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"Returning Home"

Posted on Mon Mar 14th, 2022 @ 12:12pm by Commander Yadira Tristan House Kilrah

Mission: Dark Star Trilogy - M1: Star Fall
Location: Main Engineering
Timeline: Back Post

Yadira was woken up by the young Ensign telling her that they had arrived. Stretching, she got up from the small bed, picked up her bags and waited for the tail door to lower. When it did, it showed her the expanse of the shuttle deck she knew to be home once again. God it was good to be home again.

Stepping on to the deck, Yadira briskly walked to her quarters to stow her gear. Luckily for her, her quarter's were still the same and nothing needed changing, or at least nothing that she could do herself. 'It is good to be back' she said almost in a whisper. Giving the wall of her quarters a quick pat of affection, she proceeded to her second home, engineering.


Engineering had not changed since her leaving. Still grimy, dirty, yet soothingly peaceful. Lt. Cmdr. Andrews was busy as usual, the other engineers were also busy, so she took a walking tour of her engine room. Everything was still as she left it, especially all 34 warp coils per nacelle were operating nicely. Seeing a green light go red suddenly caught her attention...scurrying to correct the problem, the young engineer closest to her took care of it. Nothing major, just a faulty power tap that was replaced quickly and efficiently.

Yes she was home and it felt good! Now to let the captain know she had arrived.

Cmdr. Yadira Tristen Daughter House Kilrah
Chief Engineering Officer
USS Eminence


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