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MD 5 - Senior Staff Briefing

Posted on Wed Mar 9th, 2022 @ 6:00am by Captain Alex Shepard & Lieutenant Robyn Cole & Lieutenant Commander Trevor Andrews & Lieutenant Nerex & Lieutenant Brakon Ryal & Lieutenant JG Hank Solomon

Mission: Dark Star Trilogy - M1: Star Fall
Location: Conference Room, USS Eminence
Timeline: Current

The past few days for Alex had been hectic. When she got the orders from Starfleet to take command, she only had about a day to pack and a few hours to catch her shuttle. However, it would not stop there, as the current mission still needed completion, even with the change of command. It wasn't anything she couldn't handle however.

She had called for a briefing with the current senior officers, department heads, and acting department heads. It was primarily to introduce herself more formally, as well as to get status updates of the ship. In typical fashion, she arrived before the meeting was set to begin to get everything set up that needed to be.

After the room was pretty much set up, she stepped over to the replicator. "Coffee with cream and sugar please."

The warm drink appeared seconds later and she set the beverage on her spot at the head of the table. Now was just the waiting game.

The Science officer Lieutenant jg Solomon entered the room with his data PaDD in his hands, his uniform in perfect order and a well shaved face.

“Good morning, Captain” he salutes her standing at the attention “Glad to meet you, I’m lieutenant Hank Solomon, Chief Science Officer of the Eminence” he says introducing himself.

Nerex stiffly walked in as Solomon was introducing himself, wanting to make a good impression on the new Captain. He had his PADD in his left hand so he was ready for the human custom handshaking with his right hand. Seeing Solomon standing at attention and saluting, he did the same. "Lieutenant Nerex, Flight Control Chief," he added, for good measure.

"As you were Lieutenants. Please, have a seat" she stopped for a moment. "Could I get any of you a drink while we wait for the others?"

The male human smiled to the captain and, with a nod of greetings to the Romulan pilot, he motioned towards one of the seats in the room, laying his PADD over the table, ready to take some notes if needed.

“I’m fine, ma’am, thank you” he answered her.
“I got a cup of hot tea just before taking service and heading here” he politely thanked the woman and waiting for Nerex’s reply while the first officer joined them.

"I appreciate the offer, but no thank you, ma'am," Nerex replied.

Executive Officer, Lt Brakon Ryal entered, nodded to those already there, "Good morning, Captain" and found a seat.

Shepard looked at her Executive Officer as he entered the room. "Good morning Mr. Ryal. Would you like anything from the replicator?"

"I'm good, thank you m'arm" Brakon acknowledged the offer.

LCDR, Acting CEO, Assist.CEO, Trevor A. Andrews, entered the Conference and took in his Surrounding assessing the situation, then acted, by first addressing the Commanding Officers in the room.

"Commanding Officer, Captain Alex Shepard,...Executive Officer, Lt Brakon Ryal,... LCDR, Acting CEO, Assist.CEO, Trevor A. Andrews, reporting, as ordered, Sirs.", he addressed the New Capt. & XO crisply, as he saluted, both of them in turn.

Then Andrews stood at-ease awaiting the Captain and/or the XO's reply and/or replies, before acknowledging Flight Control Chief, Lieutenant Nerex and Chief Science Officer, Lt.jg, Hank Solomon. Because, he wanted to know by their reply and/or repies whether this would a Formal or Informal Event.

Also, hoping the Lt.s wouldn't take this form, of his Reporting-In /Social Intro. Protocol as being a Sterile Droid LCDR snub, of their existance in the Conference Room.

Nerex wondered if they would go through the motions of offering Lieutenant Commander Andrews a drink, and waited to see.

"As you were Commander Andrews. I apologize if this a bit of a weird question, but can I get you anything from the replicator, dietary or not?" Alex asked, hoping that she wasn't being too preposterous.

"Not Worry, Capt. Sheppard, sir." Andrews said politely .as he sat down at the conference table. "I can imitate eating and drinking; also I can 'assimilate' food and drink items as an alternative power source. But it will not be necessary at this time. Thank You for offering, Sir and Welcome Aboard Capt Shepard, sir. I look forward to working with you."
He then informally acknowledged the XO and the others at table; doing his best at appropriate greetings 'small-talk'.

Doctor Robyn Cole, who was running late, rushed into the conference room. She quickly fixed her uniform and stood at attention. "Lieutenant Robyn Cole, Chief Medical Officer, reporting as ordered Captain."

Shepard noted Robyn's state. She definitely was in a rush. After all, Cole was one of the busiest Officers aboard the Eminence. "As you were Doctor. Please, have a seat, you seem to be out of breath" she started. "Could I get you anything to drink?"

After she caught her breath after a few minutes, she spoke again. "Black tea, chilled please."

"Very well" Alex said as she walked over to the replicator and pressed a few buttons to replicate the normally warm beverage. After the drink appeared, she brought it over to the Doctor and returned to her seat.

"Thank you Captain. This is greatly appreciated."

"You are welcome Lieutenant" she smiled and replied to Cole, who had already began to consume the beverage.

