asks the shuttle engineer “If we have to deal with hazardous lifeforms or substances I think it would be important to have some sort of safe and vented area with fumes controls to work in.

And…” she shoots a look over at the medical officer of the team, Mr. Russel “…a decontamination area maybe? Hoping we never use it, of course” she finishes her question with a grin.

"That's not a bad idea" the Engineer nodded. "The rear area, where the bunks are, can be sealed off, when depressurizing the cabin for EVO. That could work, we don't have time to fit anything now, but I'm sure the Eminence's Engineers could retro fit some equipment back there for you. There's plenty of room and power available"

Alessia nodded “I’ll see to it with the Chief Science Officer of the Eminence if it is the case to ask to the Engineering section for some more modifications once we have it onboard”.

Leading the way forward the Engineer pointed out the first row of seats, one on each side of the center aisle had a small panel coming out of the bulkhead. “One for additional command, communications and control systems, so you can keep in contract and track team members during operations. The other one is configured to sensors and science operations"

Alessia gently nodded at the engineer’s words thoughtfully toying around with her ponytail hair falling gently to her left shoulder. She noticed that she always ended up messing around with her hairs while overthinking. Hank often told her so and he was right. Suppressing a smile at that consideration, she quickly adjusted her ponytail and crossed her arms to avoid further touching her hair again.

“What’s the range of the sensors?” she finally asks, “Had they already been tweaked a little trying to optimize them?”

"Class Four sensors, should give all the range you need for her size" He replied

She glanced around the cockpit once again

“We have lots of power-hungry tools in here. I’m not a tactical technician nor an engineer and I might be asking something irrelevant here, but…” She pauses a little trying not to sound harsh in the comment “If we need to head somewhere stealthily, what’s our electromagnetic signature?”

She asks trying to understand whether the USS Skua would have been easily detected in case of a covert mission and if there were any possible trick to mask their trails and signature in order to achieve a better result in masking the detectability of the vessel.

"Another good question" the Engineer nodded, impressed "Type Elevens don't give off much normally, this one will have a slightly higher signature, due to her Runabout components, but not enough to make a difference, maybe you'd become visible a minute or so earlier. I know that could be a lot depending on the situation, but there are always trade offs with upgrades..."

“Makes sense, we just need to keep that in mind. Thanks”, she thanked him with a reassuring smile.

The cockpit was divided from the main cabin by a hatchway, currently open. “Cockpit can be sealed off from the main cabin, which can be totally depressurized for EVO operations. There is a forcefield that can be erected to seal off the bio-bed and rear of the cabin if needed during depressurization.”

“Up here we have a crew of two, pilot-gunner and co-pilot-ship operations-gunner”

He pointed to the two seats. “Try one for size guys”

Brandon jumped into the pilot-gunner seat as soon as the last syllable was out of the Engineer's mouth. The seat was more comfortable than he expected, which was good for long range missions. He took in the controls and made note of how they were arranged.

Henry took a seat in the co-pilot seat and noted the comfortability. "Definitely better than the usual Starfleet seating."

He grinned and nodded to the Senior Chief, "Not a bad feel eh Senior Chief."

Brandon smiled back, "I could definitely get used to this, Master Chief."

The Engineer pointed out some of the features “You have the latest release flight control systems and software, both standard panel controls and a right-hand joystick on the chair arm. The maneuvering program came out of an Interceptor Starfighter, so it will turn tight and fast”

The Engineer leaned forward and touched a control “And the newest version of a starfighter Head-Up Display unit.” A holographic image floated in front of the forward windscreen displaying various readouts and flight system data. “Completely configurable to how ever you want it set up, including weapons and targeting controls”

Swift was wide eyed taking it in. "I feel like a kid on Christmas morning," he said with a grin.

Henry nodded agreement, "Definitely like Christmas. It almost reminds me of my 16th birthday."

Henry smiled wryly as if remembering something that only he would understand.

"Is that when you got your first car or something, Master Chief?" Brandon asked.

Henry's smile broadened a bit, "No, I was stationed with my folks on the USS Andoria. I took one of the shuttlecraft for a joyride."

Swift chuckled. "How did that end?"

Henry shook his head, "Not too well. A stern talking to from the Captain, a chastising from my father, but I did get a laugh and beer from the Chief Engineer. So not horrible I suppose."

Swift guffawed at that, "Not horrible at all, it sounds like!"

"Alright, here's command chips" He handed a pair of chip Keys over to Swift.

"Manuals, maintenance logs and so on are on PaDD in that locker" He pointed to one on the side of cockpit.

Got Van Der Luan to sign off on his own PaDD and said "Skua is all yours. I' get you departure clearance and you can take off"

He nodded at everyone and left. Van Der Luan secured the hatch, found a seat and strapped himself in. "Well don't just sit there Brandon, lets fire her up" He grinned.

Alessia let a smile out at Henry’s story, then sat at the seat dedicated to science and sensors operations.

Not too bad, it’s quite comfortable after all, she thought while strapping in and taking a mental note to download a copy of the manuals of the Skua to her PaDD so that she could discuss with the CEO the possible addition of the lab in the rear part of the shuttlecraft.

"You don't have to tell me twice," Swift began activating sequences that would have them ready to fly. "Are we doing this by the book?"

"Of course, right up until you get us out of Spacedock's taxi lanes" Van Der Luan replied. "Then... let's see what it will do!

Swift smiled, "Understood." He continued to prep for launch. "Alright, beginning departure." He began to slowly move the shuttle away from where it was docked. "Time to taxi..." He was excited, but trying his best to hold it in. He really wanted to see how much the shuttle could handle. "I hope no one has a full belly," he joked.


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