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The New Security Chief

Posted on Thu Jun 30th, 2022 @ 7:47pm by Captain Alex Shepard & Master Chief Petty Officer Skargarr
Edited on on Thu Jun 30th, 2022 @ 7:48pm

Mission: Dark Star Trilogy - M1: Star Fall
Location: Captain's Ready Room
Timeline: Current

With the Eminence at warp for the next couple of days, Alex had time to meet two new crew members: Her new Security Chief who was quite literally a Starfleet Master Chief, and her new Chief Counselor. They had come aboard before the Eminence went to warp, but she didn't have much time to meet them before then because of all of the command paperwork she had to complete. A yeoman would be nice right about now, even on a small starship.

She was nearly finished with her work when she heard the door chime go off.

"Come in" she called out.

A tall dark scaled Gorn comes walking into the room, he went straight up to the COs desk and Saluted as was protocol when greeting a superior officer. "Master Chief Skargarr reporting for duty. You may call me, Skar, for short if you wish." Skar hissed out.

"As you were Chief. Please have a seat" she smiled as she got up and stepped to the replicator. "Can I get you anything to drink?"

Skar looked at the chair that was offered and sneered at it slightly as in his mind, chairs were for weaklings who preferred to relax. "No thank you on the drink, sir. I prefer to stand if you dont mind." Skar hissed out as he stood in the 'at ease' position with his hands folded behind his back as he silently waited for the Captain to get his beverage.

"Very well then Chief" she said as she tapped a few buttons on the replicator. Seconds later, a cup of water appeared out of nowhere. Alex picked it up and placed it at her spot. After that, while she still stood, she picked up a PADD with Skar's transfer information and personnel file. "I understand that I have your record right here, but I feel that it is better when records and history comes from an individual. So, in that case tell me about yourself a little bit"

Not one for bragging about himself, he merely cocked his head slightly to the side, a bit confused but not showing it on his face. As with most Gorn facial features do not translate well with scales. "What would you like to know, sir?" Skar asked as he wasnt one for over sharing either.

She thought for a couple moments to build her answer. "For starters, what was your inspiration for enlisting in Starfleet. It's not everyday you see a Gorn serving in the fleet" she paused. She hoped she wasn't overstepping. "What brought you so far from the Hegomony if you don't mind me asking?"

"I am what do you humanoids call it?, an 'Orphan'? of circumstance. I was then rescued, returned to the Homeworld, A political move to over throw the current regime happened, my new family was against it and we ran fearing for our lives to your Federation, seeking political asylum. This is where I joined Starfleet after some of this 'red tape' and an Admiral's help. Pushed me to be allowed in Starfleet. Which was fortunate as they were putting together specialized teams known as 'Hazard' teams as a form of augmenting ship and station security forces and here I am." Skar said as he knew he couldnt get away with a grunt or his size getting away with not answering the question.

Alex listened intently and then responded "That's quite a story. As for the Hazard team and Security I have a strong feeling that they are in good hands. I should also note that you will be commanding junior officers since you are both the Hazard Team Leader and my Security Chief. Is that alright with you?"

"It will suffice, to me experience trumps rank every time. After all, you can send a boy to the academy to become an officer but the moment he is put into a situation where life and death hang in the balance, that spitting new officer will get people killed because he has no experience behind him and will make brash decisions based on the moment. I rather stay enlisted then to be promoted to that level of insanity. No offense, sir. But I am honest, which is probably rare in a Gorn. But you humanoids seem to respect it. But I will fore warn you. You promote me to Ensign, I will have to punch you to remain enlisted. With respect, sir." Skar said with a half grin and a softened look in his eyes despite his facial features screamed 'Lunch'.

"Noted" Alex nodded. "Aside from that, do you have any questions for me Chief?"

A bit surprised by the Captains reaction to him just threatening to punch a superior to remain in a lesser post. 'Perhaps there's hope for humans after all' he thought to himself. "Negative sir, I will do my duty and protect you just dont get upset if I have to stun a superior to do it. But they will be alive." Skar said as he stood to attention and saluted.

Alex smiled. Skar would definitely be an interesting addition to the crew to say the least. "Very well. If there is nothing else Chief, then you're dismissed" the CO nodded and returned the salute.


Captain Alex Shepard
Commanding Officer

MCPO Skargarr
CT/SO & Hazard Team CO


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