After everyone was settled and ready to begin, she began the meeting. "Good afternoon. I'd like to start with a bit of housekeeping. As you all know, Captain Wells has been reassigned. I have been requested to take his place. Permanently. I know this may be a difficult transition, especially in the middle of a critical mission, but I will ensure that this transition of command goes over smoothly,"

Alex sighed. "I might be a stranger to you all, but I will prove myself to you that I can command this vessel to the best of my ability. Speaking of strangers, I believe a few introductions are in order. Care to begin, Lieutenant?" she looked at her XO. Alex wasn't usually this formal. But given, the rapid change of command, she needed to see this transition through as best as she could.

"Sure thing Captain" Brakon replied "Brakon is my Family name, Ryal is my given anme" As was Bajoran tradition. He then gave a quick resume of his service career.

When LCDR Andrew's turn comes, he gives a breif 'Reader's Digest' version of his 87 years in service to Starfleet. Plus, an update on the general aspects of the Mission from an Engineering Dept. Side of "Big Picture".

After having patiently waited for his turn, Hank welcomed the new captain and made a brief presentation of his career in Starfleet, from his first assignments as an ensign till the promotion to lieutenant junior grade given his assignment to the USS Eminence.

“…and the Eminence is my first posting as a Chief Science Officer” he concluded hoping to have given a good first impression to the new captain.

“Lieutenant Nerex, ma’am. New to Starfleet, but formerly served as pilot on Romulan starships.” He thought that was all that was relevant for now.

"Thank you for those introductions. It will be an honor to serve with you all. But it is only fair that I also express who I am. After all, you do have the right to know who your Captain is" she stopped and stood up and moved herself in front of the large LCARS display on the wall. She then tapped a few controls to pull up her service record. At least the stuff that wasn't classified. "As you all may already know, my name is Captain Alex Shepard. In the academy, my studies were primarily based on flight control, but I also spent a decent amount of my free studies studying the tactical and security fields. During my senior year I was fortunate enough to join a fighter squadron on the USS Nimitz, which was also the ship I was on for my training studies that year" she stopped to take a sip of her coffee.

"Initially, I would have spent the rest of the year back on Earth, but we had an incident that resulted in mass casualties. Because of this, and my high scores, I graduated aboard the Nimitz. When I was promoted to Ensign, I also became the Assistant Flight Control Officer. I served aboard that ship for four more years until 2386. During that time, I was promoted to Lieutenant and one of her Flight Leaders. I then transferred to the USS Akira and eventually rose up the ranks and became her Group Commander by 2389. At that point, I had been a Lieutenant Commander for about two years, and her CAG for three, when I got an opportunity to become the Executive Officer of a Defiant class, the USS Normandy. My time as her XO was short however, when I was forced to assume command after my previous CO was promoted. I was almost as young as Captain Kirk when he first got his first command, when I became a CO officially, and some questioned Starfleet's decision, but I made it my personal mission to prove myself."

Alex continued, "I served on the Normandy as her CO for the next 11 years. In the middle of my tenure I was promoted once more. While I was not a CAG, I still commanded the Normandy with honor. After another classified incident, I felt I needed a change in my career after serving for a decade on that ship. But I did not know what. So, after I recommended my former Executive Officer for command, I took an extended leave of absence. And then, many months later, I got orders from Starfleet to take command of the Eminence. The rest is history."

A new Captain, with fighter experience, now on a small fast patrol ship, that seemed like a good fit to Brakon. He did have a question though "I think might be a good time to hear what you expect from us and the crew Captain"

"You all have been serving on this ship longer than I have. Because of this, I expect that you all focus on your positions and jobs more than formalities. More importantly, I need you all to be at your best state, both physically and mentally. This is why I don't typically go hard on the formalities. Though, while I'd still like to keep a basic presence at least, I care more about you and the work you do. That said, my door will always be open for those who need it. This is always how I have been since I originally commanded the Normandy. I know it's not the most in-line with protocol, but it's what I think will keep this ship running at her best with her crew in their best shape."

"As a little bit of a side note, I think that aside from what I expect, I will try to adapt as best as I can to what is already present on the ship. I personally think that this will be much better than expecting you all to adapt to an even more massive change. But aside from that, what do you expect from me?"

Nerex wondered if he'd have a chance to compete with Captain Shepard at the helm. He spoke up to answer her question. "Guidance," he said, simply and sincerely.

Hank listened carefully to the captain’s words acknowledging them. Once Nerex spoke he echoed him.

“I second what Mr. Nerex said” he started “I really hope we can cooperate and help each other for the best interest of the ship and the missions to come” he concluded.

Assistant Chief Engineering Officer, LCDR, Trevor A. Andrews said, "I'm Presently Acting CEO, Capt. Shepard, at this time and if You feel more comfortable with a Corporeal Humanoid as CEO. I will be not be offended, if you eventually assign one as 'permanent' CEO, and assignment me back to Assit. CEO. Sir."

Andrews, paused for a brief moment, continuing in his usual calm cordial manner, "But, if happen to feel I Qualify as 'permanent' CEO, Sir. I feel Engineering Officer Lt. Marliss Tamzin Josephs. Who is now Acting Assist. CEO, and persently Bridge Engineering Station Officer on Duty, would make a perfect replacement in the Assistant CEO Position."

Pausing again even more briefly, to keep from continuiously ramlbling, "That is, Capt. Shepard, you regard me as worthy of promotion, Sir. Either, way, Sir, I here as part of the USS Eminence Command Team, and more willing to make your transition, to Ship Commander as smooth as posible."

Alex looked at Andrews. "For the record Commander, I have not made a decision on my new CEO. But I will say, you are in the running for that position. Just because you are an Android, doesn't mean you are not capable of being a Chief Engineer. Because the truth is, you are capable. Hell, the Late Lieutenant Commander Data was an Android, and he was the Chief Operations Officer, Science Officer, and Second Officer of the Enterprise D, and E" she paused to take a sip of her drink.

"As for the rest of you, I will try to be the best CO I can be for you all. I will give you the guidance you need. I certainly hope we can be one of Starfleet's best crews" she looked towards Brakon. "What do you expect from me Lieutenant? Given you are my XO" she chuckled lightly.

'Leadership, guidance, confidence in our abilities and support" Brakon listed off the kind of things he hoped for in a superior.

Doctor Cole piped up before Alex could respond to Brakon. "Honestly ma'am, aside from the fact that I agree with the others, and I wish I could have a bigger sickbay" she chuckled. "I would say that I want more clarity."

"I understand Lieutenant, Doctor. I will try and bring all of these to you all with the best of my ability."

After basic introductions and other bits of conversation were complete, she had one more thing of housekeeping to complete.

"As I said earlier Captain Wells has been reassigned. He isn't the only crew member to transfer at this time. Lieutenant Tosh Tarkin, your Chief of Security, has also been reassigned with Wells. I apologize for not bringing this up sooner, but I just found out shortly before this meeting."

"Master Chief Van Der Luan is Master at Arms and capable of stepping up with some assistance from the Chief Of the Boat Reagan" Brakon suggested "Until we get a new Security Officer"

"Understood Lieutenant. I trust your word. But, as long as he's alright with the change."

"He'll step up" Brakon nodded with a smile. "I don't think I've ever known him turn down an assignment"

"Very well, please let him know of the temporary change."

LCDR, Andrews, breifly checks-in with both Acting Assist. CEO, Engineering Officer Lt. Marliss Tamzin Josephs, on the Bridge and Engineering Officer Lt. Hilda Mordicus Terrell, Command Officer on Duty in Engineering. On finding That everything is "Ship-Shape", no pun intended.
Andrews asks, "May I ask a possibly impertinent question?" After pausing for literally a second, he continues, "Have you Met the Captain and Command Crew of the 'Falling Star' yet. Sir.?"
Andrews then stares-off at nothing in particular; blinks his eyes twice. Then says, "If, not I can 'raise' then on conference audio, now. If, need-be. Sir."

Andrews set quitely trying to look at the Capt. as nonchalantly as possible awaiting an answer.

"I have not Commander. But, feel free to put the Captain and his Command staff on standby until this meeting is over."

LCDR, Andrews, Does as request, "Aye, Aye, Capt. Shepard, sir the the Capt. and Command Crew of the Falling STar, have been informed and are Awaiting, the Comm. Link. Whenever you are ready. Sir."

"Very well. I'll take it with Mister Ryal after the meeting."

Shepard first looked Ryal and then Nerex. "Once the Falling Star is ready for departure, please form up with her with the coordinates of Dantari Three laid in. Please notify me once we are underway" she looked at the other assembled officers in the room." In the meantime, I have a meeting with Captain Tamarcan over communications. If there are no more questions, you all are dismissed."

Nerex stood and made his way towards the bridge, eager to get the mission underway.

Hank shook his head “No other questions, ma'am. Just want to let you know that we interfaced the USS Eminence's sensors to the Falling Star ones, so as to give them more coverage during the relocation given our sensors' superiority.”

Having said that, and being dismissed, he saluted the captain and left the briefing room.

Before Departing the Conference Room Acting CEO LCDR Trevor A. Andrews set-up a Audio/Video Comm. Link tol the "Fallinng Star" 's Capt and Command Crew.
Then make then excutes the Apropriate Existing Gesture, comments, etc.; Protocol to Capt. Alex Shepard and XO Lt. Brakon Ryal.

Then Procceeds to the Bridge to releave Engineering Officer Lt. Marliss Tamzin Josephs, at the Bridge Engineering Station.

She watched the rest of her officers exit the room. "Lieutenant, are you ready to speak with the Falling Star crew about the change of command here?" she looked at her XO as her hand hovered over the correct button to begin the meeting with the Falling Star's command crew.

"Yes marm, I can take care of that" He nodded

"Very well. Do you want to do the honors and begin the meeting?" she lifted her hand off of the console.

"Yes marm, I can take care of that" He nodded again

"Let's get started then" she gave him a nod to begin the meeting.


Capt. Alex Shepard
Commanding Officer

Lt Brakon Ryal

Lt. jg Hank Solomon
Chief Science Officer

Lt Nerex
Flight Control Chief

Lt. Cmdr. Trevor Andrews
Assistant Chief Engineer


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